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Matrix Racing

Matrix Racing MX-12A37C
Front 37 Shore Team Pink 1/12 Foam Tire w/ Carbon Wheel
USD 9.78
Matrix Racing MX-12P35C
Rear 35 Shore Double Pink 1/12 Foam Tire w/ Carbon Wheel
USD 8.90 USD 10.10
Matrix Racing GT001
Pre-Mounted Ultra Soft Rubber Tires 2 pcs w/ Black Rim For 1/8 GT
Matrix Racing BA001
Full Automatic Balancing Machine For 1/8 1/10 RC Onroad
USD 430.00
Matrix Racing BW003
Balancer Adapter For 1/10 RC Onroad
USD 39.11
Matrix Racing MX-8A35NFLJP
Pre-Assembled Front Five Light 35 Shore Factory Selected Foam Tires 2 pcs w/ White Rim For 1/8 Onroad RC
USD 14.70
Matrix Racing CB2088
Front Five Light 32Sh Foam Tire 2 pcs White For 1/8 On Road RC MX-8A32FL X 5
USD 69.90 USD 73.45
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Matrix Racing MTT-XL
Size XL T-Shirt Black
USD 22.70
Matrix Racing MTT-XXL
Size XXXL T-Shirt Black
USD 22.70
Matrix Racing MX-12A30C
Front 30 Shore Pink 1/12 Foam Tire w/ Carbon Wheel
USD 9.78
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Matrix Racing provides the customers with the best grip and performances for their R/C cars. Although it may sound simple, to accomplish this daily task requires knowledge, high precision robots and machines, top-notch quality materials and, above all, the passion that moves Matrix Racing entire staff. For them, it’s like being on track with you every time you snap a set of Matrix tires on your car, and this is the reason why Matrix directly cooperate with some of the best drivers in the World, to give inputs to their R&D development and to give you some wonderful ambassadors in every continent.