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Hello Valued Customer, Due to the worldwide epidemic our long time mail partner: Hong Kong Post's services has been affected greatly. Rest assured, we have sourced several other courier methods, and hope to send all orders to all our customers around the world. Even with the new courier methods, shipping times will have some delays, hope you will understand that during these difficult times due to reduced flights no courier can function as usual. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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Sakura Advance S 6/4 1/10 Touring Car Kit
USD 89.90
3Racing 3RAC-SG4873/V2
48P 73T Spur Gear Ver.2
USD 4.60
Pre Order
3Racing KIT-D5S
Sakura D5S 1/10 Drift Car Kit EP
USD 76.90
3Racing SAK-U322
Graphite Composite Knuckle For Sakura Ultimate XI Sports
USD 5.30 USD 6.30
3Racing SAK-AS605
Sakura Advance S Aluminum Motor Mount Set Black
USD 10.25
3Racing BDY-M6
M6 Clear Body Set For 1/10 Onroad RC
USD 19.75 USD 22.00
3Racing SAK-M4P13/V2
SAKURA M PRO Ver.2 Knuckle Arm 2 pcs
USD 5.20
3Racing 3RAC-TR332S
Sakura Advance 3x32mm Turnbuckle 2 pcs
USD 2.60
3Racing SAK-A521/V2
Sakura Advance 2K18 38T Gear Differential Set Ver.2
USD 20.50
3Racing 3RAC-WF330/BU
M3 Flat Washer 3.0mm Thickness (BU)
USD 2.90
3Racing SAK-A564
Sakura Advance 20M Aluminium Differential Bearing Housing 2 pcs
USD 12.80
3Racing SAK-D4808
Sakura D4 Aluminum Upper Deck Housing
USD 6.40 USD 12.90
3Racing M07-07A
M4 PRO M07-07 Dynamic Swing Shaft 2 pcs Black
USD 6.50 USD 7.70
3Racing SAK-D4841A
D4 48P 32T Pinion Gear
USD 3.85
3Racing SAK-U322/V2
Sakura Ultimate XI Sports Graphite Composite Knuckle Ver.2 2 pcs
USD 6.30
3Racing 3RAC-SG4875/V2
48P 75T Spur Gear Ver.2
USD 4.50
3Racing M07-16
Front Rear Stabilizer Set Black For Tamiya M07
USD 6.40
3Racing SAK-U130/V2/BK
Sakura ADVANCE 20M 4mm Thick Wheel Adaptor Ver.2 4 pcs Black
USD 7.70
3Racing SAK-A561
Advance 20M Graphite Battery Tray Set
USD 12.90
3Racing SAK-A547/HR
Advance 20M Hard Graphite Main Chassis
USD 46.15
3Racing SAK-A563
Advance 20M Graphite Knuckle Arm Plate 2 pcs
USD 7.70
3Racing 3RAC-LEDS
LED Light System for RC Cars Drifting
USD 19.90 USD 23.05
3Racing BDY-FK8LB/A
FK8LB Clear Body For 1/10 RC Touring Car
USD 15.40
3Racing SAK-A562
Advance 20M Front Belt Tension Set
USD 6.40
3Racing SAK-M4P19
SAKURA M PRO Graphite Chassis Stiffener
USD 3.85
3Racing SAK-A514
KIT-ADVANCE Front Solid Axle Black
USD 12.80
3Racing SAK-A555
Advance 20M Pulley Set
USD 12.80
Sakura Advance S 1/10 Touring Car Kit
USD 79.90 USD 89.90
3Racing LBD-TCRM
TCRM Pre-Painted Body Set For 1/10 M-Chassis
USD 27.50
3Racing KIT-FF20
1/10 SAKURA FF20 EP Touring Car Kit
USD 217.90 USD 299.90
3Racing BDY-FK8LB
190mm FK8 Clear Body Set For 1/10 RC Touring Car
USD 27.50
3Racing SAK-A546
Sakura Advance 20M Aluminum Anodize Cinnamon Big Bore Oil Damper Set
USD 33.40
3Racing SAK-M4S44
Front Body Post 2 pcs Black For SAKURA M4 ADVANCE 20M ADVANCE 2K18 EVO
USD 1.95
3Racing SAK-A553
Advance 20M Aluminium Motor Mount Set Black
USD 25.65
3Racing SAK-A556
Advance 20M Aluminium Front Solid Axle Black
USD 12.85
3Racing SAK-A557
Advance 20M 20mm Twist Bar Set Black
USD 7.70
3Racing 3RAC-RD01/FO
UV Road Disc 10 pcs Fluorescent Orange
USD 27.90 USD 32.00
3Racing SAK-A530
Advance 2K18 Bulkhead Cover 2 pcs Black
USD 12.80
3Racing SAK-A560
Sakura Advance 20M S3M351 Belt Japan
USD 5.80
3Racing SAK-A552
Sakura Advance 20M Aluminium Steering Link Black
USD 7.70
3Racing SAK-A559
Sakura Advance 20M Differential Bearing Housing 2 pcs Black
USD 3.85
3Racing SAK-A550
Sakura Advance 20M Aluminium Steering Arm 2 pcs Black
USD 12.80
Sakura Advance 20 Mid-Motor Version 1/10 Touring Chassis Kit EP
USD 249.90 USD 299.90
3Racing SAK-A551
Sakura Advance 20M Aluminium Gear Adaptor 2 pcs Black
USD 12.85
3Racing SAK-F84
Sakura FF EVO POM 17T Moulded Idler Gear
USD 5.15
3Racing M03M-11/V3
Swing Shaft Ver. 3 For M03M
USD 9.50 USD 11.90
3Racing SAK-A545
Advance 20M Suspension Mount Nut Set
USD 6.40
3Racing SAK-M4S32
SAKURA M4 Fiber Main Chassis
USD 10.25
3Racing BAT-CA1236/OR
12AWG 36inch Silicon Cable Orange
USD 3.85
3Racing BAT-CA1236/RE
12AWG 36inch Silicon Cable Red
USD 3.85
3Racing BAT-CA1236/YE
12AWG 36inch Silicon Cable Yellow
USD 3.85
3Racing BAT-CA1236/BU
12AWG 36inch Silicon Cable Blue
USD 3.85
3Racing ST-017
Differential Set Up Platform
USD 10.20
3Racing 3RAC-WX124/V2/PK
Aluminum 4mm Thick Wheel Adaptor Ver.2 4 pcs Pink
USD 6.40
3Racing 3RAC-WX124/V2/LB
Aluminum 4mm Thick Wheel Adaptor Ver.2 4 pcs Light Blue
USD 6.40
3Racing LBD-MK9FA
MK9F Clear Body Set For 1/10 M-Chassis
USD 15.40
3Racing 3RAC-BS58H575/TE
7075 Aluminum PTFE Coated 5.8mm Hex Ball Stud L=5 10 pcs Silver
USD 12.80
3Racing SAK-F86
Sakura FF EVO 3D Print Air Duct Black
USD 11.55
3Racing SAK-A543
Advance 2.0 Aluminum 45mm Suspension Mount FF Black
USD 12.80
3Racing SAK-A544
Advance 2.0 Aluminum 43.7mm Suspension Mount RR Black
USD 12.80
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