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RC Glossary


New to the RC Hobbies? What does buggy, bulkhead, nitro mean in radio control car hobbies? Check out the glossary for remote control cars below.


  • JB Weld --
  • This is commonly used in structural building where welding or soldering isn't desired. The 2 tubes are mixed, applied, and allowed to harden to create a strong bond.

  • JST Connector íV Align Connector - BEC Connector - P Connector --
  • A 3 amp electrical connector that has a 2 or 3 pin male end that slides into a female sleeve. Small and compact, this connector is commonly used on micro power packs and ESC's. JST connectors are typically red or yellow in color, and the female plug is usually on the battery side.

  • Jumper Wire --
  • "While caster refers to the upward angle at the front wheels of the car, kick-up refers to the upward angle of the front suspension arms. Technically, buggies and off-road trucks have kick-up, not caster, but since they are so similar in description most people use the term """"caster"""".This is used on ESCs with 3 leads. The jumper wire is a short piece of wire that is spliced into the positive (+) battery lead then ran to the positive (+) connection on the motor."

  • Jumping --
  • The ability to take jumps is what draws many people to off road models. The following are a few tips for successfully completing jumps.
    (1) LINE IT UP - Line the model up square with the front of the jump (a.k.a. the 'face' or 'ramp'). It is difficult to land a model well if the angle of attack is sideways.
    (2) SPEED - If you're going for distance or height, 'balls to the wall' is a good speed to use. However, at most tracks the speed needs to be matched to the jump. For singles, try to match the speed to set up for the next turn or obstacle. On doubles and triples, try to land on the downside of one of the following jumps. This keeps the model much more settled than slapping it down on a flat surface.
    (3) PRE LOAD - Let off the throttle just before the jump, then accelerate up and off the face. This 'pre loads' the shocks, which helps settle the model - as well as helping to increase distance.
    (4) ATTITUDE - This doesn't mean you need to be happy (though it doesn't hurt), Attitude refers to the angle of the model while in the air. This may be nose up, level, or nose down. Attitude is easy to adjust - just pump ('fan') the brakes to bring the nose down, or accelerate ('feather') the gas to bring the nose up. If your attitude is 'cartwheel', you are pretty much along for the ride.
    (5) LANDING - If you are landing on a flat surface, you want the model to be level. If you are landing on the backside of a jump, try to match the angle of the downside with a nose down attitude. Generally, try to match the attitude of the model to the angle of the surface you are landing on.

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