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Tamiya CR01 Parts

Tamiya 13585060
4x5x6mm Flanged Tube Silver For CC01 CR01
USD 2.20
Xtra Speed XS-TA29011
Aluminum Angled Lower Links For Tamiya CR01
USD 13.90
Xtra Speed XS-TA29012
Aluminum Angled Upper Links For Tamiya CR01
USD 13.90
Xtra Speed XS-TA29006
Steel High Tolerance Driveshaft For Tamiya CR01
USD 18.90
Xtra Speed XS-TA29003
Alloy Front or Rear Axle Housing Black For Tamiya CR01
USD 21.90 USD 24.90
Xtra Speed XS-TA29004
Aluminum Chassis Side Plate For Tamiya CR01
USD 24.90 USD 29.90
Xtra Speed XS-TA29005
Aluminum Chassis Skid Plate For Tamiya CR01
USD 17.90
Gmade GM20202
Team ZERO Shock 104mm 4pcs Silver For Traxxas T-MAXX E-MAXX 1/10 Crawler Truck Clodbuster F-350 CR01
USD 48.00 USD 54.00
Gmade GM20204
Team ZERO Shock 104mm 4pcs Black For Traxxas T-MAXX E-MAXX 1/10 Crawler Truck Clodbuster F-350 CR01
USD 48.00 USD 54.00
3Racing CR01-27
Automatic Crawler Winch With Control System
USD 19.90 USD 26.90
Gmade GM20604
G-Transition Shock 90mm 4pcs Black For 1/10 Crawlers & Trucks
USD 48.00 USD 54.00
Free Shipping
Gmade GM20601
G-Transition Shock 90mm 4pcs Red For 1/10 Crawler & Truck
USD 48.00 USD 54.00
Free Shipping
Tamiya 19005888
B Parts For CR01
USD 24.75
Tamiya 54101
CR-01 Metal Plated Standard Wheels (53.9mm)
USD 8.30
Gmade J90021
JunFac Hardened Carbon Steel Universal Shaft For Tamiya CR01
USD 38.00
Gmade J90131
JunFac Universal Shaft 5mm hole Replacement Parts
USD 4.00 USD 4.50
Gmade J90032
Hardened Universal Shaft (95-130mm) 5mm hole
USD 17.00 USD 19.00
Tamiya 54100
Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Plated Grille
USD 4.30
Tamiya 54116
CR01 Pentagram Wheels (Offset +5)
USD 7.90 USD 9.70
Tamiya 54117
CR-01 Cliff Crawler Tires
USD 14.90 USD 18.00
Tamiya 54115
CR-01 Vise Crawler Tire (Soft)
USD 20.50
Tamiya 54112
CR-01 Steel Prop Shaft 85mm
USD 23.90 USD 29.30
Tamiya 54113
CR-01 Steel Prop Shaft 95mm
USD 21.90 USD 29.30
Tamiya 54107
CR-01 Bent Lower Arm (Rear)
USD 20.90 USD 24.50
Tamiya 54109
CR-01 Damper Set
USD 63.90
Tamiya 54106
CR-01 Bent Lower Arm (Front)
USD 18.00 USD 22.50
Tamiya 54102
CR-01 Reinforced King Pin
USD 5.90 USD 6.80
Tamiya 54084
CR-01 Barrel Spring Set
USD 9.20
Tamiya 54085
CR-01 Barrel Spring Set (Short)
USD 8.80
Tamiya 54086
CR-01 Beadlock Ring
USD 13.00 USD 14.50
3Racing CR01-01RK
Rebuild Kit For Tamiya CR-01
USD 4.90 USD 5.90
3Racing CR01-11/LB
Motor Heatsink For Tamiya CR-01
USD 12.90
Tamiya 54049
CR-01 Ladder Frame (Luster Silver)
USD 24.90 USD 31.50
Tamiya 54046
CR-01 Aluminum Battery Holder
USD 21.40 USD 24.90
Tamiya 54048
CR-01 Reinforced Wheel Axle (2pcs)
USD 5.50
Tamiya 51327
CR-01 Propeller Shaft
USD 6.50
Tamiya 51329
CR-01 F Parts (Bumper)
USD 6.10
Tamiya 54029
CR-01 Setting Spring Set
USD 7.30 USD 9.30
Tamiya 51324
CR-01 Vise Crawler Tire
USD 13.60
Tamiya 51330
CR-01 J Parts (Hub Carrier)
USD 2.70 USD 3.00
Tamiya 51323
Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Wheel (Offset 0)
USD 8.30
Tamiya 51326
CR-01 Bevel Gear Set
USD 12.90
Tamiya 54030
CR-01 Setting Stabilizer Set
USD 2.90
Tamiya 51325
CR-01 Planetary Gear Set
USD 3.40
Tamiya 51328
CR-01 D Parts (Upright)
USD 6.40 USD 7.10
Atomic CR-007
ATOMIC Oiled Full Bearing Set For Tamiya CR-01
USD 9.90
Atomic CR-008
ATOMIC Aluminum Shock Body 2 pcs For Tamiya CR-01
USD 3.90
Atomic CR-006
ATOMIC Aluminum Steering Knuckle 2 pcs Blue For Tamiya CR-01
USD 8.40
3Racing CR01-29
Crawler Luggage Tray For CR01
USD 10.90 USD 12.90
3Racing CR01-24/LB
High Clearance Linkage Set For CR01
USD 12.90
3Racing CR01-19/LB
One Piece Rear Hub For Tamiya CR01
USD 18.90
Tamiya 54108
CR-01 Reinforced Drive Shaft & Diff Lock
USD 15.80 USD 19.20
Tamiya 54110
CR-01 Beadlock Ring
USD 28.80
Tamiya 54111
CR-01 Carbon Mechanism Deck
USD 45.50
Tamiya 54103
CR-01 Heat Sink Motor Plate
USD 15.50
Atomic CR-001
ATOMIC CR-01 Servo Bed
USD 3.90
Atomic CR-003
ATOMIC CR-01 Turnbuckle Set
USD 3.70 USD 4.60
Atomic CR-005
ATOMIC CR-01 Strengthened Servo Mount
USD 5.20
Tamiya 54047
CR-01 Aluminum Servo Bed
USD 19.90
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Tamiya CR01 Parts

Tamiya CR01 Spare Parts, CR-01 upgrade parts, CR-01 hop up parts, CR01 replacement parts & other Tamiya RC Car Parts available at rcMart.

The Tamiya CR-01 is a dedicated crawler chassis with heavy duty ladder frame pressed aluminum channels and resin cross members.

This R/C model assembly kit recreates a rock crawling vehicle like those seen in popular U.S. events where the massive machines vie for time or crawling ability over impossible-looking obstacles. The lightweight yet tough polycarbonate racing truck body comes with a host of marking stickers for decoration. The tough CR-01 chassis is up to the rock crawling challenge, its durable ladder frames featuring aluminum side channels and resin cross members as well as a 4-link rigid suspension with oil dampers and progressive springs. The motor is placed in a central position, with planetary gears enabling low-speed shaft-driven 4WD. Front and rear differentials can be locked. Large-diameter tires feature a tread pattern which extends to the sidewalls, and are fitted to beadlock wheels.