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HPI Racing

Brand: HPI Racing Model: 111297
Description:This is HPI Racing Steering Throttle Rod Set...
USD 3.96
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 108962
Description:This is HPI Racing Savage XL 15Tx33x20mm Clutch Bell. Fine-tune the speed and acceleration of the Savage XL Octane with this selection of tough metal clutch bells and spur gears.The more teeth on the clutch bell (or fewer the teeth on the spur gear) the more top speed with slightly reduc..
USD 15.33
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 87043
Description:This is HPI Racing Savage X Gear Box Rubber Cap Set...
USD 2.55
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 107454
Description:This is HPI Racing Savage Heavy Duty Ceramic Slipper Clutch Pad 2 pcs. Upgrade the slipper clutch on your Savage or MT2 with this updated version of the slipper clutch pad made from a longer lasting ceramic material. ..
USD 14.34
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 113700
Description:This is HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 Body Mount Set..
USD 6.20
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 108938
Description:This is HPI Racing Radio Box Set...
USD 17.31
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 86095
Description:This is HPI Racing M5x3x18mm Screw Shaft 6 pcs Black...
USD 1.94
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 109061
Description:This is HPI Racing Inner Outer Foam Element Set...
USD 11.29
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 73404
Description:This is HPI Racing Driveshaft Inner Outer Servo Arm Set...
USD 5.90
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 108950
Description:This is HPI Racing 6x8x48mm Idler Shaft Set...
USD 11.49
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 111802
Description:This is HPI Racing 6x73mm Drive Shaft Set...
USD 6.20
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 120261
Description:This is HPI Racing BMW E30 Warsteiner 200mm Pre-Printed Body Set For 1/10 RC Touring Car. Will also fit any 1/10th scale touring car chassis from HPI and other manufacturers. The body comes expertly painted, trimmed and stickered. Even the body post holes are drilled for you! (body post ..
USD 46.39
Brand: HPI Racing Model: Z240
Description:This is HPI Racing 8mm C-Clip 4 pcs Black...
USD 2.10
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 109054
Description:This is HPI Racing Air Filter Set...
USD 19.37
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 67524
Description:This is HPI Racing Fuel Tank Set For Nitro Buggy & Truggy. Genuine HPI spare part for ensured quality, correct maintenance and easy repairs. Features strong spring-loaded cap, internal baffle system to reduce foaming and weight transfer, plus unique 'clunk' system with integrated stone f..
USD 11.21
Brand: HPI Racing Model: 77065
Description:This is HPI Racing Savage 3 Speed High Speed Third Gear Set. For even more top-end speed when using the 3 Speed Transmission for the Savage X, drop in this High Speed Third Gear set! You'll get insane top speeds in addition to massive acceleration! It will just be unbelievable, you have ..
USD 9.88
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Excitement is what it is all about! HPI cars and trucks are renowned for their exceptional durability, innovative designs and high quality, but most of all they are FUN!

HPI products are enjoyed by hobbyists of all ages, from beginners to enthusiasts, with an eye for something special.

It all started in 1986: with a small investment and a lot of hard work, Tatsuro Watanabe began Hobby Products International in Southern California, the world’s biggest hotspot for RC (Radio Control) models and products. The initial product range included car accessories like graphite parts for existing race cars, wheels for off-road and on-road vehicles and motors. The Uno motors even won a World Championship title in 1987, proving that the company had what it takes to compete with the top companies in the world! This early success allowed HPI to grow the product range quickly and eventually release the first car kit designed by HPI, the Super F1.

More sales success led to HPI substantially increasing the size of the design team, and more kits and options soon followed. From here things went fast, rapidly shifting HPI's focus from being an accessories company to being one of the most prolific RC companies in the world. From the initial electric-powered car kits, the HPI product line expanded into fuel-powered RC with the Nitro RS4, off-road with the RS4 MT, small-scale RC with the Micro RS4 and eventually into bigger and bigger kits like the legendary Savage monster truck and Baja 1/5th scale buggy and truck series of vehicles. Along the way, HPI cars and trucks won plaudits and awards from RC media and fans alike, with web pages and fan groups helping to spread the word about HPI Racing.

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