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Super HotShot Parts

Xtra Speed XS-TA29042RD
Aluminum Front Steering Knuckles Red For Tamiya Boomerang Hotshot Manta Ray Top Force
USD 18.90 USD 21.90
Tamiya 13455035
Antenna Holder Bigwig Hotshot Truck
USD 2.30
Tamiya 19804557
Super Hotshot Front Tire 2 pcs
USD 15.80
Tamiya 19804446
Rear Tire 2 pcs For Avante Super Hotshot
USD 16.15
Xtra Speed XS-TA29014RD
Aluminum Adapter 4pcs For Tamiya Terra Scorcher, HotShot, Super HotShot, Boomerang, Bigwig Red
USD 15.90
Xtra Speed XS-TA29014BK
Aluminum Adapter 4pcs For Tamiya Terra Scorcher, HotShot, Super HotShot, Boomerang, Bigwig Black
USD 15.90
Xtra Speed XS-TA29014BU
Aluminum Adapter 4pcs For Tamiya Terra Scorcher, HotShot, Super HotShot, Boomerang, Bigwig Blue
USD 15.90
Tamiya 19805123
Ball Plate 4 pcs Silver For Bigwig Hotshot Boomerang
USD 5.15
Tamiya 19808133
8mm Ball Connector 4 pcs For Bigwig Hotshot
USD 7.90
Lunsford Racing LNS1370
Titanium 3mm x 70mm Punisher Turnbuckles 2 pcs Silver
USD 12.30
Lunsford Racing LNS1351
LUNSFORD Racing Punisher 3mm x 51mm Titanium Turnbuckles 2 pcs
USD 11.05
Tamiya 10445098
Upright Set Red For Boomerang Hotshot Manta Ray Top Force
USD 8.65
Tamiya 19808128
Front Drive Shaft 2pcs Black For Hotshot Super Hotshot
USD 10.50
Tamiya 19808143
Set Plate 4pcs Silver For Avante Boomerang Hotshot Super Hotshot
USD 4.20
Tamiya 19440633
Hotshot Steel Rear Drive Shaft 2pcs Gun Metal
USD 8.20
Tamiya 19805756
3x32mm Screw Pin 4pcs For M Chassis
USD 3.45
Tamiya 19805755
3x22mm Screw Pin 4pcs For TT01 Type E TT02 DT03 CW01
USD 3.45
Tamiya 19805976
3x46mm Screw Pin 4pcs For M Chassis
USD 3.85
Tamiya 19005866
1/10 Hotshot E Parts 1 Pc Red
USD 14.20
Tamiya 19335482
Hotshot Chassis w/ Mech Box
USD 25.10
Tamiya 19005867
F Part Black For HotShot
USD 12.90
Tamiya 19005167
Hotshot Gear Bag
USD 11.25
Tamiya 13515001
Hotshot 08 Module Pinion 13T
USD 3.55
Tamiya 19335639
Super Hotshot Underguard
USD 10.40
Tamiya 14305176
Super Hotshot Front Under Stay Left
USD 8.30
Tamiya 14305174
Super Hotshot Front Damper Stay Left
USD 6.50
Tamiya 14305175
Super Hotshot Front Damper Stay Right
USD 7.55
Tamiya 14305177
Super Hotshot Front Under Stay Right
USD 8.30
Tamiya 13515003
Hotshot 08 Module Pinion 15T
USD 4.25
Tamiya 10005116
Hotshot D Parts
USD 17.90
Tamiya 19440510
Frog Bevel Gear Left Right
USD 8.10
Tamiya 14305178
Super Hotshot Stay Mount
USD 6.50
Tamiya 14305633
Super Hotshot Rear Damper Stay
USD 14.60
Tamiya 14305632
Super Hotshot Rear Under Stay
USD 5.00
Tamiya 19805110
Front Tires (Hot Shot)
USD 14.45
Tamiya 19805111
Rear Tires (Hot Shot)
USD 16.45
Tamiya 19115192
Hotshot R Parts
USD 16.35
Tamiya 10555069
Front Wheel (Hot Shot)
USD 10.00
Tamiya 10555068
Rear Wheel (Hot Shot)
USD 10.90
Tamiya 19115191
G Part For HotShot
USD 26.40
Tamiya 19005164
C Part Black For HotShot
USD 14.50
Tamiya 19005163
A & B Parts Black For HotShot
USD 17.05
Tamiya 19804558
Super Hot Shot Body W/Wing
USD 30.50
Tamiya 50197
Snap Pin Set for 1:10 On Road Off Road RC Torning Car
USD 1.90
Tamiya 50171
Heat Resist Double Side Tape
USD 3.20
Yeah Racing DF03-015SP
Spring Steel Shaft For Tamiya DF03 Wild Dagger Twin Detonator Double Blaze Top Force HotShot
USD 19.90 USD 21.90
RC Channel MS58863
Rear Hub Shaft Set For Tamiya Hotshot
USD 7.00
RC Channel MC75012
3x4x5mm Collor 10 pcs Silver For Tamiya Hotshot
USD 3.00
Yeah Racing DF03-015V2
G45 Universal Steel Swing Shaft For Tamiya DF03 TT02B
USD 11.90
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Super HotShot Parts

We offer Tamiya Super HotShot Spare Parts at discount price! Replacement Parts, Upgrade Parts, Option Parts also available.

Tamiya originally released a special version of the R/C 4WD racing buggy Hotshot in 1986. This famous machine is set for a return as the Super Hotshot and features modern improvements while keeping the basic layout of the original. Distinctive external features such as the stylish silver body and rear wing, yellow oil dampers, and spiked tires with gold metal-plated wheels have also been kept.

The chassis maintains original features of the Super Shot, including the durable ABS monocoque frame, roll cage, and underguard. At the same time, full ball bearings minimize friction loss as power from the horizontally-mounted motor is transmitted to all four wheels via dog-bone type drive shafts. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is equipped with oil dampers which allow 3 adjustable spring tensions to match track conditions. In addition, a GT-Tuned Motor (25T) provides plenty of power for dynamic off-road driving.