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Postal Notice for World Destinations

Dear Customers,

Please take note of the following advice from postal administration:


Due to fire incidence at local airport, flight conveyance to Kenya is affected. Mail delivery services (including Speedpost) to Kenya are subject to delay.

Syrian Arab Republic

Hongkong Post announced August 5 that due to the prevailing unstable situation, all postal services (including Speedpost) to the Syrian Arab Republic are suspended until further notice.


Due to strike action by postal workers, mail delivery services (including Speedpost) to Chile are subject to delay.

Mail services to the following countries have been temporarily suspended until further notice :

Destination                           Services Suspended


Angola                                                                All postal services to the localities of Huambo, Kuito,

                                                                            Luena, Mbanza- Congo, Menongue,N'dalatando and Uige 


Australia                                                            Speedpost Premium Service 


Bosnia and Herzegovina(Rep. of)                    All parcel services 


Chad – (1) Bardai                                              All postal services (except Speedpost service)   

            (2) Other places                                   All postal services (except ordinary air parcel, ordinary/

                                                                         registered airmail and Speedpost service)  


China                                                                Speedpost Premium Service   


Georgia (Rep. of)                                             Registration mail service to Abkhazia region 


Germany                                                          Speedpost Premium Service  


Indonesia                                                         All air mail and Speedpost services to Yogyakarta, Solo and



Iraq                                                                   All postal services (except ordinary air letter and registered

                                                                         air letter mail containing Personal correspondence and

                                                                         Speedpost service) 


Korea, North                                                    Speedpost service 


Korea, South                                                    Speedpost Premium Service  


Lebanon                                                           All postal services (except Speedpost service(for some areas

                                                                         only), air parcel up to 10 kg, and ordinary/registered airmail)  


Libya                                                                All postal services (including Speedpost)  


Macau                                                              Speedpost Premium Service         


Papua New Guinea                                          All postal services (except Speedpost service) to Arawa,

                                                                         Buin, Kieta and Panguna in Bougainville Island 


Somali Democratic Republic                            All postal services (except ordinary and registered air letter

                                                                         mail to Berbera, Borama, Burao and Hargeisa)    


Sudan (Republic of)                                         All parcel services to the localities of Waw, Rimbik, Yaroul ,

                                                                        Qarqarial and Raja in the Bahr El-Ghazrl region Tong, Auil   


Syrian Arab Republic                                      All postal services (including Speedpost)  


United Kingdom                                              All insured parcels services



Due to strike action by postal workers, mail delivery services (including Speedpost) to Chile are suspended until further notice. Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.


Hong Kong Post

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