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Savewo 3DMEOW Pink Individual Packaging 30 pcs per Box For Kidults

  • Brand: Savewo
  • Model: 3DMEOW-KDT-PK-30
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This is SAVEWO 3DMEOW Pink Individual Packaging 30 pcs per Box For Kidults. Innocence is not the patent of children. Salvation has meticulously developed a new SAVEWO 3DMEOW For Kidults protective mask!

The Salvation Three-dimensional Meow Naughty Child Edition protective mask is designed for middle-aged and small-faced adults. It is suitable for middle-aged children over the age of 7 and also suitable for the small roads of the childlike heart! In addition to the white cat, the pink cat, and the pink cat, Zhongyou only ran half a beat slow, and the orange cat rushed to the stage!


  • Three-dimensional, high permeability and filtration efficiencies.

  • Designed with the stretchy painless ear-loops, SAVEWO 3DBEAR brings softness and comfort to face coverings for kids

  • SAVEWO 3DBEAR for Kids is a disposable protective mask that adopts 3D cutting to allow more space for breathing, making the mask more comfortable to wear for an extended period.

  • Highly three-dimensional and breathable 

  • Harnessing the Type.Cool air-permeability technology to achieve a delta pressure of <2.8 and high splash resistance by a velocity of 120 mmHg.

  • Each mask is individually wrapped so you can carry them around more easily. 

  • High filtration 

  • Effectively filter out 99.9% of bacteria, dust and viruses. 

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): > 99.9%

  • Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE): > 99.9%

  • Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE): > 99.9%

  • Fluid Resistance: Resists Synthetic Blood >120mmHg of pressure

  • Met the standards of ASTM level2 and EN14683 TYPE IIR


  • SAVEWO 3DMEOW Pink Individual Packaging 30 pcs per Box For Kidults 

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