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XRAY Parts


Xray XR-305878
Composite Offset Spur Gear 108T / 64P for T1 T2 T3 T4
USD 5.35
Xray XR-305880
Composite Offset Spur Gear 110T / 64P for T1 T2 T3 T4
USD 5.30
Xray XR-305882
Composite Spur Gear 112T / 64P for T1 T2 T3 T4
USD 5.30
Xray XR-303241
Ball Universal 5.8mm Hex for T2 T3 T4 X12
USD 14.15
Xray XR-301325
T4 Composite Brace For Bumper - Low
USD 3.85
Xray XR-301203
Nylon Impact Absorbing Front Bumper for T2 T3 T4
USD 6.20 USD 6.75
Xray XR-303167
Composite Rear Suspension Arm (One Hole) - Graphite for T2 T3 T4
USD 7.90 USD 8.20
Xray XR-302295
Ball-Bearing Composite Bushing for T2 T3 T4
USD 3.50
Xray XR-302373
Composite C-Hub Right 4 degree - Hard - Foam Spec for T2 T3 T4
USD 5.95
Xray XR-302526
Composite Dual Servo Saver Arm for T3 T4
USD 4.30
Xray XR-303352
Composite Upright 0 degree Outboard Toe-In - Medium - Rubber Spec for T2 T3 T4
USD 5.75
Xray XR-305784
Composite Spur Gear 84T / 48P - Hard for T1 T2 T3 T4
USD 6.20
Xray XR-305884
Composite Spur Gear 114T / 64P for T1 T2 T3 T4
USD 5.35
Xray XR-308264
4S Spring Set Progressive C = 2.5-2.8 for T4
USD 9.40
Xray XR-308274
4S Spring Set C =2.3 for T4
USD 7.50 USD 8.20
Xray XR-308275
4S Spring Set C =2.5 for T4
USD 8.75
Xray XR-308316
Composite Shock Ball Joint - Open for T2 T3 T4
USD 5.30
Yeah Racing YB0135BX
RC PTFE Bearing Set with Bearing Oil For 1:8 XRay XB8
USD 14.20 USD 15.76
Xray XR-385135
Beveled Diff Axle Gear Holder
USD 2.90 USD 6.50
Zero Tribe ZT1056
ZEROTRIBE Graphite Front Shock Tower For Xray T4 2019
USD 11.90 USD 16.51
Zero Tribe ZT1050
ZEROTRIBE Graphite Main Chassis Hard Type For XRAY T4 2018
USD 69.90 USD 95.45
Free Shipping
Zero Tribe ZT1047
ZEROTRIBE 3x516mm Drive Belt For XRAY T4 Stock Conversion Kit
USD 12.73
Xray XR-309823
T4F 2021 Front Balancing Bumper Weight 170g w/ Foam Bumper
USD 60.90
Xray XR-302525-K
T4 Aluminum Dual Servo Saver Arm Black Set w/ Ball Bearings
USD 35.00
Exotek Racing 2008
X1 65T 48P Gear Differential Spur Gear For Xray Pan Car
USD 14.95
Arrowmax AM-931001
Gear Differential Set For 1/12 RC Pan Car
USD 96.53
Free Shipping
Arrowmax AM-931002
Gear Differential Set For 1/10 RC F1
USD 96.53
Free Shipping
Pro-Line 3556-25
Axis Lightweight Clear Body Set For Xray XB4
USD 28.76
Pro-Line 3555-25
Axis Lightweight Clear Body Set For Xray XB2
USD 28.76
Xray XR-305308
T4 Series Spring Steel 52mm ECS BB Drive Shaft Set
USD 38.25
LCG Racing LCG-TNS-T420
Narrow Style Top Deck For Xray T4 2020
USD 29.11
Factory Pro RC O-BT0101OG
Belt Tensioner Orange w/ Bearing Set For RC Touring Car
USD 7.00
Xray XR-373086
X12 2019 2.5mm Graphite Rear Brace
USD 19.50
Bittydesign BDF1-HLM-C
White Helmet Set Type C For 1/10 F1 Car Body
USD 7.16 USD 7.95
Xray XR-301961
T4 2020 ULP Graphite 3mm Front Low Shock Tower
USD 19.10
Arrowmax AM-910001
ARROWMAX Medius Xray T4 MID Conversion Kit
USD 183.58
Free Shipping
Xray XR-301002
T4 2020 Swiss 7075 T6 Aluminum 2mm Flex Chassis
USD 107.50 USD 125.90
Hiro Seiko HS-48580
Hiro Seiro T4 2020 Titanium Aluminum Hex Socket Screw Set
USD 49.50
Xray XR-306517
T4 2020 Aluminum Top Deck Mount Black
USD 7.20
Xray XR-305436
T4 2020 3x351mm High-Performance Low Friction Kevlar Drive Belt
USD 20.75
Yeah Racing XR-T4-010BK
Aluminum Adjustable Lipo Battery Mount For XRAY T4 Black
USD 17.90
X-Square X2-BL-351
White Kevlar Low Friction Belt 3x351mm 117T For 1/10 On-road Mid Xray T4 Yokomo BD10 Xpress XQ10
USD 12.00
Xray XR-301202
Composite Bumper for T2 T3 T4 '
USD 5.45 USD 5.95
Xray XR-301334
Rear Body Mount Set +2mm Height for T2 T3 T4 NT1 '
USD 5.80 USD 6.35
Xray XR-308331
4-Step Composite Frame Shock Parts (Short)
USD 5.30 USD 7.00
Xray XR-301333
Rear Body Mount Set +1mm Height for T2 T3 T4 NT1 '
USD 5.80 USD 6.35
Xray XR-308332
Composite Shock Part Set w/ Rebound Hole Short For T1 T2 T3 X1 NT1 RX8 '
USD 4.40 USD 6.20
Yeah Racing XR-T4-027
Spring Steel Double Joint Driveshaft for Xray T3 T4 XPRESS XQ1/XQ1S
USD 29.90 USD 33.90
Xray XR-302525
Aluminum Dual Servo Saver Arm 2 pcs w/ Ball Bearings For T3 T4
USD 32.30 USD 35.05
Xray XR-364984
Composite 84T 48P Center Gear Differential Spur Gear
USD 6.80
Xray XR-362220-H
XB4 Graphite Composite Hard 9Degree Left C-Hub
USD 4.75
Xray XR-362210-H
XB4 Graphite Composite Hard 9Degree Right C-Hub
USD 4.75
Xray XR-362112-H
XB4 Composite Suspension Arm Front Lower Hard
USD 6.55
Xray XR-306195
T4 2019 Aluminum Fully Adjustable Battery Holder w/ Weight Set For Shorty Batteries
USD 51.80 USD 56.60
Hudy HSP-183000
Professional 19mm Bulkhead Alignment Tool Set Black
USD 28.10
Zero Tribe ZT1064
ZEROTRIBE Aluminium Hybrid Chassis Motor Mount Plate Orange For Xray T4 2017
USD 8.90 USD 12.61
Aluminum Front Solid Axle Cup Joint Ultra Light Type 2 pcs Silver For Xray T4
USD 11.60
RC-Mission MI-RSA
High Quality Rear Steel Axle 2 pcs For Xray Yokomo Infinity Tamiya Car Kit
USD 15.45
RC-Mission MI-RCJ-X
High Quality Rear Drive Cross Joint Set For Xray T4
USD 5.80
Front Solid Axle Steel Cup Joint Strong Type 2 pcs Black For Xray T4
USD 11.60
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XRAY Parts

After huge success of the HUDY, the founder Dipl. Eng. Hudy Juraj established the XRAY Model Racing Cars Company in 2000. Most of the hobbyist first known about this RC name, is about it's durability. But the chassis is also very competitive in the past years. XRAY has acquired countless victories around the world in different classes, from 1/8GPs to 1/12 pan cars.

Spare Parts, Aluminum Upgrade & Hop Up Parts for Team XRAY Car Kits. Huge selection in rcMart! World wide shipping! Improve the performance of your XRAY RC Chassis today!