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See all New Goodies just arrived rcMart!

See all New Goodies just arrived rcMart!

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See all New Goodies just arrived rcMart!

Arrival Alert | 2023 Week 48

Overdose GALM Aluminum Upper Chassis Set NEW ARRIVAL!!!

It is effective to recover the chassis rigidity which is lowered in case you use the optional aluminium battery plate! Specific design for an emphasis on pitching stiffness. It is lightweight about 35g. 3 optional chassis rigid post mounting holes! Compatible with all GALM chassis. The aluminium upper chassis with high rigidity and lightweight design maximizes the traction performance of the chassis. Available in 3 colours: purple, red, and black. Check them out!

  • OD3819: Black
  • OD3818: Red
  • OD3817: Purple

Ride 24mm & 26mm Wide Slick Tires 4 pcs For 1/10 RC Touring Car NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check it out now!

MIP Black Handle Hex Driver Wrenches NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Tight tolerances held within 0.02 mm and moreover .0008 in.! Super Comfy to the hand Polycarbonate Handles that are resilient to hot and cold weather so won't harm your hands in poor weather conditions. Don’t miss them!

  • 9007B: 1.5mm
  • 9008B: 2.0mm
  • 9009B: 2.5mm
  • 9010B: 2.5mm (Ball End)

Kyosho 4.8mm Metal Ball Stud High Mount Type 4 pcs NEW ARRIVAL!!!

This is a must-have item that expands the range of settings by increasing the distance from the ball to the seat by 2mm higher than normal ball studs. Don’t miss it!

Team Associated RC10 Protech Body & Wing Re-Release!!!

The body used on the original RC10 1:10 2WD electric buggy is available again. It fits the RC10 classic, RC10 re-release, and upcoming RC10CC Clear Classic car. The body comes with window masks. Stay tuned!

DS Racing Kansei Plates V2. Conversion Kit for RDX NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The tuneable Flex chassis conversion kit for RDX, YD2 and Shark is 31g lighter than stock and 4.3g lighter than V1, and can independently adjust front and rear flex. It has an adjustable battery tray for weigh distribution tuning, which can improve steering, response and stability. The design has also been improved for performance and aesthetics. Includes a carbon lower deck, carbon upper deck and 20mm standoff (4pcs), not to be missed!

Drift Art Aluminum Master Motor Mount Set Black For DA3 DA2 NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check it out now!

Susumu Graphite 3.0mm FR Shock Tower Red Edition For Xpress AT1S NEW ARRIVAL!!!

Economical graphite plate replacement series from Susumu for Xpress's Arrow AT1S, purchase to fix broken cars or to keep in pitbox as spares! Special edition Red coloured fibres for some extra bling!

  • SS-0177: Front Shock Tower
  • SS-0178: Rear Shock Tower

Yokomo ‘Super Dog Fighter’ Re-Release Buggy Images NEW RELEASE!!!

YZ-870c Super Dog Fighter is expected to be released in December, and many photos have been released this time for fans to have a quick look!

At the request of many enthusiastic fans, Yokomo has remade new parts, but the settings have been made to recreate the atmosphere of the time as much as possible. In order to be able to drive with current power sources, it will be equipped with a gear differential, slipper clutch, lithium battery, etc., and also has a battery slot for Sub-C size, milky white resin parts, as well as aluminium die-cast front and rear parts。 The bulkhead, hard-anodised aluminium shocks, and other features give you the feel of the time. Stay tuned!

Tamiya TA08R 1/10 Electric Touring Car NEW RELEASE!!!

The kit gets a new 2.0mm carbon fibre upper deck that connects front and rear bulkheads for pitch rigidity and utilises a 630-ball bearing at the rear for roll rigidity. New front and rear aluminium upper arm mounts provide enhanced rigidity. A new aluminium motor mount has two screw-attached, upper deck attachment points. The rear body mount is also new and uses carbon fibre plates and aluminium posts, limiting body wobble and ensuring stable rear traction. Body mount extensions allow the attachment of bodies of different heights. New additional ribs on the lower deck limit its deformation for superior suspension performance and help limit damage after unexpected crashes. Finally, new aluminium wheel hubs limit wheel deformation and ensure stable tire grip. Keep an eye out!

Mugen Seiki MTX7R 1/10 4WD Nitro Touring Car Kit NEW ARRIVAL!!!

The MTX7R kit has new front and rear suspension geometry with longer arms to reduce unexpected behaviour and make the vehicle more predictable. The front arms are 1mm longer and the rear arms are 4.5mm longer, and the front/rear wheel offset has been optimized. Don’t miss it!

Exotek Racing Aluminium HD Parts For Team Associated Reflex 14B/T/MT Series NEW ARRIVAL!!! Check them out now!

  • 2182: Steering Cranks Set
  • 2183: Rear Hub Set
  • 2184: C-Hub Set
  • 2185: Steering Hub Set

MonTech P-963 1/10 190mm Body NEW RELEASE!!!

New from Italian bodyshell producer Mon-Tech Racing is the P-963 1/10 190mm body. The latest addition to their range of Hyper Car LMH series-based bodies, the P-963 can be mounted on all the latest generation 1/10 Touring Cars and on the Formula chassis with a 260mm wheelbase. The kit includes all the stickers, the masking along with the fixing screws for the wing. Pay close attention to it!

Kyosho 1/12 Fantom Wheel Wrench NEW RELEASE!!!

The 12mm socket on the main body is used for attaching and detaching the wheel. By inserting the included 5/5.5mm adapter into the 12mm socket, you can change it to a 5mm or 5.5mm box wrench. 5mm can be used to adjust the ball differential (EFW007), and 5.5mm can be used to remove and install the gear differential fixing nut. In addition to the Fantom series, the 5.5mm socket can also be used to attach and detach 4.8mm ball studs. The 5/5.5mm adapter can be stored in the main unit by opening the back cap of the main unit, making it compact and portable. Stay tuned!

Xray XB2 ’24 1/10 2WD Buggy NEW RELEASE!!!

Key new features of the buggy, which is sold in Carpet and Dirt spec kits, include a new one-piece chassis design with an integrated kick-up that eliminates the lower brace and improves suspension geometry. The wider chassis shape fits the latest batteries and has a milled pocket under the servo area for improved flex and optional weight placement. The kits’ chassis lengths are selected to match typical track conditions – Medium for Carpet or Short for Dirt. New elevated side braces improve flex characteristics and integrate with the new front upper deck. A completely new front upper deck bridge design integrates with the new steering system and moves the shock tower forward with the shocks behind the tower. The new anti-roll bar mounting system eliminates play for more consistent handling. Another improvement on the ’24 model is a new steering plate, steering arms and posts that provide a wider range of geometry adjustments and improved steering response for easier control. Keep an eye out!

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