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Gmade GS02F Pars

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Gmade GM25104
RSD Shock Absorber 67mm 2 pcs Black For 1/10 Crawler
USD 24.00
Gmade GM60112
107mm Straight Drive Shaft 2 pcs For 1/10 Crawler
USD 13.00
Gmade GM60230
GS02F Military Buffalo Clear Body Set
USD 55.00
Gmade GM60228
GS02F Buffalo Clear Body Set
USD 68.00
Gmade GM60200
GS02F Buffalo Clear Body
USD 30.00
Gmade GM60231
GS02F Rock Slider 2 pcs
USD 10.00
Gmade GM60197
GS02F Offroad Roof Rack Set w/ LED Light Bar
USD 18.00
Gmade GM60229
GS02F Buffalo Heavy Duty Front Bumper Set
USD 15.00
Gmade GM60227
GS02F Offroad Roof Rack & LED Light Bar Set
USD 23.00
Gmade GM60201
GS02F Buffalo Front Grille & Light Bucket Set Black
USD 12.00
Gmade GM60203
GS02F Buffalo Heavy Duty Front Bumper Set
USD 10.00
Gmade GM60214
GS02F 63.1mm Transmission Output Rear Shaft
USD 8.00
Gmade GM60218
GS02F Front Rear Inner Fenders Set
USD 15.00
Gmade GM60199
GS02F LED Light Bucket & LED Light Lenses Set Silver
USD 5.00
Gmade GM60204
Buffalo Mlitary Front Bumper Set
USD 14.00
Gmade GM60202
GS02F 350mm Steel Anttena
USD 3.00
Gmade GM60198
GS02F Buffalo Front Grille & Light Bucket Parts Tree Set Chrome
USD 16.00
Gmade GM60208
GS02F Military Buffalo Decal Sheet
USD 8.00
Gmade GM60220
GS02F Transmission Housing Parts Tree Set
USD 15.00
Gmade GM60219
GS02F Skid Plate & Battery Tray Parts Tree Set
USD 15.00
Gmade GM60221
GS02F Inner Fender Braces & Transmission Hardware Set Parts Tree
USD 13.00
Gmade GM60210
GS02F 48P 28T 2nd High Gear
USD 4.00
Gmade GM60212
GS02F 48P 32T Gear
USD 3.00
Gmade GM60211
GS02F High Low Sliding Clutch
USD 5.00
Gmade GM60206
GS02F Buffalo Decal Sheet
USD 8.00
Gmade GM60222
GS02F M4x6.8x78mm Lower Link 2 pcs Silver
USD 7.00
Gmade GM60213
GS02F 55.3mm Transmission Output Front Shaft
USD 4.00
Gmade GM60217
GS02F 49.2mm Transmission Fork Shaft
USD 3.00
Gmade GM60216
GS02F 37.8mm Slipper Shaft
USD 5.00
Gmade GM60215
GS02F 117.9mm Transmission Shaft
USD 5.00
Gmade GM60226
GS02F 9x9.5mm Servo Saver Spring
USD 2.00
Gmade GM60076
GS02 Side Plate Parts Tree Set
USD 15.00
Gmade GM60069
GS02 BOM 48P 18T Pinion Gear
USD 3.00
Gmade GM60109
USD 28.00
Gmade GM60062
GS02 BOM GA44 Rear Axle Housing Parts Tree Set
USD 14.00
Gmade GM60022
GOM M4 5.8mm Rod End Set Black
USD 7.00
Gmade GM60001
GOM GS02F 16.5mm Servo Saver Parts Tree Set Black
USD 3.00
Gmade GM60023
GOM 5.8mm Ball Parts Tree Set Black
USD 4.00
Gmade GM70224
NR01 Black Beadlocks Offroad Crawler Wheels 2pcs For 1.9 inch Size Tires
USD 8.48 USD 13.00
Gmade GM70304
MT1904 Off-Road Tires 2pcs For 1.9 inch Wheels
USD 19.90 USD 22.00
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Gmade GS02F Pars

Genuine Gmade replacement and optional parts for your GS0F Buffalo.

The Gmade GS02F frame is designed to look as a chassis of a real car frame and the material of the frame is made of high strength steel, C-channel side rail and is with hex wrench bolted with cross members, which make it resistant to twisting or wraping. Also, steel parts are black powder coated finish to prevent rust. The inner fender is directly fixed to the frame to reduce the flex and bending of the chassis and parts, it also reduces external objects to entering to the chassis during driving.

We stock up Gmade GS02F Spare Parts, Aluminum Optional Hop Up Parts to Upgrade your Gmade GS02F Chassis. Gmade GS02F parts & Replacement parts available in huge selection.