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RC Glossary


New to the RC Hobbies? What does buggy, bulkhead, nitro mean in radio control car hobbies? Check out the glossary for remote control cars below.

Glow Plug --

The 'spark plug' of a nitro engine. A glow plug is screwed into the head and protrudes into the combustion chamber. A wire coil (element) inside the glow plug reacts with the chemicals in nitro fuel and the heat in the combustion chamber, causing the element to heat up and 'glow' (much like a light bulb filament) and ignite the air/fuel mixture. A glow driver is used to heat up the glow plug for initial starting, but is removed once the engine is running. Glow plugs come in two varieties - standard and turbo, and may be rated as hot, medium, or cold for different running conditions. Standard plugs may also be available as long or short - always use the style suggested by the engine manufacturer (long plugs increase compression, and may actually be struck by the piston if used with an engine designed for short plugs). However, if you need a short plug and all you have on hand are long plugs, you should be able to get away with adding an extra glow plug gasket to the long plug.
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