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RC Glossary


New to the RC Hobbies? What does buggy, bulkhead, nitro mean in radio control car hobbies? Check out the glossary for remote control cars below.

Charge Rate - C - ( 2 ) Charger --

Refers to the amperage that a battery pack is charged at. This is usually listed as 1C, 2C, 3C, ect. This is directly dependent on the pack's capacity. To find the charge rate for a battery pack, simply divide the capacity (mAh) by 1000, thus a 4800 mAh pack would have a charge rate of 4.8 amps (4800 / 1000). Charging this pack at 1C would charge it at 4.8 amps, while charging it at 2C would charge it at 9.6 amps (4.8 x 2). Charging a pack at a higher charge rate (such as 2C or 3C) will peak the pack faster and increase initial current, but may drastically reduce the pack's cycle count. Keep a close eye on any pack being charged at 2C or higher (especially LiPo packs), as a higher charge rate results in higher temps. Likewise, definitely use a LiPo sach and battery balancer while charging at higher charge rates (better to be safe than on fire). Some may charge packs at up to 5C, which is well on the extreme side.
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