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Summer Sale 2024
Summer Sale 2024
Overdose GALM V2 Anti +
Arrow AM1
Yeah Racing Aluminium Upgrade Hop Up Parts Set for Tamiya TT02 RC Car
TRAXXAS TRX-4 1/18 Miro RC Crawler
TRAXXAS TRX-4M 1/18 Miro RC Crawler
Yeah Racing RC Crawler Internal Spring Damper Set
Mini GT 1/64 Diecast Model Car Pre-order
Onisiki 1/24 1/28 Kodama Micro RC Drift Car
Aluminum Essential Conversion Kit For Tamiya Xv-02
Pop Race 1/64 Diecast Model Car Pre-order
xpress AT1S Shaft Driven 4WD RC Touring Car
hobbywing ESC and Motor System Series XERUN Justock
Yeah Racing 1/10 RC Touring Set up Tools
Onisiki Lipo RC Battery
xpress execute MF1
Tamiya Mini 4WD Model Kit 田宮模型迷你四驅車
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Arrival Alert | 2024 Week 29

Heaps of JConcepts Clear Bodies NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Various clear body sets are available at rcMart, check them out now!

  • 0486: 1985 Ford Aerostar Racer Clear Body (For 12.5-13.0” W.B. Monster Trucks)
  • 0498: 1979 Ford Courier Clear Body (For SCX24, 5.20” W.B.)

-For AE RC10B7-

  • 0615L: S2 Light Weight Clear Body
  • 0616L: P2 Light Weight Clear Body
  • 0634L: S15 Light Weight Clear Body
Atomic BZ5 1/27 Belt Drive 4WD Touring Car Chassis Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The new BZ5 gets all-new bulkheads and motor mount, longer front Arms and new knuckles which give increased stability and more mid-corner steering. Check it out!

Vanquish 1/10 H10 Optic Yokohama 4WD RTR Trail Buggy NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Using the H10 chassis, the styling is derived from a trail buggy’s built. The 2-seat symmetrical design preserves a narrow overall width for easy navigation around obstacles. The H10 Hydro front axle steering system pays equal attention to appearance and performance. It is simulating a double-ended hydraulic ram steering system used in off-road rigs. Utilising a standard steering servo hidden behind the axle, the steering system is isolated from the chassis. The front axle uses a 3-piece ram. The width of the H10 axle is increased by 0.600" compared to the F10 for even greater stability. And equipped with officially licensed Yokohama Geolandar MT 4.75" tall tires, it provides excellent performance on any terrain! You should not miss it!

Kawada SR Carbon Main Chassis NEW ARRIVAL!!!
Mon-Tech Racing JULIA Clear Body Sets For 190mm 1/10 TC NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Available in standard version and lightweight version. Check it out now!

  • MB-024-008: JULIA Clear Body Set
  • MB-024-008L: JULIA Lightweight Clear Body Set
Hobbywing QuicRun WP 10BL60 G2 Speedo ESC NEW RELEASE!!!

The new smaller version of the entry-level QuicRun ESC, the WP 10BL60 G2. It is more compact than the previous generation product, with the length and width shortened by 2.5mm and 1.5mm respectively! 1/10 Speedo's features include Intelligent Freewheeling Technology, which enables the ESC to achieve higher driving efficiency at lower operating temperatures, further improving the stability and reliability of the ESC! It uses mesh-designed heat sinks and copper thermal bars, combined with a heat sink designed with the fan, to achieve efficient cooling and ensure that the ESC is at the optimal operating temperature at all times! Moreover, it is IP67 waterproof and can easily cope with various competition environments such as rain, dust, and sand. Remember to keep an eye out!

JConcepts Siren 2.2″ 4WD Front Buggy Tyre NEW RELEASE!!!

Siren carpet and astroturf 1/10 front offroad tyre improves the performance for deep nested turf or carpet surfaces, which is perfect for racing on artificial surfaces that require a lot of stability, steering, and forward bite. The pink compound represents a new compound for JConcepts, a medium soft material with good wear characteristics. Stay tuned!

PN Racing V4 Anima 4500kV Sensored Brushless Motor NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Mini motor for Kyosho Mini-Z, welcome to inquire!

Race OPT Linear Dynamic Spring Black Series Sets For Xray X4 NEW ARRIVAL!!!

A set comes with 4 pieces of spring. Made of steel and available in 3 options, check them out now!

  • RO-LDS25-175: P2.5-17.5
  • RO-LDS27-175: P2.7-17.5
  • RO-LDS29-175: P2.9-17.5
Hudy Premium Silicone Oil 100ml NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The silicone oils are made in Europe and laboratory tested and calibrated to ensure each batch has the proper viscosity. Available in 2 viscosities, check them out now!

  • HSP-106338: 375 CST
  • HSP-106343: 425 CST
Team Associated Factory Team B7 Servo, Motor, & +2mm Ballstud Mounts NEW RELEASE!!!

Several optional parts for the RC10B7 1/10 2WD Buggy. While adding some bling to the buggy, they further improve the durability. Made from 7075-T6 aluminum, these parts are available in anodised blue or black. Keep an eye out!

Yokomo YZ-834B Buggy RE-RELEASE!!!

Yokomo's first-ever 4WD off-road buggy has won the first IFMAR 4WD World Championship in its debut, the YZ-834B. The re-release will retain many original features such as front and rear monoshock, chain drive 4WD, front one-way, trailing arms, etc. The YZ-834B will be released in the same semi-finished chassis as when it was first released in 1985. Stay tuned in this summer!

PN Racing EASYLAP USB Digital Lap Timing System Compatible Set w/ Robitronic PN Racing 22nd Anniversary Limited Edition NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The new USB version is for all RC models of all sizes and can add 5V power or without the power. Unlimited cars running at the same time on indoor and outdoor tracks. Don’t miss it!

Yokomo YZ-870C Super Dog Fighter 2.2” FR Rim White NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Welcome to inquire!

  • YZ-821W-2: Front
  • YZ-827W-2: Rear
Jconcepts Lightweight Clear Body Sets w/ Carpet Turf Dirt Wing NEW ARRIVAL!!!

These body sets are available for Team Associated RC10B7 & RC10B7D. A set includes two 6.5” Carpet | Turf | Dirt wings, window masks and a decal sheet. Decorate your new shell in your own style, check them out now!

  • 0615L: S2
  • 0616L: P2
  • 0634L: S15
Exotek Racing RC10B7 Heavy Duty Alloy Front Bulkhead NEW RELEASE!!!

An upgrade heavy-duty alloy front bulkhead for Team Associated’s RC10B7 1/10 2WD Buggy. Receiving their popular 2-colour anodising treatment, the bulkhead has been intricately machined to reduce its weight to only 15.5g, just 4.3g more than stock, while ensuring its heavy-duty construction. Stay tuned!

MST FRX RS 1/10 FR Drift Car Kit NEW RELEASE!!!

The design concept of the new FRX RS comes from the layout of a real FR drift racing car. The rear axle uses a differential containing 6 metal gears, which increases the weight of the rear axle and effectively improves the inertial dynamic performance of the rear of the car. It is also equipped with a transmission structure that can be quickly replaced and disassembled. The newly designed aluminium steering system improves the Ackermann angle setting, giving the FRX RS a larger drift angle, allowing 4 different battery placement layouts to quickly adjust the centre of gravity distribution of the car. FRX RS is made of black FRP fibre material, which is more cost-effective. It is scheduled to be launched in October 2024, so remember to pay close attention!

Tamiya 1/10 TT-02 McLaren Senna 4WD Shaft Drive Onroad EP Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

This supercar series was launched in 2018 and is named after the legendary racing driver Ayrton Senna. Tamiya recreated this legendary supercar as an RC car on a 1/10 scale, using a PC body and an easy-to-assemble TT-02 chassis to faithfully reproduce it! The TT-02 chassis adopts a longitudinal layout, with the battery on the left and the motor on the right, which gives excellent stability! In addition to 10 gear ratios, it also has 2 wheelbases, 2 ground clearance settings and 2 tread set-ups. You should not miss it!

JC Racing Dish Narrow Front Rims For Yokomo 870C NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Available in 4 colours, come and pick your favourite colour to suit your car!

  • JC-0039-W: White
  • JC-0039-BK: Black
  • JC-0039-P: Pink
  • JC-0039-Y: Yellow
HB Racing 125mm Short Pin Drive Shaft Black For 1/8 RC NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Made of metal, welcome to inquire!

Vanquish Aluminum KMC KM237 1.9” Riot Beadlock Rim Silver NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Officially licensed KMC Wheels for 1/10 RC Crawler. Including their own KMC branded centre cap, check it out now!

Team Associated DC10 Drift Car Kit NEW RELEASE!!!

AE officially enters into competitive RC Drifting with the release of the new DC10! In RC drifting, vehicle balance is key and with the many suspension and chassis tuning options on the DC10, drivers can set up their car with precision. The DC10 allows changes in camber, caster, and kingpin inclination (KPI), as well as motor and battery position. Keep an eye out!

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See all New Goodies just arrived rcMart!

See all New Goodies just arrived rcMart!

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