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  1. NOVAK (#3005) SS5800 Brushless Motor System (Discontinued)

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A Simply Super System
The Super Sport Brushless Motor System is the first in a series of brushless motor systems from Novak Electronics. The system includes the SS5800, a mild-modified, sensor-based, brushless motor--and a compact programmable speed control. Designed by Novak specifically for R/C car applications, the brushless motor and speed control easily fits in popular 1/10 scale R/C cars. We think you'll agree that this system is super for several reasons. Topping the list of reasons for using this system is that it will provide approximately 20% longer run times and higher performance than similar brushed motor systems--with virtually no maintenance thanks to no brushes, brush springs, or commutator to true or wear out. Also, the completely enclosed motor is protected from dirt and other elements harmful to it. The Super Sport speed control is filled with Novak's trademark features, including a few industry firsts: a Transmitter Check Mode, and Locked Rotor Detection Circuitry, which prevents motor, battery, and ESC damage. The speed control also features multiple factory-set throttle programs.

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    Brushless motor technology has existed for quite some time. Since their inception, brushless motors have been rated by the following defined terms, which we have also applied to rate our Super Sport Brushless Motor System.

    This number is the motor voltage constant expressed in RPM/Volt. This indicates how fast the motor will turn for a given voltage (given there is no internal resistance). As an example, the SS5800's Kv rating is 5800 RPM/Volt. Therefore, if a 6.0-volt battery pack is used, the SS4300's RPM would be 25,800 (6.0 x 4,300). Comparatively, a typical 10-turn brushed motor's Kv rating is 5,400 RPM/Volt.
    This number is the motor torque constant expressed in inch-ounce of torque per amp of current. This number is the amount of torque a motor would produce per amp of current draw. As an example, the SS5800's Kt rating is 0.45 in-oz/amp. Therefore, if the motor is drawing 5 amps, the SS5800 would produce 2.25 in-oz of torque (5 x 0.45). Comparatively, a typical 10-turn brushed motor's Kt rating is 0.33 in-oz/amp.
    This term describes the non-uniform angular velocity of the rotation of the motor rotor. Rather than a smooth motion, the rotation occurs in jerks or increments. The lower the cogging, the smoother the rotation, which the driver will experience as smooth driving. The Super Sport's smooth acceleration and coasting is attributed to it being low-cogging.

    4-7 cell input voltage
    6 user-selectable throttle programs:
    1. SS STANDARD (with reverse) -- Unlimited rpm/acceleration
    2. SS STANDARD (forward/brake) -- Unlimited rpm/acceleration
    3. SS HIGH (with reverse) -- SS STD with higher minimum brake
    4. SS HIGH (forward/brake) -- SS STD with higher minimum brake
    5. SPORTSMAN* -- with reverse
    6. SPORTSMAN* -- forward/brake only
    *limited rpm/acceleration
    Fits in popular 1/10 scale electric R/C cars
    Size: 1.32" x 1.75" x 1.05" (w/heat sink); Weight: 1.7 oz. (w/out power wire)
    Variable Throttle Step Technology for the smoothest performance
    The One-Touch/Programming Button, along with a series of four different-colored LEDs, easily guides the user through the profile selection
    The One-Touch/Programming Button, along with a series of four different-colored LEDs, easily guides the user through the profile selection
    Industry-first Transmitter Check Mode
    Locked Rotor Detection Circuitry prevents motor, battery, or ESC damage
    Direct-solder wiring tabs
    Replaceable input harness
    Heavy-duty BEC
    One-Touch Set-Up

    Virtually maintenance-free: no brushes, brush springs, or commutator to ture or wear out
    Completely enclosed motor provides protection from the elements
    Sensor technology provides excellent starting torque and continuous synchronization for great, low-speed driveability, vehicle control, and consistent, accurate brakes
    Standard 540-size car motor with a 1/8" diameter hardened output shaft to accept all existing pinion gears
    High performance design: Kv=5,800 RPM/Volt; Kt=0.45 in-oz/amp; Power output: 196 watts (See above for definition of Kv and Kt)
    Pre-wired and ready to install
    Low cogging for smooth acceleration and smooth coasting (See above for definition)
    Ball bearings for smooth, low-friction operation
    Direct-solder wiring tabs for easy wire replacement
    One-piece, multi-pole cylindrical neodymium magnet for high reliability, and stationary windings for better heat conduction over brushed motors

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