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  1. Tamiya F103 Conversion Kit w/ 17.5T Brushless System & Full Set F1 Tire Combo for 1:10 F1 RC Car #CB0611 (Discontinued)

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Tamiya F103 Conversion Kit w/ 17.5T Brushless System & Full Set F1 Tire Combo for 1:10 F1 RC Car #CB0611

Yeah Racing TRANSFORMULA F1 Conversion Kit #YRF1-Pro Kit

Mr. Hideo Kitazawa, The founder of Transformula, Achieved 1 st Position in the TITC Competitions.
Mr. Hideo Kitazawa, The founder of Transformula, Achieved 1 st Position in the TITC Competitions.


  • Currently most of the F-1 RC models in the market are obtaining the T-bar system and it is general believe that T-bar is the most suitable system for F-1 model with its simple operation. However Mr. Hideo Kitazawa, the organizer of Japan F1RCGP and an active F1 racer believes the linkage system if more effective in high speed impacts and control better in bumpy conditions. Racers should adopt a different system base on the track condition and this is why TRANSFORMULA is born - with a single kit you can convert to either T-bar/linkage system which best fit with the track.
  • The TRANSFORMULA features all-new-designed chassis, battery plate, servo mount and motor mount so users can convert the car to either T-bar/linkage system. The car was built on a 2.5mm woven carbon fiber that utilizes a pivot-ball linkage rear suspension that allows for independent adjustment for chassis roll, bump and alignment. This has proven to be more durable and performs better in bumpy track condition. Or users can obtain the traditional T-bar system with the included components to enjoy the easy operation and handling. All aluminum parts are made of imported 6061/7075 and CNC machined for maximum durable and light-weighted.
  • The kit fits with F103 front arms and F103/F104 differential so racers can easily convert their existing car to this champion-designed model. Also the popular of 1:12 RC models nowadays makes it no hassle to gets the necessary parts of the linkage system. The following are the pictures of the prototype and don’t forget to check for the actual arriving date.

  • Feature:

  • Designed by Hideo Kitazawa (originator of Japan F1RCGP and active RC racer)
  • Racing-oriented as design idea
  • 2.5mm graphite chassis
  • 2.0mm graphite upper deck
  • 7075 aluminum motor mount / T-bar mount
  • Convertible of T-bar and linkage system
  • Various settings for track condition
  • Low center of gravity
  • Narrow chassis
  • Li-Po ready
  • Durable and long lasting

  • Include:

  • (#YRF1-026) 2.5mm Graphite Main Chassis (1 pc)
  • (#YRF1-020) 6061 Aluminum Friction Post (1 pc)
  • (#YRF1-039) 6061 Aluminum Servo Mount (1 set)
  • (#YRF1-019) 7075 Aluminum T-bar Mount (2 pcs)
  • (#YRF1-013) 7075 Aluminum Motor Mount (1 set)
  • (#YRF1-025) 2mm Graphite Battery Plate (1 pc)
  • (#YRF1-009) 2mm Graphite Upper Deck (1 pc)
  • (#YRF1-013P2) 2.5mm Graphite Motor Mount Plate (1 pc)
  • (#YRF1-020P3) 2mm Graphite Rear Post Bracing Plate (1 pc)
  • (#YRF1-0142) 1.6mm FRP T-bar (1 pc)
  • (#YRF1-025T2) 2mm Graphite Battery Plate (1 pc)
  • (#WL-0029) F1 Front/Rear Racing Dish Wheel for Tamiya F103 (4 pcs)
  • (#BHF306) M3x6mm Flat Head Screw (12 pcs)
  • (#BHF308) M3x8mm Flat Head Screw (6 pcs)
  • (#BHF314) M3x14mm Flat Head Screw (2 pcs)
  • (#BHP306) M3x6mm Round Head Screw (5 pcs)
  • (#BHP308) M3x8mm Round Head Screw (8 pcs)
  • (#BHP314) M3x14mm Round Head Screw (4 pcs)
  • (#BHP316) M3x16mm Round Head Screw (2 pcs)
  • (#OR-0008) O-ring (2 pcs)
  • (#WR366) 6mm Washer (4 pcs)
  • (#WR369) 9mm Washer (2 pcs)
  • (#WR310) 10mm Washer (2 pcs)
  • (#LN-0004BK) M3 Lock Nut (2 pcs)
  • (#WR317) 17mm Post (4 pcs)
  • (#WR3822) 22mm Post (4 pcs)
  • FREE Yeah Racing Sticker (1 pc)
  • User Manual (1 pc)

  • The pictures shown below equipped with items not included in kit: The Front Wing & Suspension Arm, Rear Differential & Wing, Damper, Pivot Brace, and Pod Link.

    TRANSFORMULA F1 Conversion Kit

    One of the Most Popular RC Magazine in the US called RC Driver has written 2 pages review about TRANSFORMULA, please click the below picture for details:
    YRF1-Pro Kit Transformula

    One of the Most Popular RC Magazine in Hong Kong has written 6 pages review about TRANSFORMULA
    YRF1-Pro Kit Transformula

    Yeah Racing HACKMOTO EVO Modified 540 Sensored Brushless Motor 17.5T 2200kv For 1:10 Onroad & Offroad RC Car #MT-0010


  • New adjustable timing will allow you to have Smooth Low. Mid Power Kick. or Overall all Smooth Power. HIGH POWER CURRENT PLUG IN system FOR BRUSHLESS MOTOR.

  • Feature:

    • Adjustable timing
    • Hand-wound for maximum copper fill
    • High purity copper windings to maximize conductivity
    • Sensor-based for excellent torque and low speed drive-ability
    • CNC machined heat sink
    • Powerful sintered neodymium magnet
    • Precision engineered for maximum energy conversion
    • Super smooth start up
    • All motor is factory tested to ensure proper performance


    • Design: Sensored
    • Size: 540
    • Turns: 17.5T
    • Input voltage: Li-Po 2-3S
    • KV (RPM/volt): 2200
    • Shaft Diam: 3.17
    • Build-in Fan: No


    • Yeah Racing Modified 540 Sensored Brushless Motor 17.5T 2200kv For 1:10 Onroad & Offroad RC Car #MT-0010 (1 pc)
    • Sensor Cable (1 pc)
    • Yeah Racing YA-0180 Tornado High Speed Cooling Fan 30 x 30mm (1 pc)
    • Manual (1 pc)


    Yeah Racing Modified 540 Sensored Brushless Motor Hackmoto EVO

    Speed Passion Reventon R Brushless ESC 2S w/LED program card (Laser Blue, Wireless and Sensored) #SP000063


    Speed Passion Introduces the All New Reventon Brushless ESC Series

    Industry Leading Innovative Brushless System

    The current world champion title holder and the fastest speed controller on the market is getting better, smaller, and more refined to continue leading the R/C industry in speed controller technology.

    Speed Passion is proud to present the all new REVENTON Brushless speed controller; designed with Speed Passion's own “Patented” ESC Wireless Control Technology – WCT which will enable ESC setting changes to be performed wirelessly with Apple devices such as the I-Phone, I-PAD, and I-Pod Touch. In addition, support for Android based smart phones and tablets, as well as PC (Windows based, including Windows 7) will be provided.

    Speed Passion own "Patented” ESC Wireless Control Technology – WCT

    The Speed Passion REVENTON ESC can be easily updated, adjusted, programmed by your I-phone, I-pod touch or I-pad. Android base smart phones/tablets will be supported and plans for Microsoft Windows Mobile device support will follow. Optional Windows PC interface (Windows XP, Vista and 7) will also be available to adjust the ESC settings. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology will be used to allow racers to save their ESC setting wirelessly from the ESC to their smart phone or tablet, or directly to a PC. The REVENTON's interface will allow racers profiles and ESC settings to be shared directly from the Speed Passion website. Speed Passion factory driver settings which are posted on the Speed Passion website can also be downloaded directly to the REVENTON ESC via the smartphone/tablet wireless interface or the direct PC interface (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection module are optional and are not included with the Reventon ESC).

    Reventon ESC series will also feature the latest racing software to accommodate customer's choice of racing:

    • Mod1 – MODIFIED software based on our 2010 1/10 EP Touring Car World Championship and 2010, 2011 Euro Off Road Championship team driver program development.
    • Stock0 – The most popular ZERO TIMING "Stock - Blinky" software approved and used for races such as ETS 2010, 2011, TITC 2010, TITC 2011, IIC (USA).
    • Stock1 – ..
    • RockCrawler1 – New and enhanced software from our Rock Crawler Series.
    • Drift1 – New and enhanced software from our Drifter series.

    Speed Passion own "Patented" ESC Radio Access Technology - RAT

    The Reventon's ESC can also be adjusted wirelessly via our upcoming Carries-3 2.4G Pro radio set. Speed Passions RAT is provides real time ESC status, temperature and battery voltage and has an optional monitor feature for motor speed.


    • For: 1:10 EP On Road Off Road
    • Color: Laser Blue
    • Maximum Battery: 2 Cell LiPo 7.4V max


    • Continuous / Burst Current: 70A / 440A
    • Resistance: 0.0003 ohm
    • Maximum Battery: 4-9 Cell NiMH & NiCd, 2S LiPo, 2-3 cell LiFe
    • BEC Output: 6.0V / BEC 2A
    • ESC Type: Sensored/Sensorless
    • Motor Type: Sensorless or Sensored brushless motor
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 33x33x19mm w/out fan
    • Brushless Motor Limit: 5.5 turn or slower
    • ESC Fan: 25mm
    • Supports WiFi Module software setting: Yes (optional WiFi module sold separately)
    • Supports Smart LED program card with USB software upgrade: Yes
    • Supports 2.4G held-set program settings: Yes (optional 2.4G held-set programmer sold separately)
    • Supports Bluetooth module setting: Yes (optional Bluetooth module sold separately)
    • Temperature display: Yes
    • Battery voltage display: Yes
    • Racing Profile Setting: Drift1, Modified 0, Modified 1, Rock Crawler, Stock 0 and Stock 1


    • Speed Passion Reventon-R Brushless ESC - 2S (Laser Blue) (1 set)
    • LED program card
    • Manual (1 pc)

    RIDE F103 Rubber Front Tire (Type-S/Rescue)


    These are the RIDE F103 Rubber Front Tire (Type-S)


    • For: Tamiya F103 Chassis
    • Usable With: RIDE (#25000) F103 Front Wheel (SV)
    • Material: Rubber
    • Color: Black


    • Width: 30mm
    • Diameter: 55mm


    • Tire (2 pcs)

    Shimizu Racing Racing Slick Tyre (R) w/ Inner Sponge for F103 (Soft)


    • These are the Shimizu Racing Racing Slick Tyres (rear) for Tamiya F103 (Soft)
    • This tyre set fits with Tamiya F103 Original wheels


    • For: Tamiya F103
    • Material: Rubber
    • Color: Black
    • Good for normal asphalt surface and special coating surface especially tracks that tire additives are allowed


    • Width: approx. 45mm
    • Outer Diameter: approx. 55mm
    • Hardness: Soft


    • Shimizu Racing (#PS-0545) Racing Slick Tyre (R) w/ Inner Sponge for f103 (Soft) (2pcs)


    • This tyre set fits with Tamiya F103 wheel set (#51348, 51349, 51350)

    Combo Include:

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