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3Racing SSK Driveshaft For Sakura XI/Sakura FF/Sakura Zero

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Tags: 3Racing Sakura Zero Parts

3Racing SAK-X27 SSK Driveshaft For Sakura XI/Sakura FF/Sakura Zero


3 Racing introduces its own variation of the 3 piece driveshaft designated the SSK Driveshaft designed to allow constant and smooth power delivery to the front wheels under extreme suspension and steering block angles. Since the popularity of the front spool on touring cars, the work of the front driveshafts has suddenly increased from just delivering power to the front wheels to having to hold itself together structurally from the constant action reaction of the left and right wheels spinning at different rpm during a turn. As a result the inherent problem of traditional constant velocity shafts has been magnified spawning an extreme unwanted vibration of the inside front wheel when steering is near full lock. This vibration would cause the wheels to shake and lose contact with the track therefore decreasing traction. The new SSK Driveshaft has proven to dramatically reduce this effect allowing the insider rent wheels to stay on the track. Although there are many variations of this style of driveshafts, we believe we have produced a unique product yet again. Our SSK Driveshaft is simpler in construction with fewer parts and the only one with an anodized alum sleeve to match the rest of the car's bling. The anodized alum sleeve holds the coupling pins in place without the need for sets screws and a simple one piece steel wire to securely hold the sleeve in place making assembly and disassembly a breeze.


  • For: 3Racing Sakura XI,Sakura FF,Sakura Zero
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Black


  • Lenght: 44mm


  • 3Racing SAK-X27 SSK Driveshaft For Sakura XI/Sakura FF/Sakura Zero (2pcs)
  • Bearning (2pcs)

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