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xpress execute MF1
Onisiki 1/24 1/28 Kodama Micro RC Drift Car
Aluminum Essential Conversion Kit For Tamiya Xv-02
xpress AT1S Shaft Driven 4WD RC Touring Car
Mini GT 1/64 Diecast Model Car Pre-order
Xpress XQ3S Pre-Order Now
Yeah Racing Aluminium Upgrade Hop Up Parts Set for Tamiya TT02 RC Car
hobbywing ESC and Motor System Series XERUN Justock
Onisiki Lipo RC Battery
Tamiya Mini 4WD Model Kit 田宮模型迷你四驅車
traxxas trx4 Chevrolet Blazer High Trail
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Arrival Alert | 2024 Week 20

Yokomo 1/10 MD 2.0 Master Drift RWD Limited Edition Drift Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

A drift machine that is built by polishing each part one by one, formed by aluminium and graphite parts. It adopts a graphite double-deck chassis, and graphite front and rear suspension arms, and is equipped with new parts such as a new aluminium front bulkhead and front and rear hub carrier. The front steering block is equipped with the latest in-line axle. The position of the steering stopper has also been improved to maximize the steering angle. For the first time, magnetic mounting bases are used as standard configurations on the front and rear units. The battery is located close to the gearbox to maximize rear load. The limited editions are available in blue and red. Drift enthusiasts shouldn’t miss it!

  • MDR-020BL: Blue
  • MDR-020R: Red
Traxxas 1/18 TRX-4MT F150 & K10 Monster Truck NEW ARRIVAL!!!

In addition to the TRX-4M crawler, Traxxas once again brings the TRX-4MT 1/18 monster truck to mini RC fans! The factory-installed Long Arm Lift Kit is equipped with 8 shocks and large Terra Groove tires, which not only achieve maximum performance but also increase the center ground clearance by 88% for an authentic monster truck stance. TRX-4MT adopts extended 4-link suspension, equipped with a steel ladder frame, upgraded 2065R servo, LED headlights, waterproof electronic equipment, integrated ECM-2.5, Titan 180 87T motor and more. With its superior 45° steering angle, it surpasses many micro trucks in maneuverability! Small in size and easy to drive, you can take it out anywhere! Don’t miss it!

  • 98044-1BLK: F150 (Black)
  • 98044-1BLUE: F150 (Blue)
  • 98064-1BLK: K10 (Black)
  • 98064-1RED: K10 (Red)
Yokomo 1/10 Master Speed ​​MS1.0 Touring Chassis Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The overall suspension is supple, but with reduced unsprung weight and alignment settings, the MS1.0 has a more responsive ride. Type A newly adopted in MS1.0 that is an easy-to-adjust plastic type, and a turnbuckle-adjustable type is also available as an option. Other is graphite lightweight lower arms, a slim T-shaped upper deck, and new Yokomo shocks and springs that flex and absorb to the road surface. The main chassis is also available in graphite chassis and hard aluminum chassis. Choose the one that best suits your driving surface!

  • MSR-010: Graphite
  • MSR-010A: Aluminum
Onisiki 350mAh 2S 7.4V 50C Lipo Battery For 1/28 1/24 Mini RC NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Small size LiPo battery for your micro sized rc! Comes with a JST-XH plug most commonly used at this scale, welcome to inquire!

MIP Turnbuckle Wrench Gen 2 NEW ARRIVAL!!!

MIP Gen 2 heavy-duty Turnbuckle Wrench, made in the USA, with a large shank design for easy loosening and tightening of turnbuckles, including 4.0mm nuts! Don’t miss this multi-functional and high-quality turnbuckles wrench!

  • 9815: 4.00mm
  • 9820: 3.70mm
  • 9825: 3.25mm
Furitek Python RXA 40A/70A Brushless ESC Set w/ Avatar RX Integration NEW ARRIVAL!!!

A high-end electric ESC specially designed for mini crawlers. The space-efficient design directly integrates a wireless communication module and a built-in receiver, eliminating the need for additional components! Electronic parameters can be adjusted and fine-tuned quickly and easily through the Furicar mobile app. Also included are all the necessary power cables compatible with SCX24, JST and TRX-4M batteries! Don’t miss it!

JConcepts S15 RC10B7 & RC10B7D Body NEW RELEASE!!!

JConcepts has now updated its S15 body for the latest 1/10 2WD buggy from Team Associated, the RC10B7. Available in both standard and a lightweight option, the body ships with window mask, decal sheet and two of the latest Carpet | Turf | Dirt wings for a quick transition from preparation to racing. Keep an eye out!

Tamiya Citroen DS Clear Body Set For 1/10 M-Chassis NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The body is authentically recreated in lightweight polycarbonate with separate metal plated plastic bumpers and headlights. Parts are also included for attachment. Includes marking stickers, and masking stickers for use during the painting process. Don’t miss it!

Team Associated RC10CC Chassis, Nose Plate & Motor Mount Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is made of metal and coloured in silver. Welcome to inquire!

EXO Design M-Chassis Adjustable Offset Rim Set NEW RELEASE!!!

Suitable for Tamiya, Carten and ABC M-Chassis series, the adjustable offset rim set is a two-piece design. This allows for offset and the pattern of the rims to be changed freely to meet the body and chassis perfectly. The rims can be painted to the desired colour with the included masking kit. Stay tuned!

Wrap Up Next Drift Conversion Kit For Tamiya MB-01 NEW ARRIVAL!!!

By replacing the front section of MB-01 with this conversion kit, you can turn it into a high-performance drifting machine. It not only created the large steering angle necessary for drifting but also incorporated plenty of the latest know-how cultivated in full-size cars into the design. The wheelbase can be changed to 210/225/239mm with just a few screws and no separate parts. Most parts are constructed from aluminium and carbon, providing excellent precision and durability. Narrow tread, fully compatible with M chassis wheels. Don’t miss it!

Addiction RC Clear Body Sets For 1/10 RC Drift NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Including decal set and accessory set. Decorate your drift car body in any way you want! Check them out now!

  • AD-HB13: Mazda RX-7 FD3S Rocket Bunny
  • AD-HB16: Nissan Silvia S13 D-Max Street Version
  • AD-HB17: Nissan S13 Silvia Spirit Rei
Heaps of Tamiya TRF421 Parts NEW ARRIVAL!!! Welcome to inquire!

  • 42385: 45mm Swing Shafts Hard (2 pcs/Silver)
  • 42386: Wheel Axles (2 pcs)
  • 42387: 45mm Drive Shafts (2 pcs)
  • 42388: Double Cardan Joint Shafts Axle Shafts (2 pcs)
  • 51745: Gear Differential Unit Set
EXO Design Rear Conversion Kit For Kyosho Ultima 87 JJ Version Original Shocks NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The kit includes a 7075 T6 metal chassis and 8-piece carbon fiber parts, aluminium stand-offs/washers/screws. All parts are made with 100% carbon fiber plate. It features reinforced front and rear shock towers (3.5mm). Extra mounting positions on shock towers are available for fine-tuning. Adjustable battery mounting positions. Three options are easy to use and prevent battery separation from the vehicle during the race. Check it out!

Sanwa M17 Limited Version 2024 Transmitter NEW RELEASE!!!

A new 2024 Limited Edition of Sanwa M17 radio in 3 different colour options of the very popular transmitter. Available in blue, orange and pink, each colour will be limited to 720 pieces. The Limited Edition M17 features a coloured AL ST Wheel, Dial, and Handle. It also has a Black Chrome Plating Front and Rear Panel and Oil Slick Screw installed on the AL handle. A technical difference is that the radio has a USB Type-C installed. Each transmitter is individually numbered on the back panel (Number 1-720 of each transmitter). Keep an eye out!

Hobbywing XERUN XR10 PRO WP Edition 160A Sensored Brushless ESC NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is suitable for 1/10 RC Touring & Buggy. This ESC includes built-in reverse voltage protection and smart fan switch functionality for noise reduction, energy saving and optimal temperature maintenance. Equipped with a 32-bit M4 processor, it greatly improves data processing capabilities, achieves faster response, and performs complex and precise data calculations. The most important thing is that it is waterproof, so it can survive falling rain or water. Check it out now!

Xtra Speed Internal Spring Damper V2 For Tamiya 1/14 Tractor Truck NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Creating a scale look with your Tamiya 1/14 tractor trucks! Available in 2 colours, welcome to inquire!

  • XS-15480BK: Black
  • XS-15480SV: Silver
Team Orion Ranger 5000mAh 8.4V NiMH Battery NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The Ranger NiMH is designed to take the RC car experience to the next level! Unleash unparalleled power and conquer any track! Using cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, you can enjoy extended run times, relentless acceleration and maximum torque, providing the ultimate performance upgrade for your RC cars! Not to be missed!

Marka Racing 20A Brushless ESC & Program Card for 1/28 RC Car NEW ARRIVAL!!!

This ESC supports the THR range and midpoint setting and has 3 running modes: F/B, F/R&B and F/R. Including maximum reverse force, maximum brake force, drag brake force, initial brake and timing can be highly adjusted! It also has 10 programmable parameters and 9 start modes, suitable for different chassis, tires and tracks, so don’t miss it!

  • MZR-ESC-V1: 20A Brushless ESC
  • MZR-ESC-CARD-V1: ESC Program Card (for MZR-ESC-V1)
Sweep ORBIT 2.2inch 4WD Front/Rear Tires For 1/10 RC Buggy NEW ARRIVAL!!!

ORBIT 10th front and rear tires are developed for oiled or hard-packed dirt track conditions. Tires are available in new M-series gold/pink ultra-soft compound with closed cell inserts, providing less ballooning and a long lifespan. A unique tread pattern is also provided with a maximized forward bite and smooth side grip. Check them out now!

  • SW-105GMC: Rear Tires
  • SW-105FG: Front Tires

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See all New Goodies just arrived rcMart!

See all New Goodies just arrived rcMart!

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