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Brand: Tamiya Model: 22087
Description:This is Tamiya Steel 33T Idler Gear For BB-01 TD2 TD4 XV-01...
USD 6.70 USD 8.00
Brand: Tamiya Model: 22088
Description:This is Tamiya BB-01 Aluminum Front Damper Stays Set Silver...
USD 31.20 USD 38.00
Brand: Tamiya Model: 22086
Description:This is Tamiya Titanium 4x18mm TB Shafts 2 pcs Silver For TA08 TB Evo.8...
USD 8.50 USD 10.00
Brand: Tamiya Model: 22081
Description:This is Tamiya TA08R Aluminum Motor Mount Set Blue...
USD 28.80 USD 35.00
Brand: Tamiya Model: 22082
Description:This is Tamiya TA08R 2mm Carbon Upper Deck Set...
USD 20.20 USD 24.50
Brand: Tamiya Model: 22085
Description:This is Tamiya TA08 Reinforced Rear Body Mount Set...
USD 20.20 USD 24.50
Brand: Tamiya Model: 22084
Description:This is Tamiya TA08 Aluminum Rear Upper Arm Mount 1 pair Blue...
USD 39.90 USD 50.00
Brand: Tamiya Model: 22083
Description:This is Tamiya TA08 Aluminum Front Upper Arm Mount 1 pair Blue...
USD 39.90 USD 50.00
Brand: Tamiya Model: 35269
Description:This is Tamiya 1/35 Military Miniature M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank 120mm Gun Scale Model Kit. The M1 Abrams, officially commissioned by the US military in 1980, was designed totally different from previous post-WWII US military tanks. Although fitted with the same 105mm cannon as the M6..
USD 25.90 USD 62.00
Brand: Tamiya Model: 35065
Description:This is Tamiya 1/35 Military Miniature German Panther Med Tank Scale Model Kit. Since 1943, during World War II, thee appeared an unusually fast tank on the European Front that silhoueted among its German Mechanized Division. This was the “Panther” medium tank, with its formidable power ..
USD 10.50 USD 25.00
Brand: Tamiya Model: 35068
Description:This is Tamiya 1/35 Military Miniature British Chieftain Mk.5 CA168 Tank Scale Model Kit. The Chieftain Tank is one of the best known of the present generation of battlefield weapons, and is one of the most heavily armoured and armed fighting behicles in service anywhere today. It has no..
USD 11.90 USD 30.00
Brand: Tamiya Model: 15486
Description:This is Tamiya 1/32 Mini 4WD Atomic-Tuned 2 Motor...
USD 2.50
Brand: Tamiya Model: 95650
Description:This is Tamiya 1/32 Mini 4WD JR Year Of The Dragon 2024 New Years Edition Super II Chassis Set 95650This Mini 4WD kit features the Chinese zodiac – dragon for 2024. The kit includes a pre- assembled, pre-painted gold color dragon racer figure. The combination of red chassis with white pa..
USD 11.30 USD 13.20
Brand: Tamiya Model: 22089
Description:This is Tamiya BB-01 Aluminum Rear Damper Mount Bar Set Silver...
USD 18.80 USD 23.00
Brand: Tamiya Model: 58694-60A
Description:This is Tamiya 1/10 TT02 GR 86 4WD Shaft Drive Onroad EP Car Kit w/Motor. This Tamiya R/C kit recreates the Toyota GR 86 as a 1/10 R/C product. The Toyota GR 86 is a lightweight front- engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car which was announced in April 2021. It has a broad stance, low cente..
USD 76.90 USD 188.00
Brand: Tamiya Model: 95609
Description:This is a limited-edition color variation of Item 95436 HG Alum Ball-Race Rollers 19mm Tapered/ Ringless. Tapering the rollers encourages the car to stay on the course when it mounts the walls, with the aim of raising your race completion rate!..
USD 10.50
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Tamiya Incorporated is a Japanese manufacturer of plastic model kits, radio controlled cars, battery- and solar-powered educational models, sailboat models, acrylic and enamel model paints, and various modeling tools and supplies.

The company was founded by Yoshio Tamiya in Shizuoka, Japan in 1946. The company has gained a reputation among hobbyists of producing models of outstanding quality and accurate scale detail, a philosophy reflected directly on the company's motto, "First in Quality Around the World".

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