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XRAY Parts


RC-Mission MI-SS22-TI
3x22mm Ti-Coated Shock Shaft 4 pcs Gold For Xray T4
USD 23.20
Exotek Racing 1873
Spool Set w/ 0.25inch Carbon Axle & Right Hub For Xray X1 Team Associated RC10F6
USD 26.18
RC-Mission MI-SUS44-LC
Lubrication-Coated 3x44mm Suspension Shaft 4 pcs Silver For Xray T4 Kyosho TF7
USD 11.60
RC-Mission MI-SS21-TI
Ti-Coated 3x21mm ULP Shock Shaft 4 pcs Gold For XRAY T4 2018
USD 23.20
RC-Mission MI-RCJ
Spare Rear Cross Joint Set For MI-HCDB Shafts
USD 4.85
RC-Mission MI-PL20-T4
Aluminum 20T Center Pulley For Xray T4
USD 27.00
Aluminum Rear Drive Shaft Set Silver For Xray T4
USD 34.80
RC-Mission MI-HCDB-X
Aluminum Rear Hard Coated Universal Dogbone Silver For Xray T4
USD 11.60
RC-Mission MI-FSAC-XV2
Front Solid Axle Steel Cup Joint V2 2 pcs Black For Xray T4
USD 11.60
High Quality Standard Length 52mm Double Joint Shaft 2 pcs Black For Xray T4
USD 57.90
RC-Mission MI-DCJ-SXS-50
High Quality 50mm Double Joint 2 pcs Black For Xray T4
USD 57.90
RC-Mission MI-DCJ-JS
USD 15.45
RC-Mission MI-ALAX01
Aluminum High Quality Rear Axle Silver For Yokomo BD7 Xray
USD 5.80
RC-Mission MI-4RUB-X
Aluminum 4mm Rear Upright Upper Block 2 pcs Black For Xray T4
USD 17.40
RC-Mission MI-2RUB-X
Aluminum 2mm Rear Upright Upper Block 2 pcs Black For Xray T4
USD 13.35 USD 15.45
Samix T4-19-1001S
Carbon Fiber Soft Material 2.25mm Chassis w/40mm Fan Mount For Xray T4 2019
USD 32.90 USD 63.90
Zero Tribe ZT1051
ZEROTRIBE Graphite ULP Shock System Front Damper Stay For Xray T4 2018 Yokomo BD8 2018
USD 11.90 USD 16.36
Xray XR-308308-O
T4 2018 ULP Aluminum Shock Absorber Set Orange
USD 39.80 USD 43.50
Xray XR-378001
Swiss 7075 T6 Aluminum Shock Absorber Set For X10 X12
USD 37.90 USD 40.90
Xray XR-302712-O
T4 2018 Aluminum Front Lower FF-Low 1-Piece Suspension Holder Orange
USD 18.00 USD 19.70
Xray XR-302062
Composite Adjustment Ball Bearing Hub for T4 .
USD 4.50 USD 4.90
Axon AT-XR-013
AXON 1.3mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar For Xray T4 2017
USD 7.54
Xray XR-309854
30g Center Chassis Balancing Weight Black For T3 T4 2016
USD 24.95 USD 27.30
Speed Master Japan Foam Bumper Medium Black For Xray T4 1036
USD 7.86
Xray XR-372651
Hudy Spring Steel 4.9mm Ball Universal 2 pcs Black For X1 X10 X12 XII RX8
USD 9.25
Xray XR-378170-O
Aluminum Side Shock Collar Orange For X1 X12
USD 3.55 USD 3.90
Xray XR-378070-O
Aluminum Shock Spring Collar Orange For X10 X12
USD 5.35
Xray XR-378010
Composite Frame Shock Parts Set Black For X1 X10 X12 XII
USD 3.50
Xray XR-378153
Composite 40.2mm Linkage Shaft 2 pcs Black For X1 X12
USD 14.35
Xray XR-378110
Composite Side Linkage Set Black For X1 X10 X12 XII
USD 3.50
Xray XR-378092
Rear Center Shock Spring C=1.5 Silver For X10 X12 XII
USD 3.70
Xray XR-378090
Rear Center Shock Spring C=0.9 Black For X10 X12 XII
USD 3.50
Xray XR-376300
Composite Antenna Mount Black For X10 X12 XII
USD 3.50
Xray XR-373591
Composite Side Spring Holder 2 pcs Black For X1 X10 X12
USD 3.70
Xray XR-372661
Composite 4.2mm Open Steering Ball Joint 4 pcs Black For X10 X12 XII
USD 5.15
Xray XR-372650
Hudy Spring Steel™ 4.2mm Threaded Ball End 2 pcs Silver For X1 X10 X12 XII
USD 6.35
Xray XR-372610-O
X12 Swiss 7075 T6 Aluminum M3x42mm Adjustable Turnbuckle 2 pcs Orange
USD 10.20
Xray XR-372150
X12 2017 Composite Front Upper Ball Joint 2 pcs Black
USD 4.95
Xray XR-371200
Composite Chassis Protector 2 pcs Black For X12 XII
USD 4.30
Xray XR-305251
Hudy Spring Steel™ ECS Drive Shaft Coupling Black For T3 T4
USD 5.45 USD 5.95
Xray XR-305390
1.5 x 8.5mm ECS Driveshaft Pin V3 2 pcs Chrome For T2 T3 T4
USD 4.30 USD 4.70
Xray XR-305223
T4 HUDY Spring Steel™ ECS Extra Strong 50mm Drive Shaft 1 pc Black For 2mm Pin
USD 18.75 USD 20.50
Xray XR-302536
T4 Aluminum Steering Post For Floating Servo Saver 2 pcs Black
USD 9.60 USD 10.45
Xray XR-971022
Silicone 2x2mm O-Ring 10 pcs White For X1 X10 X12
USD 4.30
Xray XR-309840
5g 10g Precision Balancing Chassis Weights 4 pcs For T2 T3 T4 NT1 RX8
USD 28.90 USD 31.60
Xray XR-970130
T4 13x1.5mm O-Ring 10 pcs Black
USD 4.10
Xray XR-965019
1.9mm E-Clip 10 pcs Black For X1 X10 X12
USD 4.10
Xray XR-930238
3x8x3.5mm Ceramic Ball Bearing F3-8 Axial Thrust Bearing Set For X1 X10 X12
USD 21.75
Xray XR-930230
3.175mm Ceramic Differential Ball 12 pcs Black For X1 X10 X12
USD 25.65
Xray XR-303353
Hard Composite Foam Spec Right Side Upright 1degree Outboard Toe In Black For T2 T3 T4
USD 4.20 USD 4.60
Exotek Racing 1655
Titanium Shock Posts 2pcs For Xray XB2 / XB4
USD 10.74 USD 11.80
Xray XR-308307-K
T4 Aluminum Touring Car Shock Absorber 2 pcs Set Black
USD 39.90 USD 43.50
Xray XR-371148
X1 7075 T6 Aluminum 2.0mm Rear Pod Lower Plate Black
USD 29.55
Xray XR-375876
Composite Spur Gear 76T 64P Black For X1 X10 X12 XII
USD 5.75
Xray XR-375036
X1 Aluminum Rear Wheel Hub Right Black
USD 31.50
Xray XR-373513-K
X1 Composite Adjustable Rear Wing Set Black ETS Approved
USD 20.75
Xray XR-373022
X1 Aluminum Left Rear Bulkhead Set w/ Ride Height Adjusters
USD 28.90 USD 31.50
Xray XR-373012
X1 Aluminum Right Rear Motor Bulkhead Set w/ Ride Height Adjusters
USD 19.85 USD 25.80
Xray XR-372327
X1 Aluminum 1 Dot Bushing Set Camber 6°-9° 3 pcs Orange
USD 17.85
Xray XR-372320
X1 Composite Arm Bushing 4 pcs Black
USD 4.30
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XRAY Parts

After huge success of the HUDY, the founder Dipl. Eng. Hudy Juraj established the XRAY Model Racing Cars Company in 2000. Most of the hobbyist first known about this RC name, is about it's durability. But the chassis is also very competitive in the past years. XRAY has acquired countless victories around the world in different classes, from 1/8GPs to 1/12 pan cars.

Spare Parts, Aluminum Upgrade & Hop Up Parts for Team XRAY Car Kits. Huge selection in rcMart! World wide shipping! Improve the performance of your XRAY RC Chassis today!