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King Kong RC

King Kong RC D-E005
1.75inch ZiS-150 V Tires 2 pcs w/ Foam Insert 82mm x 30mm For CA30 RC Truck
USD 10.70
King Kong RC D-E016
CA10 Tractor Truck Aluminum 1.75inch Scale Rear Rim 2 pcs Black
USD 22.90 USD 25.50
King Kong RC D-T003A
Aluminum 1.75inch Extra Wide 25mm Rim 2 pcs Black
USD 23.90 USD 29.90
King Kong RC D-E001
Hard Plastic Cab Kit For 1/12 Scale Soviet ZIS-150 CA10 Truck
USD 49.90 USD 64.90
King Kong RC D-E017
Metal Front Transmission For 1/12 R/C Soviet ZIS-150 151 CA10
USD 25.90 USD 29.90
King Kong RC D-T015
Metal 167mm Rear Wheel Axle Set for Tamiya 1/10 RC Tractor Truck Trailer
USD 16.99
King Kong RC D-E007
Fully Metal Hinges For 1/12 R/C Scale Soviet ZIS-150/151 Truck
USD 7.99
King Kong RC D-E064
ZL-130 Tractor Truck Hard Plastic Cab White Body Set
USD 56.90 USD 69.90
King Kong RC CA30-KIT
1/12 Scale CA30 ZIS-151 6X6 Tractor Truck Kit
USD 399.90 USD 449.90
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All King Kong RC products are researched, designed and developed by themselves. Use their exclusive products to customize your unique build!!