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Brand: Mylaps Model: 10R078
MYLAPS RC4 Hybrid Direct Powered Transponder w/ 2 Wires #10R078Description: This is the MyLaps RC4 Hybrid Transponder that work in combination with the MYLAPS RC Timing System installed on the track at the start/finish line and optionally at intermediate points along the trackA holder has been..
USD 129.90 USD 145.90
Brand: Mylaps Model: 10R120
MYLAPS RC4 Direct Powered Transponder For RC4 Decoder w/ 3 Wires #10R120Description:After years of research and development we are proud to introduce the new MYLAPS RC4 platform for RC timing and data services. In 1982 we invented automatic timing solutions for the worldwide RC community, and si..
USD 94.90 USD 100.00
Brand: Mylaps Model: 10R147
MYLAPS RC4 Pro Direct Powered Personal Transponder #10R147Description: MYLAPS' RC4 Pro Direct Powered Personal Transponder is lighter and smaller than its predecessor - and now its black! The shorter 8cm/3.15" cable allows a great fit, and the complete system weighs in at only 3 grams! Speedhive i..
USD 109.95 USD 119.95
Brand: Mylaps Model: 40R222
MYLAPS RC4 Transponder Holder #40R222Description: This is an MYLAPS Personal RC4 Hybrid Transponder Holder, and is intended for use with the MYLAPS RC4 transponder. (10R078 and 10R120) This holder allows you to easily use your RC4 transponder in multiple cars. Simply remove the RC4 transponder fro..
USD 1.90 USD 5.74
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Originating in 2 timing company's, AMB i.t. and Championchip, MYLAPS today globally operates and works with events, timers, athletes and partners all over the world. Developing and producing the best quality timing equipment and services to help break records and enhance the event experience.

Every year, over 20 million racers and athletes perform in MYLAPS-timed contests, such as: Olympics, NASCAR, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Boston Marathon, Giro d’Italia, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Ironman Triathlon, IFMAR, Super GT Japan, EFRA, FIA WEC Endurance Championship, FIA Formula E and WSBK World Superbikes, as well as countless amateur events worldwide.

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