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  1. Sanwa (#M11-2.4G) M11-2.4G (discontinued)

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M11 High-end Radio control transmitter for RC car

SANWA released pictures and detailed information of their brand new top of the line car radio system - M11. This model will replace their well known M8 series. Keeping the same concept design of the legendary M8, the new M11 ensures smooth transitions from existing M8 users. The new radio features many innovative functions. Some of the interesting features include the elastomer handle and the inserted vibrator function on the handle. The M11 should start shipping by end of April 2005.

Today, SANWA launched new line of High-end Radio control transmitter for RC car which is designed based on the feature of our M8 series. This product was developed upon the idea called ‘The control of Dreams' and it comes with ‘'extreme High response Technology – HER Technology). We introduce new features to control RC car more realistically and purse the basic feature of faster and sharply to the breaking point. It employ(adapt) large size L.C.D with 2 color back light, which allows you to ensure all the information you need when you control the RC car. We placed importance on User's feeling of willingness to focus on controlling the RC car. Moreover, our new product lives out our promise of the design, which gives users to have the feeling of pride, grace and also greater sense of use for grip and steering in order to heighten driver's sensitivity .

Main features:

  • Adapt the new feature of ‘Extreme High Response Technology'. ‘The quick response technology', has been in great demand since we released the ‘M8', has updated to the breaking point and adapted to ‘M11'. This EHR Technology incorporates the opinion of drivers and allows you to enjoy the greater sense of operational feeling.
  • Using PPM – 2 or 4 channels respond to all RC vehicles. As PPM is adaptable for all the RC vehicles such as racing car, buggy, Monster truck and etc, all the users can enjoy at any circumstances. By changing the module, you can use both 40 MHz and 27 MHz.
  • Customize (key assign) By putting into ourselves in our customer's shoe, we introduce new product, has the entire manual operation button which can be fully customized by users. All of our customer can enjoy M11 and they get fun from it!!
  • Computerized Multi Function Display (CFM Display)
    The large sized CFM Display (240 x 90) allows you to confirm any information you need. Back light will be adjusted to blue or white color.
  • Ergonomic design and rigid body shell
    The handle features and ergonomic design of elastomer grips on the handle and this soft rubber grip makes it easy to hold. High-traction provides you the precise movement of the wheel.

    Other new functions on M11

  • Throttle Tension Adjuster
  • Vibrator function (Grip)
  • Traction Control System
  • ALB(Anti Lock Break)
  • Trim Position Adjust (5 Position)
  • Steering Height Adjuster (2 Position)
  • Trigger Tension Adjuster
  • Brake mixing
  • EXP can be added to the ARC adjustment
  • Full Adjustable Rate Control
  • Variable servo speed adjustment
  • Servo Monitor
  • 30 Model Memory

    Thank you for purchasing your new DSSS Module and Receiver. The DSSS Module and Receiver are to be used in a SANWA M8, M11, Super EXZES and Super EXZES Plus. DO NOT try to use the DSSS Module or Receiver in any other radio system. Please read this manual completely before installing and or using it. Always keep this manual to use as a reference.


    After installing the DSSS Receiver and Module, you are now ready to Bind them together. Binding is the proses that will match the DSSS Receiver to the DSSS module electronically as a match set. You can Bind additional SANWA DSSS
    Receivers to your DSSS Module to operate many other cars, trucks and or boats.
    Throttle Fail Safe is a feature that will move the throttle servo to a preset position that you set. If no user preset is added, the Fail Safe will set it-self to the neutral throttle position.
    1. Turn the power switch to the ON position on the Transmitter.
    The DSSS Module LED will turn on after 6 seconds.
    2. Depress and hold the DSSS Receiver Binding button.
    3. Turn the power switch to the ON position in the DSSS Receiver and continue holding the Binding button.
    The DSSS Receiver LED will flash solely.
    4. Release the Binding button on the DSSS Receiver after 2 seconds.
    5. Depress and hold the Binding button on the transmitter until the LED on the DSSS Receiver flashes rapidly
    6. Binding is now complete. Both DSSS module and Receiver LED will now stay on.
    7. Operate on the controls to confirm.

    After binding of the DSSS Module and Receiver, you can set the Throttle Fail Safe feature.
    1.Turn the power switch to the ON position on the transmitter. Confirm DSSS module LED is on.
    2. Turn the power switch to the ON position on the DSSS Receiver. Confirm DSSS Receiver LED is on.
    3. Move controls to confirm connection between transmitter and receiver.
    4. Move throttle lever to your desired Fail Safe position and hold. NOTE: If the throttle lever is left in the neutral position, Fail Safe will be set at the position.
    5. Depress the binding button on the DSSS Receiver for 4 seconds. LED will flash slow.
    6. Release the throttle lever after the receiver LED starts to flash rapidly.
    7. Confirm that the Throttle Fail Safe is working properly by turning the transmitter power switch back on to confirm full control.


    You must rebind and reset Throttle Fail Safe on the DSSS Receiver when:
    1.You change your M11 from (2 to 4) or (4 to 2) channels.
    2. Install your DSSS Module from a M11 to M8 or M8 to M11.

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