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Kyosho Parts

PN Racing KS4824
KS Compound 14mm RCP Radial Soft Rear Tire 2 pcs For Kyosho Mini-Z
USD 6.99
PN Racing KS2838
KS Compound RCP Radial Extra Firm Rear Tire 2 pcs For Kyosho Mini-Z
USD 5.99
PN Racing KS2834
KS Compound RCP Radial Firm Rear Tire 2 pcs For Kyosho Mini-Z
USD 5.99
PN Racing MR2046A
ABEC5 4x7x2mm Dry Ball Bearing 2 pcs For Spur Gear
USD 4.88
Kyosho MX004
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Axle Case Set
USD 7.95
Kyosho MX005
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Drive Gear Set
USD 8.55
Kyosho MX006
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Gear Box Parts Set
USD 11.00
Kyosho MX007
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Suspension Parts Set
USD 10.25
Kyosho MX008
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Battery Box Set
USD 11.40
Kyosho MX009
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Servo Gear Set
USD 7.40
Kyosho MX010
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Servo Saver Set
USD 5.70
Kyosho MX011
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Bumper Parts Set
USD 13.65
Kyosho MX012
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Main Frame
USD 12.50
Kyosho MX013
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Slipper Shaft Set
USD 8.55
Kyosho MX014
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Axle Gear Set
USD 8.60
Kyosho MX015
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Slipper Clutch Set
USD 6.75
Kyosho MX017
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Tie Rod Set
USD 4.90
Kyosho MX016
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Motor
USD 13.50
Kyosho MX018
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Ball Stud Set
USD 4.90
Kyosho MX021
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Servo Motor & Potentiometer
USD 17.05
Kyosho MXTH001
Toyota 4Runner Pre-Mounted Tire 2 pcs w/ Black Rim
USD 11.40
Kyosho MXTH002
Suzuki Jimny Sierra Pre-Mounted Tire 2 pcs w/ Silver Rim
USD 11.40
Kyosho MXN02
Mini-Z Toyota 4Runner White Body Set
USD 26.50
Kyosho MBB07W
Comic Racer Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 Body Set
USD 42.80
Kyosho MBW2019
Mini-Z Buggy 8500KV Brushless Conversion Set
USD 132.05 USD 146.80
Kyosho VS001-01
Differential Gasket 4 pcs For DBX 2.0 VE Rage VE EP FAZER
USD 4.90
Kyosho FA503
Fazer Mk2 Hub Set
USD 7.35
Kyosho FA506
Fazer Mk2 Suspension Shaft Set
USD 7.35
Kyosho FAW205
Fazer Mk2 HD Front Hub Set Red
USD 46.50
Kyosho FAW206
Fazer Mk2 HD Rear Hub Set Red
USD 44.00
Kyosho FAW208
Fazer Mk2 HD Stabilizer Set
USD 22.00
Kyosho FAW210
Fazer Mk2 Aluminum HD Center Shaft L Red
USD 8.55
Kyosho FAW214
Fazer Mk2 Metal Servo Saver Set Red
USD 55.00
Kyosho MXW006
Mini-Z 4x4 Stackable Terrain 5 pcs
USD 73.35
Kyosho MX001
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Receiver Box Set
USD 6.85
Kyosho MX002
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Axle Parts Set
USD 12.25
Kyosho MX003
Mini-Z 4x4 Series Shock Parts Set
USD 14.70
Exotek Racing 1931
Rear Laydown Bulkhead Black Red 2 Color Anodized For Kyosho Ultima RB7
USD 21.11
PN Racing 700507S
Aluminum M2 Countersunk Washer 4 pcs Silver For Kyosho Mini-Z
USD 4.88
Kyosho MZ302
MR-02 LM Type Assembled Differential Gear
USD 11.05
Kyosho MZ405
Mini-Z MR-03 Servo Saver Assembly Set
USD 7.35
Kyosho MZ406
Mini-Z MR-03 Front Suspension Arm Set
USD 4.90
Kyosho MZ411
Mini-Z MR-03S Series Upper Servo Motor Cover Set
USD 8.55
Kyosho MZ6BK
Mini-Z Pinion Gear Set
USD 6.15
Kyosho MZW119
Mini-Z SP Pinion Gear Set
USD 7.35
Kyosho MZW441
Mini-Z MR-03 Aluminum Shock Mount Set Black
USD 22.00
Kyosho R246-1312B
Mini-Z MR-03 Camber 2 Steering Block 2 pcs Blue
USD 20.80 USD 20.90
PN Racing MR2050
Light Weight 64P Ceramic Ball Differential Set For Kyosho Mini-Z LM
USD 38.88
PN Racing MR3092
PNW2.5W Delrin 5th Gear & Servo Motor Pinion Set For Kyosho Mini-Z V2 MR03
USD 2.88
PN Racing 800500
Pro Tire Truer Slot 3mm Shaft For Kyosho Mini-Z
USD 209.00
Kyosho IFW468B
MP9 17.5Degree Front Hub Carrier Set
USD 14.65
Kyosho MDW018
Mini-Z AWD Ball Differential Set
USD 46.15 USD 51.35
Kyosho MZW38-40
40Degree 11mm Wide Racing Radial Tire 4 pcs For Mini-Z MR02 MR03
USD 8.55
Kyosho MZW37-40
40Degree 8.5mm Racing Radial Tire 4 pcs For Mini-Z MR02 MR03
USD 7.95
Kyosho MZW412
Mini-Z MR03 SP Long King Pin Ball Set
USD 17.10
Kyosho MZW408
Mini-Z MR03 Titanium Screw Set
USD 18.35
Kyosho MB009
Mini-Z Buggy Servo Saver Set
USD 6.10
Kyosho MB013
Mini-Z Buggy Oil Shock Set
USD 24.45
Kyosho MB015
Mini-Z Buggy Suspension Pin Set
USD 6.10
Kyosho MB016
Mini-Z Buggy Center Shaft Set
USD 8.55
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Kyosho Parts

Kyosho Corporationis a model car company based in Tokyo, Japan. The brand operates internationally under the name KYOSHO. The company's main office is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, and the production headquarters are located in Atsugi, Kanagawa.

The company is one of the oldest model rc car makers in Japan, and produces a wide variety of products, including radio-controlled cars, planes, helicopters, and boats. Kyosho also produces highly detailed die-cast model cars.Since 80s and 90s, Kyosho began focusing on designing professional 1/8 scale racing buggies, Mini-Z series, and RC helicopters; areas in which Kyosho dominates today. The company is best known for the Inferno, its 1/8 scale competition buggies; Mini-Z series, and RC helicopters, but it also produces remote-controlled bipedal robots in the Manoi series.

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