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Fractional Bearings

Yeah Racing YB5006B/S10
RC PTFE Bearing 3/8x5/8x5/32 (inch) 10pcs
USD 9.90 USD 10.30
Yeah Racing YB5008M/S10
RC Ball Bearing 3/16x5/16x1/8 (inch) 10pcs YB5008MS/10
USD 9.90
Yeah Racing YB5004M/S10
RC Ball Bearing 1/8x5/16x9/64 (inch) 10pcs YB5004MS/10
USD 9.90
Yeah Racing YB5008BF/S10
RC PTFE Flanged Bearing 3/16x5/16x1/8 (inch) 10pcs YB5008BFS/10
USD 9.90 USD 10.30
Yeah Racing YB5008F/S10
RC Flanged Bearing 3/16x5/16x1/8 (inch) 10pcs YB5008FS/10
USD 9.90
Yeah Racing YB5005M/S10
RC Ball Bearing 1/8x3/8x5/32 (inch) 10pcs YB5005MS/10
USD 9.90
Yeah Racing YB5007B/S10
RC PTFE Bearing 3/16x3/8x1/8 (inch) 10pcs YB5007BS/10
USD 10.30
Yeah Racing YB5006M/S10
RC Ball Bearing 3/8x5/8x5/32 (inch) 10pcs YB5006MS/10
USD 8.90 USD 9.90
Yeah Racing YB5009M/S10
RC Ball Bearing 5/32x5/16x1/8 (inch) 10pcs YB5009MS/10
USD 9.90
Yeah Racing YB5007MS/10
RC Ball Bearing 3/16x3/8x1/8 (inch) 10pcs
USD 9.90
Yeah Racing YB5004FS/10
RC Flanged Bearing 1/8x5/16x9/64 (inch) 10pcs
USD 9.90
Yeah Racing YB5001MS/10
RC Ball Bearing 1/2x3/4x5/32 (inch) 10pcs
USD 6.44 USD 9.90
Yeah Racing YB5002FS/10
RC Flanged Bearing 1/4x3/8x1/8 (inch) 10pcs
USD 9.90
Yeah Racing YB5002MS/10
RC Ball Bearing 1/4x3/8x1/8 (inch) 10pcs
USD 9.90
Yeah Racing YB5001BS/10
RC PTFE Bearing 1/2x3/4x5/32 (inch) 10pcs
USD 6.90 USD 10.30
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Fractional Bearings

Bearings for RC Cars available at rcMart! Competitive Price & comprehensive range for your selection

RC Car bearings for Tamiya, Traxxas, Axial, Kyosho, HPI & more. RC Car Bearings in Set, Fractional, Metric Bearings in all size. Find bearings in one place. Best Price Guaranteed!

Every tiny bit matters! We have tons of ball bearings for you to choose from to give you that edge to give your RC the extra speed and smooth performance!

RC Ball bearings should always be your first upgrades, it reduces friction for less rolling resistance, and that means higher speed and longer the running times. RC Ball bearings hardly require maintenance and last a lot longer than stock Oilite bushings.