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Overdose GALM V2 Anti +
Overdose GALM V2 Anti +
Yeah Racing 1/10 RC Touring Set up Tools
Yeah Racing Aluminium Upgrade Hop Up Parts Set for Tamiya TT02 RC Car
TRAXXAS TRX-4 1/18 Miro RC Crawler
TRAXXAS TRX-4M 1/18 Miro RC Crawler
Yeah Racing RC Crawler Internal Spring Damper Set
Mini GT 1/64 Diecast Model Car Pre-order
Onisiki 1/24 1/28 Kodama Micro RC Drift Car
Aluminum Essential Conversion Kit For Tamiya Xv-02
Pop Race 1/64 Diecast Model Car Pre-order
xpress AT1S Shaft Driven 4WD RC Touring Car
hobbywing ESC and Motor System Series XERUN Justock
Onisiki Lipo RC Battery
xpress execute MF1
Tamiya Mini 4WD Model Kit 田宮模型迷你四驅車
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Arrival Alert | 2024 Week 30

RC4WD 1/10 Warn 8274 Winch 75th Anniversary Edition NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is used for 1/10 RC Offroad. It features a Working Spring Loaded Warn Hook and a Synthetic Winch Rope, that is highly detailed. Offroad enthusiasts should take it!

Yokomo RD2.0 Graphite Chassis & Top Deck NEW RELEASE!!!

The plates are cut from matte graphite with the 2.4mm thick chassis helping to improve steering response without compromising the operability of the RD2.0. The chassis supports only short-size Li-Po batteries. The upper deck is made from a slightly thinner 2.2mm material, designed to balance rigidity with the main chassis. Two additional upper deck posts can be added, allowing the rigidity balance between the front and rear to be adjusted. There are also threaded holes for mounting LTS high-mount battery holders, allowing settings that take advantage of roll. Stay tuned!

SMJ Formula-1 Type-M46 Clear Body Set For 1/10 RC F1 NEW ARRIVAL!!!

A set comes with a front wing, a rear wing and an accessory set. Welcome to inquire!

DS Racing Offset 8mm Drift Feathery Rim For 1/10 RC Drift NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Available in a vast variety of colours, pick your favourite colour and decorate your drift monster now!

  • DF-5Y2-8B-CR: Chrome
  • DF-5Y2-8B-GD: Gold
  • DF-5Y2-8B-GM: Gun Metal
  • DF-5Y2-8B-BZ: Bronze
  • DF-5Y2-8B-HG: Black Hi Gross
  • DF-5Y2-8B-BM: Black Bum
  • DF-5Y2-8W-HG: White Hi Gross
  • DF-5Y2-8W-WM: White Matte
Team Associated Factory Team RC8B4 Engine Mount Set NEW RELEASE!!!

Factory Team has created a new CNC machined aluminium engine mount split design for the Team Associated RC8B4 series of 1/8 buggies and trucks. The new set comes with separate left and right upper aluminium mounts that key into the engine mount base. After assembling the engine onto the mount and into the vehicle, simply remove 4 socket head screws from the top of the base, and the engine and upper mounts will come out of the vehicle without having to move the base and affect the gear mesh. Stay tuned!

Yokomo RS1.0 Sway Bar Set & Titanium Turnbuckles Set NEW RELEASE!!!

It’s time to upgrade your RS1.0! The new sway bar set controls the roll of the RS1.0 and improves its turning performance on high-grip and other surfaces, enhancing overall driving performance. The set includes both front and rear stabilizers, featuring three types of stabilizer bars ranging from 1.2mm to 1.4mm. This allows for customizable setup according to your specific driving conditions. The new titanium turnbuckles are lightweight, have rust prevention properties, and performance enhancement capabilities. Stay tuned!

Team Associated RC10DS Classic Kit NEW RELEASE!!!

RC10 Dual Sport is built around the most enduring chassis ever, the RC10 alloy tub. Equipped with fully tunable 4-wheel independent suspension, semi-pneumatic tires that hook up on almost any hard surface, and the World Championship Stealth(r) gearbox. These make the RC10DS race on surfaces that most pan cars can't even run on. An RC with excellent handling and durability, keep an eye out!

Ottsix RC Voodoo KLR 1.9/4.7 CompSpec V2 Rubber Tires For 1/10 RC Crawler NEW ARRIVAL!!!

These two rubber tires are made of different compounds. The tire hardness is available in soft and ultra-soft. Welcome to inquire!

  • OTT-1.9-4.7-KLR-V2: Red Ultra Soft Compound
  • OTT-1.9-4.7-KLR-V2-G: Gold Soft Compound
PN Racing V3 LM Precision Enclosed 64P 53T Gear Differential For Mini-Z 2WD NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Made of metal, welcome to inquire!

Vanquish Aluminum KMC KM237 Riot Beadlock Rim For 1/10 RC Crawler NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Officially licensed KMC Wheels include their own KMC branded center cap. Using 0.8" wide clamp rings and is available in 2 sizes. Check them out now!

  • VPS08130: 1.9inch
  • VPS08060: 2.2inch
MTTR Racing Strong Tire Glue Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Adopting a high-strength formula designed to provide reliable adhesion for tires. With secure MTTR Racing Strong Tire Glue, you can rest assured that your tires are securely in place!

Yokomo RO/SO Graphite Resin Mixed Bulkhead & YZ-870C Alu Shock Cap NEW RELEASE!!!

The new front bulkhead for the RO/SO 1/10 2WD buggy is designed to prevent damage to the shock tower mounting points and significantly improve the response of the front suspension. There is also a YZ-870C Aluminium Shock Cap with convenient drain screws, which simplifies the assembly of the aeration system while maintaining a look that’s close to the original. And there are new 2mm O-rings just for it. The new parts are durable and can enhance performance, making them a must-have upgrade for every racer! Keep an eye out!

Tamiya 1/10 Super Sabre 2023 High-Performance 4WD Offroad Racer EP Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

This kit is an updated version of Super Sabre. The is pre-cut and pre-painted in silver. The body and damper stay shapes are different from the 1987 original. The 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension employs CVA short dampers II with a front stabilizer to help get the most out of the 4WD system. Equipped with sealed gearboxes, 540 brushed motor, ABS bathtub frame and reinforced parts, it has excellent durability and is easy to maintain! Not to be missed!

Overdose Aluminum HG Shock Adjust Nut NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Available in 2 colours. Decorate your car with these stylish and gorgeous parts now!

  • OD3879: Purple
  • OD3880: Red

The new model of the BL-RPXS brushless speed controller is now smaller but retains the functions of the higher-end RPX3 model. It comes with pre-connected 12-gauge black cables so there is no need for soldering. Although the upper limit of motors used is limited to 10.5T, the program items are the same, so setup can be performed with the same sensation as before. Keep an eye out!

Xray XT4’25 1/10 Electric Truggy NEW RELEASE!!!

The key features of the newest XT4 iteration include a redesigned chassis that offers short and long configurations to adjust the wheelbase and weight balance to match any track conditions. The Steering Blocks & C-hubs are also moulded from new medium composite hardness for extra reliability and crash resistance. New rear uprights feature lowered roll centre positions to improve stability and reduce suspension collapse in high-speed corners. New front & rear suspension arms have been significantly reinforced, reducing the chances of failure during a crash. Other improvements include a redesigned lower front shock tower, big bore 13.2mm shocks and a new ‘Lush’ rear wing with significantly increased lifespan improves airflow and maintains chassis attitude over large jumps while improving traction in all conditions. Xray fans should not miss it!

JConcepts L8 Night G3 Speedway Body NEW RELEASE!!!

A 10” wide body capable of a drop-fit on an assortment of Late Model chassis, the body styling starts up front with a heavily dropped and scooped nose pointing the vehicle in the correct direction. A left-side, “power rail” lines the front fender allowing corner tracking stability. The overall design of the cab can improve performance and provide high-speed through-all stability. A rear spoiler is decked, there are standard and lightweight versions. Stay tuned!

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See all New Goodies just arrived rcMart!

See all New Goodies just arrived rcMart!

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