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Brand: Fujimi Model: 12592
The 740 horsepower monster Lambo debuted at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, now here in highly-detailed and affordable 1/24 scale. This version of the kit comes with engine parts, tyres and minor decals...
USD 47.38
Brand: Fujimi Model: 09148
Fujimi 09148 - 1/20 GP-47 Sauber C31 Spain GP Motor Kit..
USD 39.66
Brand: Fujimi Model: 11123
Fujimi 11123 - 1/24 MF-17 Trap Closed Type Muffler Dia. 120mm..
USD 8.81
Brand: Fujimi Model: 11078
Fujimi 11078 - 1/24 MF-12 Oval Exhaust 6.7mm 192x162..
USD 10.58
Brand: Fujimi Model: 03986
Fujimi 03986 - 1/24 ID-21 Honda Integra Type R DC-2 95..
USD 19.39
Brand: Fujimi Model: 12238
Fujimi 12238 - 1/24 Ferrari 575M Maranello Scale Model Kit..
USD 22.92
Brand: Fujimi Model: 14131
Fujimi 14131 1/12 Bike-5 Yamaha FZR750 Tech21 1985 Motorcycle..
USD 42.31
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Fujimi Mokei Co., Ltd. (フジミ模型株式会社 Fujimi Mokei Kabushiki Gaisha) is a Japanese model manufacturer based in Shizuoka Prefecture. It produces plastic model kits of a variety of vehicles, including model aircraft, model cars, model ships and model armored vehicles along with historical structures and science fiction kits.

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