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Brand: Reedy Model: 293
Description:This is Reedy Sonic 540-FT Fixed-Timing 17.5T Competition Brushless Motor For Team Associated RC10B6 Series. Designed for performance and value, the Sonic 540-FT Fixed-Timing is the perfect sensored motor for racers, clubs, and racing series that want to equalize performance among partic..
USD 64.99 USD 109.99
Brand: Reedy Model: 27016
Description:This is Reedy Blackbox 610R Competition ESC For 1/10 RC Car. When released in 2017, the Reedy Blackbox 510R set the standard for drivability and braking feel in the RC racing world. Now the all-new Reedy Blackbox 610R is available to racers worldwide! Updated hardware, new tuning options..
USD 199.90 USD 319.99
Brand: Reedy Model: 27041
Description:This is Reedy WP1625 Brushed ESC...
USD 29.90 USD 41.99
Brand: Reedy Model: 27485
Description:This is Reedy Sport 390 30T Brushed Motor...
USD 20.99 USD 29.99
Brand: Reedy Model: 27034
Description:This is Reedy SC480X Program Card. The pre-programmed default ESC settings work very well in most situations, but if you want access to additional settings for fine-tuning, you can do so using optional Program Card. The following settings can be changed using the Program Card:..
USD 15.70
Brand: Reedy Model: 27467
Description:This is Reedy Sport 550 15T 3-Slot Brushed Motor...
USD 23.48 USD 44.99
Brand: Reedy Model: 27013
Description:This is Reedy SC500X Waterproof Brushed ESC For 1/10 RC Car. Tested and proven, Reedy's SC500X is a simple to use, economical, and powerful ESC for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Excellent forward, brake, and reverse feel, a wide range of adjustability, and robust hardware make the SC5..
USD 30.06 USD 43.99
Brand: Reedy Model: 27152
Description:This is Reedy 2513MG Digital Metal Gear Servo. Reedy's all-new 2513MG Digital Metal Gear Servo is a quality upgrade for RTR vehicles, with speed and torque ratings that improve driving precision by giving drivers a better "feel" for their vehicle.The all-metal gear set is designed for st..
USD 31.99 USD 54.99
Brand: Reedy Model: 27392
Description:This is Reedy 5x14mm Grip Bullets 2 pcs Silver. Reedy's Grip Bullet Connectors feature an elevated grooved top to aid in removal of the plug from the corresponding socket. Multiple contact points and silver plating ensure a low-resistance connection. Thanks to their 14mm length they will..
USD 4.09 USD 5.99
Brand: Reedy Model: 27153
Description:This is Reedy RT5012A High Voltage Digital Competition Servo For 1/8 RC Buggy Truggy. Reedy's RT5012A HV Digital Competition 1:8 Servo is perfect for 1:8 buggy and truggy racers who seek the ultimate combination of performance and durability.With input from the Reedy racing team, we've e..
USD 141.99 USD 236.99
Brand: Reedy Model: 27238
Description:This is Reedy 2S Balance Lead to JR Connector 1S TX Charge Lead Adapter.  This adapter is designed to work with the Reedy 1416-C2L charger. Package includes one 2S balance to JR adapter...
USD 3.49 USD 4.49
Brand: Reedy Model: 796
Description:The Reedy 10AWG Pro Silicone Wire is great for any application needing a reduction in resistance. This Larger wire is pre-tinned to prevent corrosion and to aid in soldering. Package includes one meter (3.28') of 10AWG wire...
USD 9.09 USD 12.99
Brand: Reedy Model: 27372
Description:This is Reedy 5mm 2Sx2 Battery Coupler 2 pcs Gold. It allows the creation of a high-capacity 4S battery for applications that can benefit from extended run times...
USD 5.99 USD 7.49
Brand: Reedy Model: 27150
Description:The Reedy RC4020A Digital Competition Crawler Metal Gear Servo is trail-tested and engineered for use in competition-level trail trucks, crawlers, and monster trucks. A powerful motor creates incredible torque without sacrificing speed, while an advanced microprocessor provides precision..
USD 110.39 USD 229.99
Brand: Reedy Model: 27441
Description:The Reedy Sonic 540-M4 Modified Brushless Motor is very similar to the motor it replaces. The 540-M4 produces the same linear powerband and excellent mid-range feel that have become synonymous with Reedy’s modified motors. With that to build upon, few key improvements have been made. The..
USD 99.99 USD 149.00
Brand: Reedy Model: 27456
Description:This is Reedy Sonic 540-M4 Bearing Set ...
USD 14.39 USD 18.99
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Established by Mike Reedy in the early 70’s as a slot car motor manufacturer, the Reedy name, along with the man himself, were brought into the AE family in 1980 to develop motors for the RC market. Mike himself rewound and modified stock motors to be used by our team drivers and quickly helped make a brand synonymous with winning. This brand of motors was known as Reedy Modified’s.

REEDY is one of the best known brands in the electric competition scene, also netting various world champions so you know performance is high when you purchase their products.

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