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FF Parts

Yeah Racing YBA-0003S
3mm Steel Ball (20pcs)
USD 1.90 USD 2.90
Yeah Racing YA-0180
Tornado High Speed Cooling Fan 30 x 30mm
USD 6.50 USD 6.95
Yeah Racing 3SKU-002PK
Aluminum Rear Suspension Arm Set For 3Racing XI Sport FF2014 Ultimate
USD 9.90 USD 11.90
3Racing SAK-42
King Pin Post Set For Sakura Zero D3 D4 FF XI Sport
USD 2.60
3Racing 3RAC-WC3/PK
Aluminum M3 Countersink Washer 10 pcs Pink For F113 Sakura D3 D4 FF Ultimate 2014 XI Sport Zero S
USD 2.80
3Racing SAK-U314/PK
Aluminum Big Bore Oil Damper Set (Coated PTFE) For Sakura FF / Ultimate / Sakura XI / XI Sport
USD 25.90
3Racing 3RAC-WF310/5/P...
Aluminium M3 Flat Washer M3 x 5 x 1mm 10 pcs Pink For Sakura Ultimate 2014
USD 2.30 USD 2.90
3Racing SAK-U317
Stabilizer Ball End Set Black For Sakura Ultimate
USD 6.40
Yeah Racing YBA-0002C
3mm Ceramic Diff. Ball
USD 5.20 USD 6.50
3Racing 3RAC-WFS820/PK
Aluminum Shock Tower Shim M8 x 2mm 6pcs Pink For Ultimate 2014 Sakura D3 FF FF2014 XI
USD 1.90
3Racing SAK-F17
Foam Bumper For 3racing Sakura FF D3
USD 2.60
3Racing SAK-F21
Fast Gear Set For 3racing Sakura FF
USD 4.50
3Racing SAK-F24/PK
Aluminium Motor Heatsink Front Type For 3racing Sakura FF 1:10 FF Touring RC Car
USD 7.70
Yeah Racing MG-48021-026
Pinion Gear Super Hard Combo set (48P 21T-26T 6pcs)
USD 17.90
3Racing SAK-F29
Aluminum Gear 06 pitch 26T For 3racing Sakura FF
USD 5.20
3Racing SAK-F01A/V2
Gear Differential Plastic Replacement - Ver. 2 For #SAK-F01
USD 3.90
3Racing SAK-F14
Front Stabilizer Set For 3racing Sakura FF
USD 3.60 USD 5.20
3Racing 3RAC-NS40/PK
4mm Aluminum Locknut Serrated (8pcs) - Pink
USD 5.00
3Racing SAK-65D
Gear Differential Pin Set For #SAK-65
USD 1.50 USD 3.70
3Racing SAK-37/PK
Rear Bulkhead Cover For 3racing Sakura Zero
USD 9.02
3Racing 3RAC-WX127/PK
7mm Wheel Adaptor For Sakura FF D3 D4 XI Sport Zero S
USD 6.50
3Racing SAK-40K
40mm Swing Shaft 7075 For 3racing Sakura Zero
USD 3.50 USD 6.90
3Racing SAK-F07/V2
Gear Set For 3racing Sakura FF
USD 4.50
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FF Parts

We stock up 3Racing Sakura FF Spare Parts, 3racing D4 Aluminum Optional Hop Up Parts to Upgrade your 3-Racing FF FWD Chassis. 3 Racing FF parts & Replacement parts available in huge selection

3Racing SAKURA FF is a front wheel drive electric powered touring car. The Sakura FF has a front mounted motor, placing the maximum amount of static weight over the drive wheels, improving steering and grip, maximising performance. The machined aluminium bulkheads front and rear provide a solid base for the chassis, and provide additional cooling to the motor, with enough clearance for all of today’s brushless motors.

Share in the excitement of this new class of touring car racing, enjoy the challenge of driving a FWD, and feel the control of the Sakura FF at your fingetips.