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Gunpla PG (1/60)

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1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn
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1/60 PG 00 Gundam Seven Sword
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1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam
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1/60 PG Unleashed Rx-78-2 Gundam
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1/60 PG ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam
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PG 1/60 00 Raiser
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Gunpla PG (1/60)

At the end of 1998, in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of Gundam, 'Gundam BIGBANG PROJECT', PG -Perfect Grade Gundam was born.

The design of the PG series breaks though from the design of the original design works, and is the first to design the GUNPLA model from a realistic perspective. The concept required by PG is not only the 'Ultimate Gunpla', but also the 'Ultimate Plastic Model', and the ratio is set at 1:60.

The target age of PG is 15 years old and above, and the price set at 12,000 yen or more. Although it has a sophisticated design and uses metal parts such as LED bulbs, the detailed assembly instructions can still make the model beginners complete the assembly perfectly. Moreover, the huge quantity of parts is even more surprising. RX-78 Gundam has more than 500 parts, Z Gundam has more than 900 parts, and GP-01/FB has more than 1200 parts. Strike Gundam emphasizes the armor linkage structure (such as knee bending or lifting arms, the outer armor willl be opening corresponding with the movement of the internal skeleton, and revealing the internal skeleton), this new structure is astonishing. The Unicorn Gundam, which was launched at the end of 2014, broke through the usage the LEDs in 2014. There are 32 lights on the whole body, which is the highest technology recently.