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Brand: Hasegawa Model: 60120
Description:Limited reissue of the Hasegawa Eggplane P-47D kit with decals to mark it either of two schemes. See box art for marking details.The kit comes with realistic rubber tires, transparent parts for windows and lights shields, and some sliver chrome plated light bucket and other part..
USD 8.18
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 60101
Description:An all-new-tool Eggplane! The latest addition to Hasegawa's legendary Eggplane lineup is this F-15, with markings for a JASDF aircraft as well as "Gulf Spirit," an Eglin-based F-15C. Includes "pilot" and "missile" parts.The kit comes with realistic rubber tires, transparent part..
USD 8.18
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65711
Description:Hasegawa adds the all-too-cool YF-21 from Macross Plus to their ever-growing collection of superb plastic model kits from Macross. Hasegawa's skills as a tooler of great aircraft kits are on full display here -- the kit's engineering keeps the number of parts relatively low, and panel..
USD 24.54
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65729
Description:This Hasegawa kit of Hayate Immelman's Vf-31J from "Macross Delta" is a completely new mold for the utmost in precision and detail! The head laser cannon and vector nozzle are movable; the landing gear can be built in either parked or flight mode. A pilot figure and a figure for th..
USD 38.85
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65727
Description:This non-transformable version of Hasegawa's intricately detailed VF-25F/S comes with its Super Packs for added performance, firepower and speed! Includes decals to identify it as the unit flown by either Alto Saotome or Ozma Lee.This is a model kit needs assemble and paint...
USD 38.85
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65722
Description:Macross fans are very happy to see Hasegawa's release of the VF-11B Thunderbolt, from Macross Plus! This kit is an all-new tooling, featuring movable and positionable parts, such as the swinging wings and positionable air brakes.This is a model kit needs assemble and paint...
USD 28.63
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65718
Description:Hasegawa finally brings us the long-awaited VF-0D from Macross Zero! This is a fantastic model of the two-seater plane, molded in white parts with exceptionally crisp detail all over. Beautiful decals for exterior detail and markings, as well as for cockpit instrument panels, are incl..
USD 28.63
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65716
Description:This beautiful plane from "Macross Zero" is an impressive piece of plastic! Superb moldings from Hasegawa do it justice, with 7 runners (plus a small clear one for the canopy and other clear parts), for a total of over 150 parts! Extremely fine detail all over, plus very nicely printe..
USD 28.63
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65709
Description:Hasegawa turns their industry-leading tooling skills to the beautiful Macross Plus YF-19, and the results are as pretty as you'd expect them to be! Extremely fine panel detail everywhere and a complete set of marking decals means that with a little bit of a "wash" or other work on the..
USD 24.54
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65725
Description:Hasegawa finally gives us a 1/72 scale VF-1 in Gerwalk mode! It will be posable after assembly, and comes with decals for all three members of Vermilion Squad--HIkaru Ichijo, Maximilian Jenius and Hayao Kakizaki.This is a model kit needs assemble and paint.Paint and glue ar..
USD 26.58
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65713
Description:Hasegawa's highly popular Macross series adds the highly popular Super Battroid to its lineup! This kit allows you do build either the A or J type (different heads) and also includes decals for both blue and green versions of the mecha. Plenty of skull & crossbones decals, too! Fully ..
USD 28.63
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65706
Description:Weapons set for detailing the VF-1 Valkyrie series. Consists of four UUM-7 Micro Missile Pods, six RMS-1 Reactor Bombs, for AMM-1 Missile racks and 2 seated pilot figures. Now you can seriously up-gun your Valkyrie!This is a model kit needs assemble and paint.Paint and glue ..
USD 10.22
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65710
Description:Hasegawa releases the first-ever robot kit in the history of their firm with this posable (but not transforming) version of the VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross. Poly-caps used for smooth joint action. Kit comes with heads and decals to allow you to build it as either the black/yellow or b..
USD 24.54
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65654
Description:Now your 1/48 Valkyrie can be bristling with weapons! This set contains enough parts to fully weaponize one Valkyrie, and includes four UUM-7 micro-missile pods (each pod carries five missiles), six RMS-1 large anti-ship bullets, and four pair of AMM-1 missiles.This is a mode..
USD 26.58
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65652
Description:A beautiful 1/48 scale kit from Hasegawa of the VF-1J/A Valkyrie of the Vermilion Squadron made famous worldwide in the anime Macross! The molding is top quality and the engine detail is fantastic. All marking decals are provided as well as a detailed marking guide. Once assembled thi..
USD 38.85
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65651
Description:The highly-anticipated YF-19 model kit is finally here! Hasegawa's first 1/48-scale non-transformable Valkyrie Fighter Mode model kit offering, the large-scale YF-19 comes sharply molded with fine panel detail throughout, plus has two removable covers to reveal intricate engine detail..
USD 47.03
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Hasegawa range of plastic model kits consists of all kinds including Aircraft, Cars, Military Vehicles, Ships and much more. We also stock a wide range of modelling tools, paints, airbrushes and compressors.

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