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Brand: Fujimi Model: 06619
Description:Fujimi presents the latest Suzuki Hustler color in its 1/24 scale lineup: active yellow! The kit is entirely snapfit and molded in a variety of colors so you don't need paint or glue to complete it...
USD 43.96
Brand: Fujimi Model: 06613
Description:This Toyota FJ Cruiser is entirely snapfit and molded in several colors, so no paint or glue are required! A great kit for beginning auto modelers, or long-time builders looking for a simple side project...
USD 46.01
Brand: Fujimi Model: 18362
Description:This kit lets you build Kenji's favored RPS13 180SX from "Initial D," complete with two kinds of doors, plated E Wing III wheels, steerable front wheels, one-piece molded bathtub type interior for easy assembly, and a metal pipe for the sports muffler. Decals are also included.The..
USD 24.54
Brand: Fujimi Model: 18361
Description:A kit that can reproduce 86 Levin of Wataru Akiyama's favorite car that appears in the popular Initial D series. The product is modeled on the popular 2-door model. The wheels come with Watanabe wheels. It is plated. The front wheels are steered and the rear wheels can rotated. The i..
USD 24.54
Brand: Fujimi Model: 18364
Description:A kit that can reproduce Nobuhiko's favorite car SXE10 Altezza that appears in the popular Initial D series. The product is reproduced with comic specifications such as front spoiler, side step, rear wing, wheel, side mirror, muffler chip. Tires come with Pirelli ZERO. The front wheel..
USD 24.54
Brand: Fujimi Model: 03925
Description:The Lexus LS600hL 2013 model, which was fully remodeled in 2013, is reproduced with a new mold. Comes with a masking sticker and metal inlet emblem...
USD 32.72
Brand: Fujimi Model: 03906
Description:Estima half type fabless specification. The front half spoiler, side steps, rear half spoiler, bonnet wing, and rear wing are reproduced as separate parts. A new masking sticker for the window frame makes painting easier...
USD 28.63
Brand: Fujimi Model: 04631
Description:Suzuki's Jimny Custom, from Fujimi. Body molded in white, interior and chassis molded in gray. A "curbside" kit, with no engine detail. Shiny chrome wheels with black rubber tires. Includes decals. Instructions feature Japanese with some English notes...
USD 24.54
Brand: Fujimi Model: 18754
Description:Standard curb-side (no engine detail) kit of the Toyota Alphard MZ-V. Body molded in grey green. Interior molded in dark yellow. Matte chrome rims. Chrome grill and trim.The kit comes with realistic rubber tires, transparent parts for windows and lights shields, and some sliver c..
USD 32.72
Brand: Fujimi Model: 04640
Description:It is a model that changed the front part to S13 Silvia based on RPS13 late model 180SX. It was actually released by the tuning shop in 1998...
USD 24.54
Brand: Fujimi Model: 03937
Description:Molded in white, black, clear, gray and silver plastic, this kit of the Nissan Cube EX includes decals for markings and window frame masking stickers...
USD 24.54
Brand: Fujimi Model: 03928
Description:This scale auto kit contains parts molded in clear, white, grey, and chrome plastic. Also included are a white plastic body, soft plastic tires (four normal tires, two small tires, and two wide tires), and decals...
USD 24.54
Brand: Fujimi Model: 03796
Description:Fujimi's kit of the "2nd Generation" 1991 Isuzu Bighorn is molded in dark green, gray, and clear plastic, with shiny chrome wheels and black vinyl tires. The interior can be built as either a left or right-handed steering vehicle. A "curbside" kit, with no engine detail other than tha..
USD 26.58
Brand: Fujimi Model: 04622
Description:4th generation skyline. It was nicknamed "Kenmerisuka G" in the 2000GT series of C110 type Ken Mary type...
USD 22.49
Brand: Fujimi Model: 03985
Description:Suzuki Wagon R RR and RR SPORT kit to choose from! The 5-door type RR is a low-down form mini vehicle full of special aero parts such as a large front, rear spoiler and roof end spoiler. Modeled Wagon R with a fearless impression equipped with irregular headlamps! Bumpers, handles and..
USD 20.45
Brand: Fujimi Model: 03753
Description:From Fujimi of the Lexus LS600hl luxury sports sedan. Molded in white with clear, chrome, and clear colored parts, plus matte chrome rims. Includes self-adhesive masks for the windows, and decals for the interior and exterior. Right-hand drive...
USD 26.58
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Fujimi Mokei Co., Ltd. (フジミ模型株式会社 Fujimi Mokei Kabushiki Gaisha) is a Japanese model manufacturer based in Shizuoka Prefecture. It produces plastic model kits of a variety of vehicles, including model aircraft, model cars, model ships and model armored vehicles along with historical structures and science fiction kits.

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