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1Up Racing

1Up Racing UP-80101
Aluminum 16mm Head O.D M3 x 6mm Thread Tenfold UltraLite Wing Screws 2 pcs Black w/ Silver Chamfer
USD 18.70
1Up Racing UP-120601
Ball Differential Grease 3g Pink
USD 8.10
1Up Racing UP-120504
Pro Ball Differential Grease Combo Set
USD 14.10
1Up Racing UP-230120
Quick Clips 2 Speed Quick Release Clips 5 pcs
USD 10.65
1Up Racing UP-190432
5mm Red Black LowPro Bullet Plugs Set w/ Grips
USD 14.70
1Up Racing UP-72004
Ultra Lightweight Turnbuckle Set For Yokomo BD10
USD 41.15 USD 47.60
1Up Racing UP-120102
Anti-Wear Grease XL 8g Gold
USD 11.70
1Up Racing UP-120302
O-Ring Grease XL 8g Blue
USD 11.70
1Up Racing UP-10202
1UP Racing HD Curved Steel Glue Tips Medium-Thin Glue 10 pcs Blue
USD 5.90
1Up Racing UP-10203
1UP Racing HD Curved Steel Glue Tips Medium-Thick Glue 10 pcs Black
USD 5.90
1Up Racing UP-10301
1UP Racing Stainless Steel Chrome Body Clips 10 pcs Silver For 5-6mm Body Post
USD 4.80
1Up Racing UP-120101
1UP Racing Gold Anti-Wear Grease 3g
USD 6.95
1Up Racing UP-190403
1UP Racing Premium Lead Based RC Solder 12g
USD 7.00
1Up Racing UP-190402
1UP Racing LowPro 5mm Bullet Plugs 1 Pair Gold
USD 4.05
1Up Racing UP-190401
1UP Racing LowPro 4mm Bullet Plugs 1 Pair Gold
USD 4.05
1Up Racing UP-190436
5mm Heatsink Bullet Plugs & Grips Set
USD 19.40
1Up Racing UP-190430
Red Black LowPro Bullet Plug Grips Set
USD 11.80
1Up Racing UP-190410
Stealth LowPro Bullet Plug Grips 2 pcs Black
USD 11.80
1Up Racing UP-190106
TS100 Pro Pit Soldering Iron Set w/ DC Cable & Leather Pouch
USD 128.90
1Up Racing UP-190412
LowPro Bullet Plugs Grips Set w/ 5mm Bullets
USD 14.65
1Up Racing UP-190406
LowPro 4-5mm Bullet Plug Adapters 2 pcs Gold
USD 4.05
1Up Racing UP-120502
Grease & Oil Lubricant Pro Pack w/ Pit Stand
USD 25.25
1Up Racing UP-120202
8ml Clear Bearing Oil
USD 6.95
1Up Racing UP-120402
8ml Red CV Joint Oil
USD 6.95
1Up Racing UP-10101
1UP Racing 12mm Wide Pro Battery Fiber Tape
USD 16.90 USD 18.59
1Up Racing UP-120301
1UP Racing Blue O-Ring Grease Lubricant 3g
USD 6.95
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1up Racing is a performance RC car accessory company located in Costa Mesa, California. Founded in 2017 by championship RC racer and talented mechanic Randy Caster, 1up Racing was a success right out of the gate. 1up Racing began with a series of oils and lubricants that were used to claim 14 national titles from around the globe in our first year of business! Today, there are dozens of products wearing the 1up Racing label, with more being developed and added all the time.