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Sparmax SP20X
SP20X 0.2mm Airbrush
USD 60.75
Sparmax nozzle03
Nozzle for 0.3mm Airbrush
USD 14.50
Sparmax DH103CN
Needle Cap Crown Type for DH103 Airbrush
USD 3.72
Sparmax H3BI
3 Way Airbrush Hanger
USD 16.73
Sparmax 41113027B
4m Coiled air hose
USD 13.01
Sparmax TC610H PLUS
Mini Air Compressor w/3m Black/Orange Braided Hose
USD 276.92
Sparmax 199015002
Spray Booth SB-88
USD 158.33
Sparmax 41000047B
Airbrush Hanger Black
USD 16.33
Sparmax 41000001
Airbrush Cleaning Pot SCP-700
USD 19.33
Sparmax BEETLE
Beetle Mini Compressor
USD 180.83
Sparmax AC66HX
ARISM Compressor
USD 153.33
Sparmax 43000407
0.2mm Airbrush Needle
USD 6.58
Sparmax 41200564
Filter For SB-88 Paint Booth
USD 16.41
Sparmax 43000506
Airbrush Air Control Valve In Header
USD 12.31
Sparmax 43000400
0.2mm Needle for SP20X
USD 9.23
Sparmax 43000065
0.2mm Nozzle for SP20X
USD 14.00
Sparmax 43000470
0.4mm Needle
USD 7.79
Sparmax 43000459
Nozzle for 0.4mm Airbrush
USD 14.00
Sparmax 43000381
0.3mm Needle
USD 7.79
Sparmax 02MNC
0.2mm Nozzle Cap
USD 3.46
Sparmax 43000382
Needle for DH125 Airbrush 0.5mm
USD 5.33
Sparmax 43000054
Nozzle for 0.2mm Airbrush
USD 14.00
Sparmax 03MNC
0.3mm Nozzle Cap
USD 4.10
Sparmax 43000056
Nozzle for DH125 0.5mm
USD 14.00
Sparmax FLB2SR
Glass Bottle Set of 2 for Flyer
USD 30.00
Airbrush Flyer 0.4mm Solvent resistant Version
USD 41.67
Sparmax 41111124
Silver Bullet MAC Moisture Trap
USD 20.83
Sparmax 41113071
Braided Hose
USD 12.00
Sparmax AC501X
AC501X Compressor
USD 180.83
Sparmax AC55
AC55 Compressor
USD 80.00
Sparmax TC501AS
TC501AS Auto Stop Compressor
USD 146.67
Sparmax 203002007
MAX3 0.3mm Airbrush
USD 64.17
Sparmax 201006011
DH103 0.3mm Airbrush
USD 61.67
Sparmax 203005001
MAX4 0.4mm Airbrush
USD 62.50
Sparmax 41113013B
1.7m Silicone Hose for DC25 compressor
USD 9.85
Sparmax 41200030
1 to 2 Manifold 1/8inch
USD 8.62
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Founded in 1978, Sparmax was one of the first to design and manufacture oil-less mini air compressors specifically for the airbrush market. With numerous patented designs, we have been at the forefront of designing & manufacturing compressors, airbrushes, and related accessories for 40+ years. And over the years we have collaborated with some of the top companies & brands in the world to bring you quality, industry-leading products for airbrushing.

The Sparmax brand was started by Ding Hwa Co., Ltd., and used as its corporate brand. As of July 1st, 2018, Ding Hwa Co., Ltd. and Anest Iwata Corporation (Japan) formed a joint venture in which the Sparmax brand was transferred to the newly formed venture: "Anest Iwata Sparmax Co., Ltd." (AISP) The company is located in Taiwan, with headquarters in Taipei and two manufacturing plants in central Taiwan. The Sparmax brand continues to be one of three divisions of AISP, with a second division, Cliq, focused on the medical market, and a third focusing on our compressor and vacuum pump businesses in all other markets. AISP is ISO9001, ISO13485, and ISO14001 certified by TUV Rheinland. Products with CSA, UL, CE, PSE, and TUV GS approvals.

AISP prides itself in designing and manufacturing products of the highest quality.Sparmax is most certainly quality that you can trust.