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Yokomo Parts Stocked!

Yokomo 11.3mm Hex Rod End Balls S Size ZC-206SH

yokomo zc 206sh 1 Yokomo Parts Stocked!

Rod end ball to be used in such as upper arm mounting portion. Hexagonal hole so attached to the tip of the ball, it is possible to turn an Allen wrench size 2mm. Please use the box wrench 5mm when turning the nut.

Item no.: ZC-206SH


Yokomo Front Steering Hub Carrier Caster 4 Degree for BD7 BD5 B7-413W

yokomo b7 413w 1 Yokomo Parts Stocked!

These are Yokomo Front Steering Hub Carrier (Caster 4 Degree) for BD7 / BD5.

These are BD7 standard front steering hub carrier. Also can be used for BD5, a double universal joint shaft is used, it has been designed to avoid interference with the joint. Caster angle is 4 degrees.

Item no.: B7-413W


Yokomo Rear Wing Slide Window Set For HKS Racing Performer Toyota 86 SD-HK86W

yokomo sd hk86w 1 Yokomo Parts Stocked!

This is the HKS Racing Performer 86 Accessories Parts Set drift package series, the D1 version.

Item no.: SD-HK86W


Yokomo RC Pit Mat 600x900mm YT-YPM

yokomo yt ypm 1 Yokomo Parts Stocked!

That lay on the table at the time of the pit stop, is a pit mat to prevent rolling of small parts, can be prevented as well as dirt. A synthetic leather to be worthy of such agents grip and cleaner, and it is with the finish with the high-quality Yokomorogo of embroidery is given. 900 × 600mm size of pit general.

Item no.: YT-YPM


Yokomo BD7 High Traction Graphite Upper Deck B7-003H

yokomo b7 003h 1 Yokomo Parts Stocked!

Compared to the kit standard 2.0mm thick upper deck, this thinner version will help improve overall grip on low grip surfaces. However this upper deck can also be used to optimize chassis stiffness where speeds are regulated as in stock class racing, and even in high grip conditions.

Item no.: B7-003H

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