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RC Glossary


New to the RC Hobbies? What does buggy, bulkhead, nitro mean in radio control car hobbies? Check out the glossary for remote control cars below.


  • V --
  • Abbreviation for VOLT

  • Vent (Battery) --
  • When the pressure inside a battery exceeds the force of the case to hold it, the battery will vent. Venting is commonly caused by overcharging (or using an excessive charge rate), improper dead shorting, or anything else that may cause overheating. When a battery vents, it may deform the casing, split and leak through the casing, catch fire, or even explode. Either way, once a battery vents, it is toast.

  • Vented Flywheel --
  • A flywheel that has been lightened with holes or angled slots machined into it's face. A vented flywheel is designed to reduce rotating mass (thus improving acceleration), but may cause some engines to idle inconsistently due to the lighter weight.

  • Venturi --
  • The 'funnel' portion of a carb's throat where the air is 'compressed' and introduced to the fuel. Basically, the larger the venturi = the more air/fuel mixture that can be moved = the more power an engine can make. Some engines offer interchangeable venturis to fine tune the engine's power - these are usually used to make the venturi smaller for better fuel consumption or to reduce wheelspin on loose surfaces.

  • Volt - V --
  • A basic rating for how much 'power' a battery pack (or cell) has. For RC applications, the most important thing to know is that more volts means more power (7.2V provides more power than 6.0V).

  • Voltage Cut Off --
  • An electrical unit used to shut down (cut off) battery power to a model running Lithium (i.e. LiPo) battery packs before the voltage drops low enough to damage the packs. Cut offs are available for different pack configurations (such as 2S, 3S, or 4S), and they commonly cut power at a safe 6.25V.

  • Voltage Regulator --
  • An electronic device that 'steps down' or lowers the voltage that passes through it. This is commonly placed between a servo and receiver when running high voltage packs on nitro models to prevent damage to the servo (most servos are safe at 4.8V to 6.0V, so a 7.2V pack could cause damage). Of course, electric rides with BEC do not need regulators as long as the ESC can handle the load.

  • Volume Compensating Shock - VCS --
  • This refers to a shock that uses a bladder or reservoir to allow the shock oil to expand as the shock shaft slides into the body during compression. Friction shocks are not VCS style shocks.

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