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XRAY T4 Parts

Xray XR-308274
4S Spring Set C =2.3 for T4
USD 7.50 USD 8.20
Xray XR-305884
Composite Spur Gear 114T / 64P for T1 T2 T3 T4
USD 5.35
Zero Tribe ZT1056
ZEROTRIBE Graphite Front Shock Tower For Xray T4 2019
USD 11.90 USD 16.51
Zero Tribe ZT1050
ZEROTRIBE Graphite Main Chassis Hard Type For XRAY T4 2018
USD 69.90 USD 95.45
Free Shipping
Zero Tribe ZT1047
ZEROTRIBE 3x516mm Drive Belt For XRAY T4 Stock Conversion Kit
USD 12.73
Yeah Racing XR-T4-019
Carbon Graphite Chassis 2.0mm For Xray T4 2018
USD 31.00 USD 49.90
Arrowmax AM-910011
AM Medius MID 2.25mm Carbon Chassis For Xray T4
USD 64.04
Carbon Brace For Xray T4 2020 Conversion Kit
USD 10.55
Titanium Flex Screw 4 pcs Silver
USD 9.26
Xray XR-305318
T4 Series Spring Steel 52mm ECS BB Drive Shaft 2 pcs
USD 33.85
LCG Racing LCG-TNS-T420
Narrow Style Top Deck For Xray T4 2020
USD 29.11
Factory Pro RC O-BT0101OG
Belt Tensioner Orange w/ Bearing Set For RC Touring Car
USD 7.00
Xray XR-301961
T4 2020 ULP Graphite 3mm Front Low Shock Tower
USD 19.10
Arrowmax AM-910001
ARROWMAX Medius Xray T4 MID Conversion Kit
USD 175.90
Free Shipping
Hiro Seiko HS-48580
Hiro Seiro T4 2020 Titanium Aluminum Hex Socket Screw Set
USD 49.50
Xray XR-305436
T4 2020 3x351mm High-Performance Low Friction Kevlar Drive Belt
USD 18.90
Xray XR-302815
T4 2020 1.5 mm Front Anti-Roll Bar For Ball Bearings
USD 6.75
Yeah Racing XR-T4-010BK
Aluminum Adjustable Lipo Battery Mount For XRAY T4 Black
USD 17.90
Xray XR-301332
Composite Rear Body Mount Set 6mm for T2 T3 T4 NT1 '
USD 6.35
Xray XR-301334
Rear Body Mount Set +2mm Height for T2 T3 T4 NT1 '
USD 5.80 USD 6.35
Xray XR-301202
Composite Bumper for T2 T3 T4 '
USD 5.45 USD 5.95
Xray XR-301333
Rear Body Mount Set +1mm Height for T2 T3 T4 NT1 '
USD 5.80 USD 6.35
Yeah Racing XR-T4-027
Spring Steel Double Joint Driveshaft for Xray T3 T4 XPRESS XQ1/XQ1S
USD 29.90
Xray XR-302525
Aluminum Dual Servo Saver Arm 2 pcs w/ Ball Bearings For T3 T4
USD 29.50 USD 32.20
Xray XR-306195
T4 2019 Aluminum Fully Adjustable Battery Holder w/ Weight Set For Shorty Batteries
USD 51.80 USD 56.60
Hudy HSP-183000
Professional 19mm Bulkhead Alignment Tool Set Black
USD 28.10
Zero Tribe ZT1064
ZEROTRIBE Aluminium Hybrid Chassis Motor Mount Plate Orange For Xray T4 2017
USD 8.90 USD 12.61
Race OPT Mini 4WD 210mm Conversion Kit For Xray T4 2019
USD 109.90
Aluminum Front Solid Axle Cup Joint Ultra Light Type 2 pcs Silver For Xray T4
USD 11.60
Front Solid Axle Steel Cup Joint Strong Type 2 pcs Black For Xray T4
USD 11.60
RC-Mission MI-RSA
High Quality Rear Steel Axle 2 pcs For Xray Yokomo Infinity Tamiya Car Kit
USD 15.45
RC-Mission MI-SS22-TI
3x22mm Ti-Coated Shock Shaft 4 pcs Gold For Xray T4
USD 23.20
RC-Mission MI-RCJ-X
High Quality Rear Drive Cross Joint Set For Xray T4
USD 5.80
High Quality Standard Length 52mm Double Joint Shaft 2 pcs Black For Xray T4
USD 57.90
RC-Mission MI-DCJ-SXS-50
High Quality 50mm Double Joint 2 pcs Black For Xray T4
USD 57.90
RC-Mission MI-FSAC-XV2
Front Solid Axle Steel Cup Joint V2 2 pcs Black For Xray T4
USD 11.60
RC-Mission MI-4RUB-X
Aluminum 4mm Rear Upright Upper Block 2 pcs Black For Xray T4
USD 17.40
RC-Mission MI-PL20-T4
Aluminum 20T Center Pulley For Xray T4
USD 27.00
Aluminum Rear Drive Shaft Set Silver For Xray T4
USD 34.80
RC-Mission MI-SS21-TI
Ti-Coated 3x21mm ULP Shock Shaft 4 pcs Gold For XRAY T4 2018
USD 23.20
RC-Mission MI-DCJ-JS
USD 15.45
RC-Mission MI-HCDB-X
Aluminum Rear Hard Coated Universal Dogbone Silver For Xray T4
USD 11.60
RC-Mission MI-ALAX01
Aluminum High Quality Rear Axle Silver For Yokomo BD7 Xray
USD 5.80
RC-Mission MI-RCJ
Spare Rear Cross Joint Set For MI-HCDB Shafts
USD 4.85
RC-Mission MI-2RUB-X
Aluminum 2mm Rear Upright Upper Block 2 pcs Black For Xray T4
USD 13.35 USD 15.45
RC-Mission MI-SUS44-LC
Lubrication-Coated 3x44mm Suspension Shaft 4 pcs Silver For Xray T4 Kyosho TF7
USD 11.60
Axon BS-PG-X001
AXON X10 Ball Bearing Set For XRAY T4 2018
USD 58.68
Zero Tribe ZT1051
ZEROTRIBE Graphite ULP Shock System Front Damper Stay For Xray T4 2018 Yokomo BD8 2018
USD 11.90 USD 16.36
Xray XR-302712-O
T4 2018 Aluminum Front Lower FF-Low 1-Piece Suspension Holder Orange
USD 18.00 USD 19.70
Xray XR-302063
T4 7075 T6 Aluminum Adjustment Ball Bearing Hub 2 pcs Orange
USD 25.90 USD 28.30
Xray XR-302062
Composite Adjustment Ball Bearing Hub for T4 .
USD 4.50 USD 4.90
Race OPT Mini 4WD 210mm Conversion Kit For Xray T4 2015 T4 2016 T4 2017
USD 99.90 USD 109.90
Xray XR-309854
30g Center Chassis Balancing Weight Black For T3 T4 2016
USD 24.95 USD 27.30
Xray XR-308333
Composite Shock Parts Set For T4 NT1 RX8
USD 8.40
Axon DT-SP-003
AXON High Big Bore Shock Piston Rod 4 pcs Silver
USD 10.40
Xray XR-305776
T4 Composite Offset Hard Spur Gear 76T 48P
USD 5.35
Xray XR-305860
T4 2017 Composite Offset Hard Spur Gear 90T 64P
USD 5.35
Xray XR-902306
Hex Screw SH M3 x 6 For XRay
USD 3.95 USD 4.30
Speed Master Japan Foam Bumper Medium Black For Xray T4 1036
USD 7.86
Xray XR-303362
Medium Composite Rubber Spec 1-Hole Rear Upright 0 Degree Outboard Toe-In Black For T3 T4
USD 5.95
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XRAY T4 Parts

XRAY T4 Spare Parts, Replacement Parts, Upgrade Parts, Hopup parts & option Parts in stock. In rcMart, you can find many XRAY T4 parts to upgrade your XRAY T4 Touring Car

Since the release of the first XRAY touring car in 1999, XRAY has been a driving force in the 1/10 electric touring car racing scene.  Continuous development and evolution of the XRAY product line has led to ever-increasing performance.

Designed in virtual reality using the world's most sophisticated CAD tools, and manufactured using the world's best machining and molding machinery, the T4 achieves a level of perfection in all details that is second to none.

XRAY’s commitment to craftsmanship, durability and performance is unsurpassed.

Be part of the family, live the heritage.

The T4 is typical XRAY: ultimate professional, high-competition RC car for the most demanding racers, developed with attention to the finest detail, and backed by premium service & support

A luxury masterpiece.

Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in-house at the XRAY factory in Slovakia, Europe, using the most high-tech German and Swiss machines and premium European materials, crafted with XRAY's trademark attention to detail by our production specialists. The T4 is truly a masterpiece.