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Picco PIC9605
Monza .21 Team DLC Ceramic Engine For Onroad Nitro RC
USD 349.90 USD 421.35
Picco PIC9502
Complete Exhaust Kit Blast.21 EFRA 2099 For Offroad GT Nitro RC
USD 70.38
Picco 3151
14mm Rear Ceramic Ball Bearing For Nitro RC Engine
USD 52.28
Picco 3201
P7-R Torque .21 Front Ball Bearing For Onroad Nitro RC
USD 11.16
Picco 1571
Blast Team .21 ABC Cylinder Piston Head Set For Offroad Nitro RC
USD 97.30
Picco PIC9590
Blast .21 Team DLC Ceramic Offroad Engine
USD 266.85 USD 296.50
Picco PIC9387
Complete Exhaust Kit EFRA 2153 For 1/8 Onroad Nitro RC
USD 75.53
Picco P7TC-3
Cold Conical Glow Plug 7 3 pcs Silver For Onroad Nitro RC
USD 22.16
Picco 1541
Torque .21 EM Connecting Rod Silver For Nitro RC
USD 39.01
Picco P1-7352
Kit Muffler P1-R RE 7235+7126+7037 Not In-L
USD 79.90
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Picco engines started from this idea: make the most of Mr. Gualtiero Picco natural model vocation and his long race experience to obtain an engine designed and built taking into account all the machining needs: from single design up to casting, from components grinding up to surface finishing and final assembly.

As a product quality comes from deep quality control and manufacturer experience, the Picco engines have been rapidly spread all around the model world as synonymous of technical perfection and high reliability.

The Picco engines has been grown: the family workshop, started from his great enthusiasm is now an enterprise which deals all around the world fitting the most sophisticated models with his engines, produced according the most advanced technology.