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TTRCSport PUBG0006
PUBG 1/12 2WD Buggy Kit EP
USD 113.49
TTRCSport PUBG0005
PUBG 1/12 2WD Buggy RTR EP
USD 189.99
Free Shipping
TTRCSport PUBG0003
PUBG 1/12 4x4 Military Vehicle RTR EP
USD 229.90
Free Shipping
TTRCSport PUBG0001
PUBG 1/12 4x4 American Pickup Truck RTR EP
USD 189.99 USD 219.99
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PUBG 1/12 4x4 American Pickup Truck RTR EP w/o Battery
USD 179.90 USD 189.99
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TTRCSport is a team deeply dedicated and involved with RC development. Their dream is of Hobby Excellence and deliver fun to you. With their experience, they do pride ourselves in making extremely detailed and great engineered RC vehicles with top level performance by using high quality parts that can be a treat for a beginner or a seasoned expert. Their designs and what is delivered right of the box reflects this.