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  1. Traxxas Summit 4WD Electric Monster Truck RTR w/TQi 2.4GHz Radio, Waterproof ESC and Batteries #5607 (Discontinued)
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Traxxas Summit 4WD Electric Monster Truck RTR w/TQi 2.4GHz Radio, Waterproof ESC and Batteries


Traxxas Summit 4WD Extreme Terrain Monster Truck RTR (#5607) has been voted as “Best Innovation” by the readers of Radio Control Car Action and RC Driver magazines. The award-winning Summit is equipped with High-Low Transmission and Remote Locking Differentials! Traxxas Summit 4WD Extreme Terrain Monster Truck RTR makes it possible to run through water, mud and snow with ease.

  • Now Includes TQI 2.4GHz 5-Channel Trasmitter, 7 cell 3000mAh Battery , Fully assembled and Ready-To-Drive®
  • RC 1:10, Truck, Electric-Powered, Off Road, Ready-To-Run RTR

  • Feature:

    • Chassis: Fiber-composite with composite center skidplate sheild and scalable battery compartments that accept 6 and 7 cell sport packs and LiPo packs, quick release battery doors and cooling vents.
    • Lighting System: Ten LEDs, four white LEDs in front and six red LEDs in rear integrated into bumpers with chassis mounted wiring harness.
    • Drive: Four wheel shaft drive.
    • Motor: Traxxas Titan 775 10 turn with fan-cooled armature.
    • Suspension: Sealed pivot ball, ultra long travel.
    • Shocks: GTR oil filled with hard anodized Teflon coated bodies with titanium nitride shafts
    • Transmission: Brushless ready two speed with metal center idler gear available, remote shifting high-low design with ultra low high-torque 75:1 first gear and faster 25:1 second gear.
    • Differentials: Front and rear T-Lock remote locking differentials can be controlled from transmitter
    • Ball Bearings: Full set
    • Hubs: 17mm splined aluminum
    • Steering: Dual servo bellcrank type
    • Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the chassis
    • Camber: Non-adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the tires from vertical when when viewed from front or behind vehicle


    • Length: 563mm
    • Width: 472mm
    • Height: 260mm
    • Weight: 4960g
    • Wheelbase: 377mm
    • Front Track: 469.5mm
    • Rear Track: 472mm
    • Ground Clearance: 107mm
    • Overall Drive Ratio: Low: 70.18, High: 25.34
    • Gear Pitch: 32-Pitch
    • Tires: 179mm diameter Canyon AT tires with angular lugs for high traction, 96.5mm wide
    • Wheels: 97mm wide, Geode with 17mm hex and removable beadlock style sidewall protectors to guard against rock damage and lend support to the tire/wheel glue joint
    • Shock Towers: 87mm


    • Body: Painted and trimmed lexan with functional tube style ExoCage body system
    • Length: 508mm
    • Width: 205mm
    • Height: 155mm


    Pecise, comfortable, powerful, and reliable Radio System

    The all-new Traxxas® TQi™ radio system arrives with a full complement of tuning features; long-range, high-output, 2.4GHz signal, and proven Traxxas reliability for rock-solid performance. It's so advanced; it can deliver all the important new features without an external antenna.

    Good news to iPhone® or iPod touch® users: The TQi can be equipped with an optional Docking Base (#6510) that turns your iPhone® or iPod touch® into a powerful tuning tool for Traxxas models. Try Traxxas Link™ App to optimize your radio system for ultimate vehicle control.

    • Sleek Design with Internal Antenna
    • 5-Channel Receiver with 3 Telemetry Ports
    • Traxxas Link Model Memory for up to 30 Models
    • Simple 2-Button Programming Interface
    • Built in Failsafe
    • Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Technology (DSSS)
    • Uses only 4 AA Batteries
    • Accessory Docking Base Connects TQi with Apple iPhone or iPod touch
    • Real-Time Telemetry
    • Customizable Dashboards
    • Steering/throttle expo
    • Steering/braking dual rate
    • Servo reversing
    • Endpoint adjustment
    • Profile customization and sharing
    • Manage an unlimited number of models with the Traxxas Link App


    • Traxxas Summit Extreme Terrain Monster Truck (1pc)
    • 775 Size Motor (1pc)
    • TQI 2.4GHz 5-Channel (1pc)
    • 7 cell 3000mAh Battery (2pcs)
    • ESC (1pc)
    • Waterproof Servo (2pcs)
    • Painted Body (1pc)
    • Decals (1pc)
    • Instruction (1pc)


    • Transmitter Batteries: 4 x "AA"
    • Charger: Depending on battery type

    Traxxas Summit 4WD Extreme Terrain Monster Truck RTR
    Items Required (not included)

  • Charger -
    1 X Battery Charger

  • Parts -
    Spare Parts

  • Tools -

  • Hop Ups Parts -
    Hop Ups Parts for SUMMIT

  • Subject to the size for regular air parcel service of several destinations are limited to length 1.05m, and 2m maximum while combining length and girth.

    Useful information for SUMMIT:

    1) Extreme-terrain Canyon AT™ tires with foam inserts pre-glued to Geode™ chrome wheels with removable beadlock-style trim rings

    2) T-Lock™ remote-locking differentials

    3) Oversized bumpers with integrated 10-LED lighting system

    4) High-grade metric hex hardware used throughout

    5) Hard-anodized Teflon-Coated GTR shocks™ with TiN shafts

    6) Waterproof high-torque dual steering servos

    7) Titan® 775 high-torque, fan-cooled motor

    8) Remote-operated High-Low transmission shifts from 70:1 low range to 25:1 high range

    9) The Futuristic battery vents on the chassis provide entrance and exit battery cooling

    10) Heavy-duty transmission

    11) Innovative quick release battery doors mount directly to the chassis so there are no clips or hold downs to lose

    12) Waterproof EVX-2™ programmable electronic speed control

    13) Watertight sealed receiver box

    14) Traxxas High-Current Connectors

    15) Super-duty rubber-sealed driveshsfts

    16) Advanced, long-travel inboard rocker design

    17) Extra-tough, adjustable skidplate provides rigid support and protects the center driveline


    Only Summit give you the ability to lock the differentials right from the transmitter. No need to break from the action to swap gears or install locking parts. Summit's innovative T-Lock™ differentials let you select front and rear diffs locked, front-diff only locked, or both differentials unlocked.


    In low gear, Summit's 70:1 final-drive ratio turns rpm into pure torque to power up and over any obstacle that dares to get in the way. Upshift to high for a 25:1 ratio and all the speed you need to attack jumps and make tracks in a hurry. A rocker switch on the transmitter selects High or Low range instantly.


    The EVX-2 delivers an incredible 16.8 volts from two battery packs. EVX-2 features three drive profiles, Thermal Shutdown Protection, and gold-plated high-current battery connectors. The EVX-2 also includes patent-pending Training Mode,™ and is backed by the Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty.


    This exclusive Traxxas-only innovation opens the door for driving fun in water, mud, snow, and other wet conditions that stop others dead in their tracks, The patent-pending water-sealed electronics box allows the installation of your own radio system without losing the waterproof properties.

  • Ready-To-Race®

  • No assembly is required. Summit is Ready-To-Drive®, right out of the box.

  • Titan 775 Motor

  • The largest motor of any electric monster truck is the Titan® 775. This massive mill is equipped with a fan-cooled armature for non-stop off-road adventure, and an extra wrap of steel for maximum magnetic field strength.

  • Geode rims and Canyon AT Tires

  • An off-road machine is only as good as its tires, and Summit delivers with the biggest, gnarliest Traxxas tire ever: the Canyon AT™. This multi-terrain tread features aggressive, angular lugs that dig in on dirt, grass, roots and rocks to get Summit up and over anything you aim it at.

  • Realistic & Rugged ExoCage Body

  • Summit's aggressive SUV-style bodywork doesn't just look tough; with its bolt-on fender flares and tube-style ExoCage™ skeleton, it's as rugged as a real rock rig. Flexible to bounce back after a rollover yet tough enough to spare the Lexan body from rock-rash, the ExoCage combines authentic real-rock-rig looks with genuine protection.

  • Hard-Anodized Teflon®-Coated Shocks with TiN Coated Shafts

  • Ultra-long lasting hard-anodized, Teflon®-coated aluminum GTR shocks with Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated shafts offer silky smooth damping. Thanks to the extra tough hard-anodized finish, shock performance stays true and consistent for less maintenance and better handling.

  • Scalable Battery Compartments

  • Summit's battery compartments are scalable for today's batteries and new generations of batteries to come. A clever internal stop is adjustable for battery length while an innovative leaf spring holds the battery pack secure.

  • 17mm Wheel Hub and Hex Nut

  • New 17mm aluminum racing hubs and wheel nuts provide secure and reliable wheel mounting. The exclusive spline drive delivers superior torque handling and incredibly precise wheel engagment. The blue-anodized aluminum hub is also compatible with wheels that use a standard 17mm hex.

  • Torque-Control Slipper Clutch

  • The Torque-Control slipper clutch uses special semi-metallic friction material that remains stable across a wide temperature range to provide smooth, linear engagement you can count on, lap after lap. Spur gears can be removed and replaced without altering the slipper adjustment. A center ball bearing maintains precise, long-lasting alignment with near friction-free running and virtually zero maintenance.

  • Smooth Center Skid Plate

  • A heavy-duty integrated skidplate provides rigid support to virtually elminate power robbing chassis flex, plus it protects the center driveline while providing a smooth, sleek monocoque-style lower chassis surface. The front and center skidplates key together and flow seamlessly for a smooth snag-free design. The transmission can easily be removed via four access holes and a door for accessing the rear drive shaft.

  • Dual-Servo Steering System

  • High-traction tires and a low-speed technical climb - that's a combo that demands a lot of steering torque, and Summit delivers with a dual-servo system. Each servo is rated for 125oz.-in. of torque, giving Summit a total of 250 oz.-in. of tire-turning twist to keep you in command no matter how tough the conditions.

  • Dual-CV Telescoping Axles

  • Summit is equipped with the toughest Traxxas shafts ever. The smooth-sliding, true-curvilinear spline design pioneered for Revo is now even stronger thanks to CV-style joints on each end - an industry first. The joints' crosspins are supported by the full diameter of the shaft, so even the heaviest torque loads won't pop the join.

  • TQ 2.4GHz 4-Channel Radio

  • The new Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz radio system offers the unbeatable convenience of "no channels, no crystals" 2.4GHz technology with the proven ergonomics of the TQ design. The radio system is equipped with superior Direct Sequence Spread-Spectrum (DSSS) technology and fully programmable features. Additional radio channels are incorporated into the new 2.4GHz radio system to control the Summit's unique drivetrain features. Flip the rocker switch to select low-or high-gear; touch the 3-position toggle to select the T-Lock mode. All the controls are right at your fingertips for comfortable no-look operarion.

  • Futuristic Chassis Design

  • The Summit chassis combines art and function to deliver a lightweight, integrated, and rigid platform that maximizes strength and reduces weight. By combining the battery compartments with the chassis design, the battery packs can sit low and close to the center of the truck. This keeps the center of gravity (CG) as low as possible and increases side-to-side qgility by keeping most of the weight close to the center.

  • Excellent Customer Support

  • The Traxxas toll-free technical support line (1-888-TRAXXAS) offers fast, friendly solutions weekdays from 8:30am to 9:00pm CST. After-hours e-mail support is available at [email protected]

    Accessories for SUMMIT:


    Traxxas TUBES™ are 30% lighter then the stock steel tor links, plus, they're 4-times stiffer and more than double the strength aftermarket titanium! Traxxas TUBES are manufactured from high-grade 7075-T6 aluminum and anodized brilliant fire red or rich black. A metric aluminum wrench is included for adjustment.
    #5338ARevo TUBES, Black (128mm, fits front or rear)
    #5338R Revo TUBES, Red (128mm, fits front or rear)


    Summit's linkage-based suspension requires different push rod assembiles depending upon which rockers and used. Strong, 7075-T6 aluminum versions of each are available to decrease the total weight of the truck by 31 grams. Rod ends are already installed making if simple to just bolt them on the truck. When using progressive-2rockers, spacer (part #5133) are required for use with the 5318 or 5318X push rods. These spacers are included with the progressive-2 rockers.
    #5318Push rod (steel) (2) (use with long travel, #5327 progressive-1, or progressive-2 rockers)
    #5318XPush rod (red aluminum) (2) (use with long travel, #5327 progressive-1, or progressive-2 rockers)
    #5319Push rod (streel) (assembled with rod ends) (2) (use with #5359 progressive 3 rockers)
    #5319XPush rod (red aluminum) (2) (red) (use with #5359 progressive 3 rockers)


    By design, Revo is equipped with multiple linkages and numerous rod ends with steel hollow balls. The weight can really add up when you combine them all. This set of aluminum hollow balls will reduce that weight by 12 grams and maintain the original factory tightness in the rod ends.
    #5355XHollow ball set, aluminum Revo (30)/ tall centered bollow ball (2)/ tall offset hollow ball (2)/ bump steer adjustment shims; 3.5mm (2), 1.17mm (2)


    Aluminum rocker posts save 16 grams over the stock steel rocker posts without sacrificing strength. They' re a great addition to any Revo that's being trimmed out for the track.
    #5354XRocker post (aluminum) (4)


    Kick up your Summit's candlepower! Four bright-white LEDs with beautiful mirror-chrome reflectors combine with Summit's stock bumper lights to blaze the darkest trail. When the sun goes down, the fun revs up! Complete kit includer pre-wired, pre-installed LEDs for simple-bolt on stallation. Includes Y-harness, complete instructions and all mounting hardware.
    #5684LED lightbar, (chrome, fits Summit rollcage)/ light harness (4 clear lights)/ harness adapter


    These trick, hard-anodized 7057-T6 aluminum pivot balls are considerably lighter then the stock steel pivot balls. The hard-anodized pivot balls feature a special Teflon® coating that reduces friction to make the suspension arms pivot as smooth as possible. The pivot balls are sold in four-packs that include four molded bushing caps. Each package of four pivot balls will reduce the vehicle's weight by 19-grams. (2 packages required to complete the entire truck)
    #4933XHard-Anodized Pivot Balls


    Constant velocity (CV) driveshafts concentrate mass for less overall rotational mass then the stock driveshafts. This results in even quicker acceleration. Both the inner and outer joints are lubricated and sealed by rubber boots to reduce maintenance and protect against wear caused by dirt and grime. The U-joint pins are held captive by the ball bearings so there's never a worry about losing a pin. These are simply the most advanced metal CV driveshafts available.
    #5650RDriveshafts, center E-Revo (steel constant-velocity) front (1)/ rear (1) (assembled with inner and outer dust boots, for E-Revo & Summit)


    The key to Revo's suspension performance is the progressive geometry built into the rockers. Decreasing progressive rate over the stock progressive-2 rockers is as simple as bolting on a new set. Progressive-1 allows more weight transfer and provides a plush feel for soaking-up large bumps. Progressive 3 rockers provide a firm suspension feel for smooth surfaces.
    #5357Rocker arm set, progressive-1 (90-T) (use with #5318 or # 5318X pushrod)
    #5358Rocker arm set, progressive-2 (90-T)/ spacers (red aluminum) (8)
    #5359Rocker arm set, progressive-3 (90-T) (requires pushrods part #5319 or #5319X)


    Traxxas offers a wide variety of spring rates for the GTR shocks to precisely compensate for lighter or heavier truck configurations and different rocker installations. The springs use gigh-quality spring steel with durable powder-coated finishes. Spring rate is indicated by colored dots on the end of the spring.
    #5435Spring, shock (GTR) (2.6 rate yellow)
    #5436Spring, shock (GTR) (2.9 rate white)
    #5437Spring, shock (GTR) (3.2 rate orange)
    #5438Spring, shock (GTR) (3.5 rate green)
    #5439Spring, shock (GTR) (3.8 rate gold)
    #5440Spring, shock (GTR) (4.1 rate tan)
    #5441Spring, shock (GTR) (4.4 rate black)
    #5442Spring, shock (GTR) (4.9 rate silver)
    #5443Spring, shock (GTR) (5.4 rate pink)
    #5444Spring, shock (GTR) (5.9 rate blue)
    #5445Spring, shock (GTR) (6.4 rate purple)
    #5648Spring, shock (red) (long) (GTR) (4.9 rate double yellow stripe)
    #5649Spring, shock (red) (long) (GTR) (5.4 rate double orange stripe)


    Revo requires specially designed servo horns to maximize the performance of the linkages. The factory servo horns are compatible with Futaba-style servo drives. Racers who choose to run nono-Traxxas servos will appreciate the convenience of therse servo horns, made just for Hitec, JR, KO, and Airtronics brands.
    #5345XServo horns, steering and throttle (for non-traxxas servos)


    Designed specifically for Traxxas Geode™ wheels, these attractive rings feature molded-in color for good looks that last. Precision cap-head screws are provided for easy installation, and the durable design protects the rim/tire joint when the terrain turns treacherous. Sold in pairs.
    #5667Sidewall protector, bead;ock style (red) (2)/ 2.5x8mm CS (24)
    #5665Sidewall protector, bead;ock style (yellow) (2)/ 2.5x8mm CS (24)
    #5666Sidewall protector, bead;ock style (blue) (2)/ 2.5x8mm CS (24)

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