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Gmade GS01 Komodo Parts

Gmade GM30049
GS01 Aluminum Shock Brace 2pcs
USD 6.36 USD 9.00
Gmade J30004
GS01 Komodo 43mm Bumper Frame Mount
USD 7.20
Gmade J30003
GS01 Komodo Rear Bumper Frame Mount Kit
USD 13.32 USD 18.90
Gmade GM30046
Steering Block Brass Bushing For GS01 Aluminum C-Hub Carrier 2pcs
USD 5.40
Gmade GM54311
Komodo Universal Shaft Set
USD 5.18 USD 6.48
Gmade GM54308
Komodo Lower Link M3 x 6.8 x 78mm 4pcs
USD 8.10
Gmade GM54307
Komodo Upper Link M3 x 6.8 x 54mm 4pcs
USD 6.31 USD 8.10
Gmade GM49080
Komodo 3 x 8 x 2mm Rubber washer 10pcs
USD 1.80
Gmade GM30039
Aluminum GS01 Axle Straight Axle Adapter Titanium Gray 2pcs
USD 20.21 USD 28.80
Gmade GM54306
Suspension Link Screw Bag For GS01 Komodo
USD 4.21 USD 7.20
Gmade GM30020
Front Upper Link Mount Titanium Gray For GS01 Axle
USD 13.26 USD 18.90
Gmade GM30022
Rear Upper Link Mount Titanium Gray For GS01 Axle
USD 10.74 USD 13.77
Gmade GM49064
Komodo Bumper Parts
USD 14.40
Gmade GM30038
Aluminum GS01 Axle Zero Ackerman Knuckle Arm Titanium Gray 2pcs
USD 37.80
Gmade GM54305
Komodo Universal Joint Set
USD 3.89 USD 5.40
Gmade GM30041
GS01 Chassis Leaf Spring Suspension Conversion Kit
USD 46.80
Gmade GM49063
Komodo Exterior Detail Parts
USD 14.40
Gmade GM40080
Komodo 1/10 Scale Off-road Roof Rack & Accessories
USD 16.20
Gmade GM30037
Aluminum GS01 Axle C-Hub Carrier Titanium Gray 2pcs
USD 22.10 USD 31.50
Gmade GM54104
GS01 Rear Long Straight Drive Shaft Set
USD 12.60
Gmade GM49062
Komodo Decal Sheet
USD 7.20
Gmade GM49077
Komodo S75 O-ring 5pcs
USD 1.05 USD 1.80
Gmade GM30014
3D Machined Differential Cover Titanium Gray For GS01 Axle
USD 14.74 USD 25.20
Gmade GM30036
Stainless Steel Hex Bolts & Nuts For GS01 4-link chassis
USD 16.84 USD 28.80
Gmade GM52113
Bevel Gear Shaft 14T For Sawback GS01
USD 5.40 USD 6.00
Pro-Line 6343-00
90mm Big Bore Scaler Shocks 2 pcs For 1/10 RC Crawler
USD 63.96
Vanquish IRC00213
Incision Scale Shock Spring Set For Axial SCX10 SCX10 II Gmade Komodo Sawback Vaterra Ascender
USD 5.99
Gmade GM23102
RSD Piggyback Shock 100mm 2 pcs For 1/10 Crawler
USD 31.00 USD 35.00
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Gmade GM30024
GS01 Machined M3 54mm Upper Link 2pcs Titanium Gray
USD 23.40
Gmade GM30040
GS01 Chassis 4-Link Suspension Conversion Kit
USD 39.99 USD 48.60
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Gmade GM70496
1.9 SR04 Beadlock Wheels 2 pcs Gloss White For 1.9inch Size Tires
USD 21.00
Gmade GM70504
1.9 SR05 Beadlock Wheels 2 pcs Matt Black For 1.9inch Size Tires
USD 21.00
Gmade GM70492
1.9 SR04 Beadlock Wheels 2 pcs Semigloss Silver For 1.9inch Size Tires
USD 21.00
Gmade GM23302
RSD Piggyback Shock 80mm 2 pcs For 1/10 Crawler
USD 31.00 USD 35.00
Gmade GM23504
RSD Shock Absorber 90mm 2 pcs Black For 1/10 Crawler
USD 27.00
Gmade GM23404
RSD Shock Absorber 100mm 2 pcs Black For 1/10 Crawler
USD 23.90 USD 27.00
Gmade GM30057
Brass Axle Weight For Portal Axle
USD 7.00
Gmade GM30047
Stainless Steel 3x10mm Hex Step Screw 4pcs For GS01 & R1 Axle
USD 4.00
Gmade GM70273
Clamp Type Aluminum 12mm Wheel Hub 4pcs 10mm Thick
USD 10.80
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Gmade GS01 Komodo Parts

Genuine Gmade replacement and optional parts for your GS01 Komodo

The Gmade GS01 ladder frame is designed to look like the chassis of a real car and is made of high strength steel. The C-channel side rail offers added stability and is bolted with cross members to aid against twisting or warping. The steel parts are also nickel plated for a glossy look and are resistant to corrosion.

We stock up Gmade GS01 Spare Parts, Aluminum Optional Hop Up Parts to Upgrade your Gmade GS01 Chassis. Gmade GS01 parts & Replacement parts available in huge selection