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Onisiki 1/24 1/28 Kodama Micro RC Drift Car
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xpress AT1S Shaft Driven 4WD RC Touring Car
Aluminum Essential Conversion Kit For Tamiya Xv-02
Arrow AM1S 1/10 Mini Sports 4WD Shaft Drive Touring Car Kit
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Yeah Racing Aluminium Upgrade Hop Up Parts Set for Tamiya TT02 RC Car
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Onisiki Lipo RC Battery
Tamiya Mini 4WD Model Kit 田宮模型迷你四驅車
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Arrival Alert | 2024 Week 25

Kyosho 1/10 12-.15 Engine Powered Pure Ten GP 4WD V-ONE R4 Evo.3 4WD Touring Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The new Evo.3 incorporates a range of new components from the Evo.3 Chassis Conversion Kit to significantly improve performance! The newly designed Evo.3 main chassis adopts a modernized front bulkhead and stabilizer design, as well as a centre-fixed engine mount to improve chassis flexibility and provide equalized left and right flex characteristics. The kit includes a clutch suitable for the OS-12TG engine with clutch springs optimal for rubber tires designated for the KYOSHO CUP as well as clutch springs for sponge tires to compete in open races. The front side pulleys and shock springs are included for both rubber and sponge tires. Evo.3 high-performance touring car with enhanced racing capabilities is not to be missed!

Heaps of MTTR Racing Parts for Tamiya MB-01 & BT-01 NEW ARRIVAL!!!

  • 09004: Aluminum & Graphite Front Damper Mount Set For Tamiya MB-01 & BT-01
  • 09005: Aluminum & Graphite Rear Damper Mount Set For Tamiya MB-01
  • 09006: Aluminum Bearing Steering Set For Tamiya MB-01 & BT-01
  • 09007: Aluminum Tie-Rod Mount Set For Tamiya MB-01 & BT-01
  • 09009: Aluminum & Graphite Rear Damper Mount Set For Tamiya BT-01
HB Racing 97mm Drive Shaft w/ Short Pin NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is used for RC Offroad. Made of metal, welcome to inquire!

Yokomo MS1.0 Option Parts NEW RELEASE!!!

A new main chassis for MS1.0 is made of FRP material with soft resilience. This makes it especially effective on low-grip surfaces and adapts well to uneven road surfaces, enabling efficient traction gains. Also new are 10g per side front ballast weights. Made from heavy brass, it effectively utilises the tight space inside the suspension arms to increase front traction during acceleration. A new turnbuckle adjustable upper arm set allows for camber changes as well as fine caster angle adjustments. Finally in the release are button head screws 2mm thick and 10mm long which are also meant to be used as a body stopper installed on the upper arm of the MS1.0. Stay tuned!

Team Associated RC10B7 -4mm Short Chassis NEW RELEASE!!!

The new -4mm length chassis option for Team Associated RC10B7 and RC10B7D 1/10 2WD Buggy. The chassis is a good tuning option for further wheelbase tuning. The short chassis generally provides better rotation and more forward bite, which is beneficial across a variety of track conditions and layouts. Keep an eye out!

Xray X8 1/8 Luxury 4WD Onroad Pan Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The unique sandwich chassis design has excellent rigidity and flexibility. It is equipped with a graphite suspension plate, lightweight aluminium rear solid axle, HUDY Spring Steel™ CVD front axles, graphite servo mount plate, rear graphite bumper, etc., ensuring a smooth & reliable drivetrain and excellent performance! Don’t miss it!

Hot Racing Chrome Steel 4 Slots Drive Cups (Blue) For Traxxas X-Maxx 8S XRT NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Made of chrome steel that is hard, durable and anti-oxidant. It is equipped with lightweight aluminium cup sleeves. The four-slot design also doubles the lifespan. Check it out!

Team Associated RC8B4 FT Carbon FR Gearbox Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Made of carbon that is more intensive, stronger and more durable. A must-have part for upgrading your RC8B4!

  • 81652: Front
  • 81653: Rear
Orlandoo 1/32 Flatbed Semi Ramp Trailers Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Orlandoo’s longest kit package yet! The plastic material elastically simulates the "frame torsion" dynamics of a real car, adding details of the engine brake and simulated flanges. You can paint the kit with your favourite colour! Equipped with trigger telescopic support legs and folding ladders, the suspension arm can also handle most simulated road conditions and extreme cross-axis angles. It can be paired with other miniature scale models to unlock more fun! Not to be missed!

Mon-Tech Julia 1/10 Touring Car Bodyshell NEW RELEASE!!!

Track testing has shown that Julia performs well in straight-line speed and has an advantage in the Stock class. Julia also boasts excellent stability and cornering, meeting the demands of modern bodyshell design. There are 2 versions: the "Standard" version weighing 80g and the "La Leggera" version, coming in at a lightweight of approximately 60g, so keep an eye out!

Tamiya 1/10 GF-02 Squash Van Green/White Pained Body 4WD Offroad Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The Squash Van is a fun-to-drive big tire vehicle that is inspired by 1950s American panel vans. It adopts the new gear-driven 4WD GF-02 chassis. The motor is located at a lower and central position. The long wheelbase and wide tread setup can ensure stable off-road performance! An ideal choice for not only beginners but also RC veterans!

Serpent 190mm Lex-IS EFRA 4030 Clear Body Set For 1/10 Touring Car NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Made from top-quality 0.8mm Lexan, lightweight but very stable. The body creates very neutral and easy handling on asphalt but can be raced aggressively as it offers lots of traction and steering. The steering response is more direct on the carpet. The body comes complete with a masking sheet and head-tail-light / grill sheet. Check it out!

Heap of Exotek Racing Parts For Team Associated B7 Series NEW ARRIVAL!!!

  • 2225: Top Shaft Screw Titanium Slipper Screw (Silver)
  • 2240: Aluminum HD Steering Rack 2 (Anodizing Black Blue)(For B6.4 & B7 series)
  • 2241: Aluminum HD Steering Cranks 2 (Anodizing Black Blue)(For B6.4 & B7 series)
  • 2242: Titanium Slipper Perchs (Silver)
  • 2243: Aluminum HD Arm Mount C 2 (Anodizing Black Blue)
  • 2247: Titanium HD Front Axles (Silver)
Hot Racing Aluminum 25T Standard Servo Arm Set Black For Traxxas X-Maxx NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It features a Clamp lock function and replaceable lock nut to help prevent the loosening of fasteners. Retains stock double shear design for ultimate reliability. Check it out now!

Power HD Mi9 S15-S Direct Mount Servo NEW RELEASE!!!

The S15-S is designed for the Schumacher’s Mi9 1/10 Electric Touring Car. With an integrated CNC servo holder, this S15-S directly mounts to the Mi9, perfectly matching the original servo mount screw hole. The direct mounting and reverse receiver wire output offer neater wiring and reduce overall weight, contributing to a lower chassis centre of gravity. Having the same high performance as the popular S15, the S15-S can be programmed with a Power HD program box to set your favourite parameters according to different tracks, achieving better lap time and steering. Stay tuned!

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See all New Goodies just arrived rcMart!

See all New Goodies just arrived rcMart!

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