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Brand: Axon Model: 3A-000-001
Description:This is Axon 1/10 TC10/3 Touring Car Chassis Kit EP. Axon new machine "TC10/3" was unveiled after a long period of development. Carbon fiber long lower arm and front and rear adjustable casters available. The TC10/3 has been completely redesigned, including a high-precision aluminum cast..
USD 649.00
ETA Date: 2024-02-15
Brand: Axon Model: 3E-019-002
Description:This is Axon TC10/3 Spool Drive Cup Set...
USD 14.66
Brand: Axon Model: 3E-015-001
Description:This is Axon TC10/3 Rear Drive Shaft Silver...
USD 7.76
Brand: Axon Model: 3E-014-001
Description:This is Axon TC10/3 Rear Axle Shaft Black...
USD 7.76
Brand: Axon Model: 3E-900-004
Description:This is Axon TC10/3 Gear Differential Set...
USD 38.03
Brand: Axon Model: 3E-013-001
Description:This is Axon TC10/3 Front Drive Shaft..
USD 7.76
Brand: Axon Model: 3E-012-001
Description:This is Axon TC10/3 Front Axle Shaft...
USD 7.76
Brand: Axon Model: 3A-002-001
Description:This is Axon TC10/3 Carbon 2mm Top Deck...
USD 23.61
Brand: Axon Model: NS-03-T01
Description:This is Axon TC10/3 Spring Titanium Screw Set...
USD 69.72
Brand: Axon Model: 3B-007-001
Description:This is Axon Servo Mount Black...
USD 30.11
Brand: Axon Model: 3C-001-001
Description:This is Axon Aluminum Knuckle Black...
USD 14.26
Brand: Axon Model: 3C-002-001
Description:This is Axon Aluminum Knuckle Arm Black...
USD 11.88
Brand: Axon Model: 3E-021-001
Description:This is Axon Aluminum 20T Center Drive Pulley Black...
USD 15.05
Brand: Axon Model: 3E-019-501
Description:This is Axon 38T Spool Pulley Set...
USD 7.13
Brand: Axon Model: ST-HL-S280
Description:This is Axon World Spec Spring HLS-SS C2.8 2 pcs Yellow...
USD 8.09
Brand: Axon Model: ST-HL-S275
Description:This is Axon World Spec Spring HLS-SS C2.75 2 pcs Orange...
USD 8.09
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AXON is RC brand from Japan for high-end & superior quality RC accessories. AXON products shock, damper, bearings, wheels, tire insert, hyper cooling fan, protection sheet for battery, pinion gear, super gear, damper spring & parts

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