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Hello Valued Customer, Due to the worldwide epidemic our long time mail partner: Hong Kong Post's services has been affected greatly. Rest assured, we have sourced several other courier methods, and hope to send all orders to all our customers around the world. Even with the new courier methods, shipping times will have some delays, hope you will understand that during these difficult times due to reduced flights no courier can function as usual. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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FastEddy Bearings TFE1339
Sealed Bearing Kit For HPI Wheely King HPIWheelyKing-SealedBearKit Free Ship
USD 15.99
Free Shipping
FastEddy Bearings HPISavage-Flux
Sealed Bearing Kit For HPI Savage Flux TFE618
USD 22.99
FastEddy Bearings HPISprint2Flux-RS
Sealed Bearing Kit For HPI Sprint 2 Flux TFE1342 Free Ship
USD 22.99
Free Shipping
FastEddy Bearings TFE1159
Sealed Bearing Kit For HPI Sprint 2 Drift HPISprint2-DriftSealedBearkit
USD 15.99
Yeah Racing YB0313BX
RC PTFE Bearing Set with Bearing Oil For HPI Venture
USD 16.80
FastEddy Bearings HPIRS4sport3-RS
Sealed Bearing Kit For HPI RS4 Sport 3 TFE4222
USD 13.99
FastEddy Bearings TFE617
Sealed Bearing Kit For HPI WR8 Flux HPIWR8-Flux Free Ship
USD 18.99
Free Shipping
FastEddy Bearings TFE4247
Pro Series Bearing Kit For HPI Baja 5B
USD 55.50 USD 68.98
Free Shipping
FastEddy Bearings HPISavageXL-BearKit
Sealed Bearing Kit For HPI Savage XL
USD 24.70 USD 30.99
Yeah Racing YB0284BX
RC PTFE Bearing Set with Bearing Oil For 1:10 HPI Sprint 2
USD 10.40 USD 11.20
Overdose OD1028
Low Friction Ball Bearing 4x8x3mm 2pcs
USD 2.71 USD 3.01
Yeah Racing YB0062BX
RC PTFE Bearing Set with Bearing Oil For HPI RS4 3/MT Truck
USD 21.90
Overdose OD1029
Low Friction Ball Bearing 5x10x4mm 4pcs
USD 5.50
Overdose OD1066
Low Friction Bearing w/ Flange 3x6x2.5mm 4pcs
USD 6.76
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Bearings for a majority of all HPI Car Kits, Rubber shielded oil filled bearings for smooth performance and longevity! Lubed for life bearing, best price at & more Every tiny bit matters!

We have tons of ball bearings for you to choose from to give you that edge to give your RC the extra speed and smooth performance!

RC Ball bearings should always be your first upgrades, it reduces friction for less rolling resistance, and that means higher speed and longer the running times. RC Ball bearings hardly require maintenance and last a lot longer than stock Oilite bushings.