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Tamiya RM01 Parts

Tamiya 54367
RM01 R Tread Spacer 4 pcs Blue
USD 5.30
Tamiya 19225133
W Parts Damper Shock Absorber & Mount Set For TRF101 TRF102 RM01
USD 8.70
Tamiya 54495
RM01 Aluminum Servo Mount 2 pcs Blue
USD 12.40
Factory Pro RC O-AP0008
0.25inch Bearing Rear Axle Height Adapter Set For Tamiya F103 F104 RM01 Series
USD 18.00
Tamiya 54427
RM01 Carbon Rear Shaft
USD 14.50 USD 16.50
Tamiya 54366
RM01 Front Upright Shaft For 1/8inch x 5/16inch Bearing 2pcs
USD 5.50 USD 6.20
Tamiya 54352
RM-01 Roll Spring Set
USD 3.50 USD 4.00
Tamiya 54359
RM-01 Pitch Spring Set
USD 3.80
Tamiya 54413
Aluminum Roll Damper - High Efficiency
USD 5.90
Tamiya 54351
Rear Carbon Damper Mount Plate For RM01/F104 Ver.II
USD 8.50
Tamiya 54375
Carbon Motor Mount Rear Plate Set For RM-01 & F104 ver.II
USD 8.20 USD 9.90
Tamiya 17435039
RS 380 Motor w/ Pinion For Grasshopper Holiday Buggy Sand Rover Street Rover
USD 16.20
Tamiya 54342
RM-01 Aluminum Roll Damper Set .
USD 10.50
Tamiya 54355
RM-01 3x31mm Titanium Coated King Pin (2pcs)
USD 6.20 USD 7.20
Tamiya 54356
RM-01 Aluminum Motor Mount
USD 26.90 USD 29.90
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Tamiya RM01 Parts

Tamiya RM01 Parts, Upgrade Parts & Aluminium Hopups Parts in stock. Here in rcMart is the right place for you to get the Tamiya Parts for your Tamiya RM-01 car kit & other chassis

Sensational Group C Racer
In 1982, the World Endurance Championship introduced the new Group C class, which was initially dominated by the Porsche 956. In 1984, Toyota entered the Tom's 84C to challenge Porsche for top honors in this category and this is a 1/12 scale R/C model of that historic car. The polycarbonate body faithfully reproduces the aerodynamic, sleek form of the 84C and car numbers and various sponsor logos can be depicted with included stickers. A driver figure is also included to enhance realism. All of this is mounted on the Direct-Drive 2WD RM-01 chassis to provide thrilling racing action.

An Exciting Development in 1/12 Scale
This 1/12 scale chassis features a 2.5mm thick black-colored FRP lower deck and a height-adjustable resin gear case with Type 380 motor. Pivot-Ball Link Rear (PBLR) suspension system features a center pivot ball, a pitch damper to temper chassis pitch movement, and a roll damper and side links to control chassis roll. The chassis' Direct-Drive setup features a ball diff inside the spur gear while high-grip sponge tires provide plenty of traction.