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Long Awaited 3Racing Sakura Ultimate #KIT-SAKURAUL

The long awaited 3Racing Sakura Ultimate 1/10 RC Touring Car #KIT-SAKURAUL

3racing kit ultimate 1 Long Awaited 3Racing Sakura Ultimate #KIT SAKURAUL

A completely redesigned race platform based on and replacing the successful Sakura XI and XI DH. Lots of efforts has been put in material engineering, suspension geometry, flex symmertry and weight distribution for the 'ultimate' performance.


3racing kit sakura ultimate 5 Long Awaited 3Racing Sakura Ultimate #KIT SAKURAUL

3racing kit sakura ultimate 7 Long Awaited 3Racing Sakura Ultimate #KIT SAKURAUL

3racing kit sakura ultimate 13 Long Awaited 3Racing Sakura Ultimate #KIT SAKURAUL


  • New Front A Arms with Revised geometry and materials.
  • New Dual Bellcrank Steering System with Revised Ackermann geometry.
  • Standard Front SSK Driveshafts for smoothest power delivery to front wheels.
  • New Rear A Arms with Revised geometry, materials and reinforcing ribs.
  • New Rear Hubs/Uprights with outboard Toe-In.
  • Symmetric Front and Rear wheel axle height.
  • Front and Rear Anti Roll Bar tweak adjustments.
  • Dual Rear Anti Roll Bar Ball Cap mounting positions on A Arm.
  • Hex Shaped Shock Spring Tensioner/Ride Height Adjusters for easier grip.
  • One piece center mount over hanging servo mount.
  • Center Front Body Support for lightweight bodies.
  • 5×10 Oversized Center Layshaft Bearings.
  • Hard Coated Alum 20T Center Belt Pulleys.
  • One piece Machined Spur Adaptor.
  • New 40T Differential Pulleys.
  • Precision Machined 7075 Aircraft Grade Alum Front and Rear Bulkheads and Covers.
  • Differentials raised allowing optimum driveshaft angle.
  • Redesigned Motor Mount allowing wider range of gear ratios from 15 to 33T on a 48P 85T Spur at a final drive ratio of 5.15 to 11.33.
  • imported ultra-smooth and durable Bando Drive Belts.
  • Premium Grade 3.5mm Graphite Shock Towers.
  • 3 Racing’s ‘Factory Racing Products’ Spec PTFE Coated Hardened 7075 Alum Ball Heads and Shock Bodies.
  • Upper Deck Belt Stabilizer.
  • New Composite Adjustable Battery Mounts with Precision Positioning System.
  • Battery Strap Mounting System eliminates the need for fiber tapes.
  • Ultra Fit Composite Servo Horn.
  • Two Piece Rear Front A Arm Pivot Pin Mounts.
  • New Composite Front Spool with Replaceable Drive Cups.

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