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Brand: Gaianotes Model: G12
Description:A ceramic hand tool that is ideal for deburring and parting line erasing. Since it is made of ceramic, you do not have to worry about cutting your hands, and you do not gouge the molded product too deeply. There are two types of blades, straight blades and round blades, on both sides, so..
USD 16.00
Brand: Gaianotes Model: G11A
Description:A spare grindstone exclusively for the G-10 Super Stick whetstone.No. 400 spare grindstone...
USD 20.00
Brand: Gaianotes Model: G06R
Description:A cotton swab with a new concept that does not produce cotton dust. It is highly flexible and absorbent, making it perfect for wiping off after inking. You can easily wipe off areas that were difficult to work with until now. In addition, it is useful for expressing dirt, making figures ..
USD 7.15
Brand: Gaianotes Model: G06BR
Description:It is an ultra-thin type that is even thinner than the Finish Master. You can do more detailed work than ever before, and it is possible to wipe off inked areas and express stains that were previously difficult. High-density sponge type with excellent solvent resistance and flexibility. ..
USD 7.15
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Gaianotes is the fastest growing model paint and tools in the past decade. Especially the lacquer paint for model, they have over 100 different colors, Besides the Primary Color Series, they also have Clear Color series, Metallic Color series, Pearl Color series, Fluorescent Color series, Fresh Color series, Military Color series, Railway Color series, etc.

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