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  1. Scanner RC (#SCS-25A) 25A Brushless Speed Controls

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after long time development, time to introducing high performance brushless speed controls, and we're very pleased with what the engineers have done. The current lineup includes 15A, 25A, 40A,70A and 80A controllers, All the Scanner brushless controllers have a rich set of programming features which can be set either by stick commands from your transmitter, via the programming interface in the Scanner programmer.
The processor is a well-proven type, and the software is the result of nearly two years of refinement and testing. The result is extremely smooth motor starts, no matter the motor type, and high efficiency at all throttle positions.
As everybody know there's always a debate about the usefulness of a BEC switch, but after careful consideration we asked Scanner to include the switch on the controllers BEC 40A and higher. There are times when the battery cannot be immediately disconnected after a flight, or a flight started right after connecting the battery. Especially for larger models, the switch is a safety advantage, as keeping it off insures that no one else on the same frequency will inadvertently start your motor.
NOTE: The switch is NOT intended to allow switching off and then back on to fly the model a second time. It in ONLY to keep others from operating your model before you can remove the battery. ALWAYS REMOVE THE BATTERY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER A FLIGHT. BEC switches (all controller brands) do not disconnect the controller from main flight pack; they only disconnect power to your receiver. While main flight pack is connected to the controller a small current draw always exists, even with BEC switch off. This will cause your battery to completely discharge if left connected, and that will very likely damage the battery.

Protection mechanism of the Scanner RC 40A speed controllers
1.The Scanner RC ESC has 2 build in protection, first is watt out put limit, the output is rated at 388watt, at this output every thing will work on continues bases, and at approximately 410watts to 420 watts it will automatically shutdown the output to the motor, as long as the motor is not rate too much over the ESC spec limits, this safety mechanism will prevent a over load to the ESC but if you install a motor for example rate at 1000watts, this mechanism will not work properly due to the instant surge of power demand from the motor, it may shutdown too early or simply fry the ESC, the only solution to this is to never use a Motor that has a rating bigger then the ESC, donít even thing you can use it if you run the motor at a slower RPM or load, it will not work!!
2. The second protection is based on temperatures, at 95 degree C, the ESC will slowdown the power output to the motor by 50% ( the on board LED will turn on), to re go in to full throttle you need to move the throttle stick to idle position and then the ESC will resume normal out put oneís you throttle up again.
Their will be a warning in the manual, and we will clearly state the ESC is rated at a particular watts, not sure why all the other ESC makers donít do this, but we will do it.


  • Maximum continues current 25Amp, peak 30Amp 10 second.
  • Maximum 4 lipo or 15 V.
  • Quies-cent current : 1.4 [mA]
  • BEC:5v2A
  • IO:7mOHM
  • Dimension: 38x23x7
  • Weight: 32g
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