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Kyosho Parts

Kyosho MZB64-2
Front Body Mount For NISSAN FAIRLADY Z
USD 1.90
Kyosho MZB50-2
Front Body Mount For ENZO Ferrari
USD 1.90
Kyosho MD004
Knuckle & Motor Holder Set For Mini-Z AWD
USD 4.90
Kyosho MD003
Small Parts Set For Mini-Z AWD
USD 7.70
Kyosho MD005
Diff. Gear Assy For Mini-Z AWD
USD 4.90
3Racing AWD-16
Antenna For Mini-Z AWD
USD 2.55
Kyosho MZB66-2
Front Body Mount For Ferrari F430
USD 1.90
Kyosho VZ095
3D Clutch Disk
USD 3.50 USD 5.50
Kyosho VS051
Radio Box (FW-05S)
USD 5.50
Kyosho MDW003
Tie Rod Set For Mini-Z AWD
USD 5.50
Kyosho MDW007-03
Alum Motor Holder Set For Mini-Z AWD
USD 6.90 USD 10.90
Kyosho MDW005-45
Parts Camber Knuckle Set 4.5 For Mini-Z AWD
USD 6.40
Kyosho MZH203GR
Wheel Set (6 Spoke/Green) (TAKATA DOME NSX GT 2003)
USD 6.50
Kyosho MZ153
Tie Rod & Shock Stay Set (MR-015)
USD 2.90
Kyosho MZF151CB
Skeleton Chassis Set (Clear Blue/MR-015)
USD 9.90
Kyosho IH16
Servo Mount & Center Bulk Set (Mini Inferno)
USD 5.90
Kyosho IH20
Wrench Tool Set (Mini Inferno)
USD 2.90
Kyosho IH08G
Dummy Engine Set (Green/Mini Inferno)
USD 2.90
Atomic AR63
ATOMIC 94mm Wheel Base Damper Plate
USD 7.90
Kyosho MZW210RM
Aluminium Motor Mount (Blue/MR-02RM/MR-015RM)
USD 24.60
Kyosho BSW33
O-Ring Set
USD 4.60 USD 8.90
Kyosho MZW212-1-BU
(#MZW212-1) Aluminium Knuckle Arm 1 (BU)
USD 15.90
Kyosho MZW217
Roll Shock Set
USD 8.50
Kyosho MZW50
Tie Rod Set (MR-015)
USD 4.90
Kyosho MZ202Y
Chassis Small Parts For MR02
USD 5.90
Kyosho MZW-216
(MZW216) Friction Damper Set For Mini-Z MR02/015
USD 16.90
Kyosho MZW209
Titna. Ball Diff Shaft For MR02/015
USD 19.90
Kyosho MZW215
Setting Spacer Set For Mini-Z MR01/02/015
USD 7.90
Kyosho 92843
7.8mm Franged Ball For MP7.5
USD 5.50
Kyosho MZW207
Rear Oil Shock Set For MR02
USD 8.80
Kyosho MZF203GM
Skeleton Chassis Set (Clear Black) For MR02
USD 16.90
Kyosho 92511
Muffler Stay For MP7.5
USD 6.50
Kyosho VS011
2nd Shaft For FW-05R
USD 5.50
Kyosho VS015
Servo Saver Shaft Set (A) For FW-05R
USD 5.95
Kyosho VS017
Servo Saver For FW-05R
USD 4.00
Kyosho BSW74
Shock Shaft (M) For MP7.5
USD 3.90 USD 5.90
Kyosho MZW206-2
Ball Diff Shaft For MR02/015
USD 6.90
Kyosho MZ210
Motor Case Set For MR02/015 (RM Chassis)
USD 5.90
Kyosho VS003
Differential Joint For FW-05R
USD 6.50
Kyosho VZ117
Front Sus. Plate For V One RR Evo/FW-05R
USD 1.20 USD 2.90
Kyosho MZ209
R/C Unit Set For Mini-z MR02/015
USD 66.90
Kyosho PRW03BL
Color Antenna For Mini-z Series
USD 4.90
Kyosho 39724-21
PC Pinion Gear 21T 2 Speed
USD 3.45 USD 6.15
Kyosho MZW203
Stainless King Pin For MR02/015
USD 5.00
Kyosho MZ202
Chassis Small Parts For MR02
USD 4.90
Kyosho MZw204
(MZW204) Tie Rod Set For MR02
USD 4.90
Kyosho MZF201CP
Skeleton Chassis Set (Clear Purple) For MR02
USD 9.90
Kyosho MZF201CB-BU
(MZF201CB) Skeleton Chassis Set (Clear Blue) For MR02
USD 9.90
Kyosho MZ201
Main Chassis Set For MR02
USD 6.50
Kyosho MVW07
OverLand Tie Rod Set
USD 3.40 USD 5.90
Kyosho MZW103
Parts 5.5 Box Driver
USD 8.00 USD 16.00
Kyosho MZW2-20
Parts High Grip Tire (20)
USD 5.70
Kyosho MZW13BL
Parts Wheel Nuts
USD 5.50
Kyosho MZW13R
Parts Wheel Nuts
USD 5.50
Kyosho VZ023
USD 1.80 USD 3.00
Kyosho VZ016
USD 1.40 USD 4.50
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Kyosho Parts

Kyosho Corporationis a model car company based in Tokyo, Japan. The brand operates internationally under the name KYOSHO. The company's main office is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, and the production headquarters are located in Atsugi, Kanagawa.

The company is one of the oldest model rc car makers in Japan, and produces a wide variety of products, including radio-controlled cars, planes, helicopters, and boats. Kyosho also produces highly detailed die-cast model cars.Since 80s and 90s, Kyosho began focusing on designing professional 1/8 scale racing buggies, Mini-Z series, and RC helicopters; areas in which Kyosho dominates today. The company is best known for the Inferno, its 1/8 scale competition buggies; Mini-Z series, and RC helicopters, but it also produces remote-controlled bipedal robots in the Manoi series.

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