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  1. Combo(#CB0100) Xray Touring Car T2 007 US Verison & Three Gifts (Discountined)

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Xray Touring Car T2 007 US Verison + Three Gifts Combo #CB0100

  • Ready-To-Run
  • World Champion Top Class Touring Car is now on special offer period!
  • Save USD $86.90!
    Xray Touring Car T2'007 US Foam-Spec Edition + 3 Gifts Combo #CB0100

    Xray Touring Car T2'007 US Foam-Spec Edition #300007

  • US foam-spec edition (#300007) specially designed for foam tire racing conditions
  • 3.5mm ultra thick solid chassis with milled area’s allow all parts to be mounted ultra-low
  • Wide top deck mounted to chassis via aluminum standoffs provides wide, ultra-stable, solid platform. The top deck features different Multi-Flex Technology™ flex points to allow adjustment from stiff to ultra-stiff flex and torsion settings.
  • New Extra-Hard foam spec front and rear suspension arms – marked with “XH”
  • New front & rear adjustable aluminum ball differentials are CNC-machined from new Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum material with a special hard coating treatment that makes the diff outdrives 30% stronger.
  • Light purple and white springs.
  • 64P spur gear 116T – extra-hard material, wobble-free design

    Main Specifications:

  • All parts are fully interchangeable between US and EU versions, and all parts are fully compatible with the T2 platform
  • XRAY Multi-Flex Technology™ (XRAY patent) allows for fully adjustable chassis and top deck flex and torsion
  • XRAY Quick Roll-Centers™ – 4 quick roll center adjustments, front and rear
  • Well-proven T2 suspension geometry featuring lightweight, strong, and durable suspension parts
  • Rebuildable CVD driveshafts made from special world-renowned, top-secret, self-developed HUDY Spring Steel™ with low-friction drive clips; these world’s tiniest yet most durable driveshafts are hand ground for maximum precision
  • New ultra-lightweight front and rear split bulkheads are CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, allowing super-easy diff and layshaft access
  • XRAY Multi-Diff™ (XRAY patent): one-way / one-way solid / full-time solid axle (EU kit only)
  • Special lightweight Multi-Diff™ outdrives manufactured from HUDY Spring Steel™, specially ground to reduce weight
  • World's narrowest chassis positions batteries and electronics near car centerline
  • Lightweight hollow middle layshaft CNC-machined from aircraft aluminum
  • Front lower and upper composite bumper made from special composite material to withstand hard impacts
  • Compact front foam bumper made from lightweight, high-resilience foam
  • Thick 6mm body posts withstand serious crashes and flip-backs
  • Front and rear top deck aluminum posts are integral parts of the Multi-Flex Technology™
  • Lower suspension alu holders with three different roll center positions
  • Small, robust rear uprights with built-in 1° outboard toe-in feature two upper roll center positions which are easily adjusted using shims
  • Easily adjustable inboard toe-in using included shims
  • Easily adjustable wheel offset using optional shims or optional offset wheel axles (-0.75mm, +0.75mm, +1.5mm)
  • 7075 T6 aluminum wheel hubs
  • Shortened XRAY 4-step externally-adjustable shocks
  • Shock shafts are specially hardened for maximum strength
  • Shock absorber foam inserts for improved shock rebound
  • XRAY self-developed and manufactured ultimate racing springs are manually selected for maximum precision, equal length, and equal damping characteristics
  • Small 4° caster C-blocks from special composite material, optional 2° and 6° caster blocks available
  • Small, robust steering blocks made from special composite material, featuring two Ackermann positions
  • Front and rear shock towers CNC-machined from 3mm graphite material with optimized shock positions for rubber and foam tires with optimized Quick Roll-Center™ positions
    Xray Touring Car T2'007 US Foam-Spec Edition #300007

    MOPED Electronic Speed Control ESC V16R (Bravo)

  • (RDS ON) In OHM At 25℃: 0.000032Ω
  • Impulse Current of MOSFET's: 1980A
  • PWM Frequency: 2K-4KHZ
  • Turns: For 10-36 turns motor
  • BEC Output Voltage: 5.0V (3A)

  • Large built-in heat sink to cool the MOSFET
  • Power boost circuitry maintains steering-servo voltage when battery power drops
  • 4KHz switching smooth throttle response
  • Smart braking
  • Automatic brake(ABS)
  • Real-time braking
  • One-touch push button setup with LED for easy programming withoout requiring external devices
  • 100% digital circuitry
  • Heavy-duty power wires
  • External solder tabs
  • Quick start circuitry
  • BCE voltage regulation
  • Incredibly low resistance for higher speed and minimal power loss
  • Lightweight and small enough to fit anywhere

    Yeah Racing Radio 2CH AM27 #RC-0001

  • Frequency: 2CH AM
  • Battery: 8xAA
  • Distance: Around 200m


  • Brown: 26.995MHz
  • Red: 27.045MHz
  • Yellow: 27.145MHz
  • Green: 27.195MHz


    Yeah Racing Servo Radio 2CH AM27 #RC-0001

    Battery Case
    Yeah Racing Battery Case Radio 2CH AM27 #RC-0001

    AM 2 Channel Receiver
    Yeah Racing Receiver Radio 2CH AM27 #RC-0001

    AM 2 Channel Receiver

  • Receiving Frequency: 27MHz
  • intermediate Frequency: 455MHz
  • Power Requiremnet: 4.8-8.4V
  • Current Drain: 30mA (at 4.8V/No Signal)
  • Size: 47.2x33.3x17.3mm
  • Weight: 16.6g


  • Power Requirement: 4.8V or 6V (common with receiver)
  • Current Drain: 8mA (AT 6v/ldle)
  • Output Torque: 3.2kg-cm (at 4.8V)
  • Operating Speed: 0.23sec/60 degree (at 4.8V)
  • Size: 40.4x19.8x36mm
  • Weight: 37.2g

    Team Orion Motor 11X2 SV2 Method R #25110

  • The Method R includes ball bearings and adjustable timing for maximum tuning options making them perfect for budget minded racers or speed thirsty hobbyists.


  • Angled (V) brush orientation
  • Cylindrical brushes
  • Intelligent anti-vibration spring system
  • Percision ball bearings
  • Ultra low resistance brush control hoods
  • Capacitors pre-installed
  • Factory installed motor leads
  • Bullet style connectors
  • Super Flow can
  • High performance extended life Edge Enduro brushes
  • Cylindrically coiled brush springs made from the finest quality Inox steel
  • Machine wound performance armature
  • Adjustable timing
  • Seven different race inspired winds
  • Completely tunable with multiple brush and spring configurations available
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