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Touring Car

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Tamiya 58682
1/10 TT02 1991 Audi V8 Touring EP Car Kit w/ ESC Motor
USD 144.00 USD 183.00
Tamiya 58631
1/10 TT02 Subaru Impreza Monte Carlo 99 4WD Chassis Kit EP
USD 106.50 USD 169.00
Tamiya 58674
1/10 TT02 Toyota GR Supra 4WD Shaft Drive Onroad EP Car Kit w/ ESC
USD 99.90 USD 162.00
Tamiya 58671
1/10 TT02 Mazda 3 4WD Shaft Drive Onroad EP Car Kit w/ ESC
USD 119.90 USD 159.00
Tamiya 58667
1/10 TT02 Audi Quattro A2 4WD Shaft Drive Onroad EP Car Kit w/ ESC
USD 166.00 USD 185.00
Tamiya 47326
1/10 TT02R Chassis Kit
USD 136.50 USD 195.00
Tamiya 57986
1/10 TT02 First Try On-road Kit Set
USD 107.90
Tamiya 58634
1/10 TT02 Honda Acura NSX w/ESC Motor EP Car Kit
USD 99.90 USD 148.00
Tamiya 58599
1/10 TT02 Raybrig NSX Concept-GT w/ESC EP On Road Touring RC Car Kit
USD 157.80 USD 198.00
Tamiya 58597
1/10 TT02 Eneos Sustina w/ESC EP Tourning Car Kit
USD 97.90 USD 207.00
Tamiya 57984
1/10 TT02 Factory Finished Edition ARTR w/ESC & 2.4G Radio EP
USD 155.00 USD 278.00
Tamiya 47439
1/10 TT02 Type-SR TT02SR 4WD Shaft Driven Chassis Kit EP
Tamiya 47382
1/10 TT02RR 4WD Chassis Kit EP
Tamiya 58659
1/10 TT02 Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT Yaris WRC 4WD EP Car Kit w/ ESC
Tamiya 47364
1/10 TT02 White Special Limited Edition Chassis Kit EP
Tamiya 58600
1/10 TT02S TT02 Type-S 4WD EP Touring Chassis Kit
Tamiya 58644
TT02 1/10 Ferrari F12 TDF Car Kit EP
Tamiya 58639
1/10 TT02 4WD On Road Mercedes-AMG GT3 EP Touring Car Kit
Tamiya 58570
1/10 TT02 Lancia Delta Integrale w/ESC EP On Road Touring RC Car Kit
Tamiya 58619
1/10 TT02 4WD Petronas Tom's RC F On-Road Touring Car Kit w/ESC EP
Tamiya 58626
1/10 TT02 4WD On Road Raikiri GT EP w/ ESC Motor
Tamiya 58625
Tamiya 57869
1/10 TT02 XB LaFerrari 4WD RTR w/2.4G Radio EP Car Kit
Tamiya 58578
1/10 TT02 Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri Wurth w/ESC EP On Road
Tamiya 58585
1/10 TT02 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Jagermeister w/ESC On Road EP Car Kit
Tamiya 58566
1/10 TT02 Mercedes Benz SLS GT3 AMG w/ESC On Road EP
Tamiya 58560
1:10 TT02 Ferrari 458 Challenge w/ESC EP On Raod Touring RC Car Kit
Tamiya 58582
1/10 TT02 LaFerrari EP On Road RC Car Kit w/ESC
Tamiya 58574
1/10 TT02 GAZOO Racing TRD 86 W/ESC EP Tourning Car Kit
Tamiya 58590
1/10 TT02 Zakspeed Capri Jager w/ESC EP On Road EP Car Kit
Tamiya 58567
1/10 TT02 Subaru XV w/ESC On Road EP RC Car Kit
Tamiya 47433
1/10 TT02 Toyota Supra Racing A80 EP Car Kit w/ ESC Motor
USD 86.90 USD 159.00
Tamiya 58664
1/10 TT02 Ford Mustang GT4 w/ ESC EP RC Car Kit
USD 95.90
Tamiya 58645
1/10 TT02 24h Nurburgring Subaru WRX STI w/ ESC EP Car Kit
USD 89.90 USD 163.00
Tamiya 58571
1/10 TT02 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR w/ESC EP
USD 99.90 USD 227.90
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Touring Car

Since the first introduced in 90's, RC touring car is always one of the major RC racing for asphalt or carpet on road. Tons for you to choose from. Build the perfect touring car for yourself. XRay, Yokomo, Tamiya, Xpress, Mugen Seiki, HPI Racing, You name it, we have it!