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Brand: Argofile Model: ADS0316
Description:Drill Diameter: 0.01 - 0.06 inches (0.3 - 1.6 mm) (Material: High Speed Steel) Total of 20pcs***Please note the item only included one set of Drill Bit 20pcs, other figures and parts shown in the pictures are for demonstration purpose...
USD 6.87
Brand: Argofile Model: HDF3040E
Description:Diamond file with diamond abrasive electrodeposited on 0.4 mm-thick micro-knife-shaped alloy tool steel.Three different file numbers are available: - HDF3020/#200, HDF3040/#400, HDF3060/#60. Mount the diamond file on the holder shaft of the set and select the number that best suit..
USD 19.00
Brand: Argofile Model: HDR6360
Description:Ultra thin 0.4mm thick, naginata-shaped electrodeposited diamond file. The blade is shaped like a naginata so that it contacts the surface according to the movement of the fingers, it can be used not only to correct the details of various molded objects that were previously difficult ..
USD 48.84
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